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David Carson MasterClass Graphic Design Course Review

The modern world is pretty much running on graphic design at this point.

Is that hyperbole? Maybe for some people.

But when you consider just how many companies, businesses, brands, celebrities, and pretty much everything needs to be presentable in some fashion, graphic design is the item that holds the world together.

It’s the logo that catches your eye in a store or supermarket. 

It’s the art that gets you to purchase that album or video game that you’re looking at right now.

It’s the symbol that your company is known by to the world, and the first image that will pop into a person’s head when they think of your brand is called visual communication.

So, needless to say, graphic design is a skill that is in high demand. And that’s not even discussing just how fun it is to be able to come up with gorgeous designs for pretty much everything from your imagination.

This is probably why so many online courses today will often include graphic design.

What you will learn is the self-expression of your own personality and how experimental typography works with potential clients. Let’s read and know more.

And we’re here to show you if this David Carson MasterClass graphic design course review is any good or not!

Masterclass’s Graphic Design Course

So, before we dive into this graphic design master class course any further into this topic, we should probably first take a look at what Masterclass’s Graphic Design course even looks like in the first place.


For starters, Masterclass is known for accruing a pretty star-studded lineup of mentors and tutors that can take you through their field of expertise.

And Masterclass is no different, with your tutor for this course being the legendary David Carson.

While some people may be scratching their heads at where they have heard that name before, for people in the know, there might not be a more iconic graphic design artist alive right now.

Probably best known for being the artist that helped revolutionize the print design scene of the 90s and branding projects, being the art director of Ray Gun, the iconic alternative rock-and-roll, as well as being one of the first artists to create the style of grunge of the 90s.

He’s often cited as ‘the godfather of grunge’.

So, you’re certainly in safe hands when it comes to a tutor with experience, as well as Masterclass’s trademark star-seal of approval!

Course Content

Of course, having a world-famous graphic designer and artist as your lecturer is great and all (no, really. It is.), but all that stardom means nothing if the course content that you are covering doesn’t give you the tools to create your work and portfolio.

Fortunately, this course, itself covers plenty of elements of the design world like logos design and creating logos that will help build an excellent foundation for your graphic design masterclass skill. 

This David Carson’s Masterclass lessons taught here cover pretty much every aspect that you could ask for in a course of this nature, from elements of typography and background design (two areas that made David Carson a household name in the first place), as well as elements of photography and creating logo design.

All these lessons and plenty more are included in the 13 video lessons that this course, which total just over 2 hours of video content for you to work through.

Plus, of course, this is still Masterclass that we are talking about, so you still have access to the massive variety of different courses, great if you find that you are more interested in specific aspects of the course, such as photography, art, magazine layouts or creativity in general.

Other Competitor Graphic Design Courses

So, as we can see, Masterclass has a pretty incredible graphic design course with plenty of content, as well as a top-quality teacher to boot.

masterclass graphic design

However, there are many other graphic design courses out there to try, many of which are also considered excellent in their own right.

But how exactly do they compare to Masterclass?

Udemy Introduction To Graphic Design

Udemy is probably one of the most well-known online learning sites where you can find online courses to learn a track or hobby, and the same is true for finding graphic design courses here too, where they seem to be a dime a dozen.

For our money, however, we would probably have to go with this particular course if you consider yourself a beginner in graphic design, as this course will take you from novice-level skills to having a firm grasp of the fundamentals.

This course certainly has plenty of content for you to sink your teeth into, with over 10 hours of content, video lectures, and assignments together, so you’ll have a great way to spend your free time.

Plus, the course is a single-time purchase, as opposed to the subscription model that Masterclass uses.

However, while this course is certainly competently made, this is made to be a tool for newbies to use, as opposed to the all skill levels that Masterclass has to offer.

Plus, while the provider of this course, Study Online 24/7 Courses, is no slouch in the experience department, it isn’t quite an era or medium-defining as Carson’s portfolio is.

Then again, who is? (This is a recurring note with most of these courses that you’ll find out there.)

Skillshare’s Great Graphic Design Course

Another popular course subscription site, Skillshare also has a graphic design course for people to try for themselves.

The Great Graphic Design course is probably one of the site’s finest, with its short run-time making it snappy and easy to digest for beginners and experienced designers alike (a difficult feat for most online courses), as well as an experienced instructor who has had plenty of experience in the industry, another good indicator of course quality.

However, the amount of course content, at least when compared to Masterclass’s course, is somewhat small, having roughly half of the run time overall. So it may fall short in some regards or maybe doesn’t flesh out some skills that you may be curious about.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Access Masterclass On Multiple Devices?

Yes, you can use masterclass on more than one device, provided that you have access to the same credentials for each device. You can easily move from Amazon Fire TV to your mobile device, and your computer or laptop.

However, keep in mind that with the basic Masterclass subscription plan, you will only be able to use Masterclass on one device at a time.

If you want to be able to use this device for two or more at a time, you are going to need to fork out a little extra cash for the higher subscription tiers.

Does Masterclass Only Offer One Class For Graphic Design?

While Masterclass only has one course dedicated to graphic design itself, there are plenty of related courses that may be interesting to you, as well as plenty of articles on subjects like this one.

Final Thoughts

So, as we can see, Masterclass is not the only course out there that can teach you the ropes of graphic design. Some of its competitors might have tons of more content for you to try for yourself.

However, like with many other classes and subjects that you can find on this ever-expanding platform, there are few out there that can come to rival the level of expertise and experience that this course has to offer.

It is a classic case of quality over quantity. And, like the art of graphic design itself, this course carefully crafts that line for itself incredibly well.

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