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4 Best Masterclass Cooking Courses You Can Try Today

MasterClass is a platform that gives users access to courses on numerous topics, including film, gaming, art, and writing.

However, one of the most attractive prospects of the Masterclass platform is the opportunity to learn a little more about the art of home cooking! 

There are numerous courses centered on cooking on the Masterclass platform, led by some of the most respected chefs in the world.

But of all of these many cooking courses, which are the most worthy of your time? Which ones will make you a Michelin-star chef, and which ones should you subscribe to Masterclass for?

Want to discover the very best MasterClass cooking course? Then make sure to read on down below, because we are going to show you exactly that!

4 Best Masterclass Cooking Courses You Can Try Today 1

Gordon Ramsay Teaches Cooking

In the first Gordon Ramsay Masterclass courses, world-renowned celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay shows you how you can make your fundamental cooking techniques better than ever before.

This course covers a massive number of subtopics to make all of your cooking totally shine.

Lessons cover different methods for preparing and cooking techniques and certain things, what kinds of ingredients you should aim to use, and what recipes you should attempt to make.

These lessons all combine together to help you to learn to make dishes that taste irresistible. 

Many that ask about this course find themselves worrying that they are simply buying into a glorified list of recipes, but this course is much more than that.

While there are plenty of mouth-watering recipes contained within, this course is also greatly focused on providing you with cooking tips to improve your cooking methods, to become a more skilled chef!

Over the course of nearly four hours and 20 video lessons, you will learn how to make the most of your ingredients and create dishes that always taste as though they’ve come from a fancy restaurant.

The nearly four-hour run time of this course makes it one of the lengthiest courses on the platform, meaning you can get true value for your money.


  • Features an incredible length, making it worth the cost of admission.
  • Not just a collection of recipes.


  • Some ingredients are hard to get your hands on.
Wolfgang Puck Masterclass Review

Wolfgang Puck Teaches Cooking

Wolfgang Puck has often been celebrated within the culinary world as one of the most revolutionary figures in the modern culinary industry.

His recipes very often abandon standard conventions of cooking, and this has led him to be a very exciting chef.

Want to learn how to be creative with your own cooking? Then you could learn a lot from this course, which features nearly 4 hours of content, over the course of 16 video lessons.

Included among countless recipes for interesting and boundary-pushing cuisine are loads of helpful tips that you can apply to your own cooking, allowing you not only to become a more skilled chef but also a more creative chef willing to take creative risks.

We were also particularly blown away by lessons 14 and 15. In these two lessons, Wolfgang discusses his philosophy regarding business, and how he has managed to balance culinary creativity with building a culinary business that draws large profits.

If you want to enter the culinary world and make yourself a solid profit, then you will get a lot out of these two lessons, as well as the course as a whole.


  • Teaches modern Italian cooking techniques to you to become a more creative chef.
  • Has plenty of insight into the culinary business, which sets the course apart from others.
  • The nearly four-hour length ensures value for money.


  • A number of the lessons are dedicated only to recipes.
4 Best Masterclass Cooking Courses You Can Try Today 2

Gabriela Camara Teaches Mexican Cooking

There is so much more to Mexican cuisine than you may ordinarily assume!

There are so many exciting flavors and techniques involved in the world of Mexican cuisine that you may otherwise miss.

If you want to get to know about one of the world’s favorite cuisines, then you should definitely give this course your attention.

One of the best things about this course is that it is incredibly down-to-earth. It doesn’t attempt to wow you with complicated techniques or hard-to-find ingredients.

Instead, it shows you how you can make the most out of every ingredient at hand to create food that is incredibly wholesome and fulfilling. 

Much of this course is focused on Gabriela’s own unique recipes, but she makes sure to sprinkle in plenty of awesome advice that can be applied to all kinds of cooking.

This incredibly heartwarming course is well worth the 3-and-a-half-hour runtime, as not only is it full of incredible recipes, but it is also a joyous celebration of Mexican cuisine and its role in the culture!


  • Incredibly heartwarming, and led with love by a passionate teacher.
  • Features a sizable run time.
  • Incredibly well-produced.


  • Mostly recipe-focused, though there are some awesome tips sprinkled throughout.
Niki Nakayama masterclass review

Niki Nakayama Teaches Modern Japanese Cooking

Japanese cuisine has become incredibly popular all across the world in recent years, and courses like this prove why that should not be a surprise to many. 

Many Japanese intuitive cooking courses online are focused strictly on traditional techniques and recipes, which is valuable in its own way, but not many are focused on modern cuisine in the way that this one is.

This is one of the most unique Japanese cooking courses we have ever come across on the internet, and makes the cost of admission to cooking classes totally worth every single penny!

While Niki’s techniques and recipes are incredibly modern, there is a distinct reverence for tradition that makes this course super interesting to tune into.

Over its 4-hour cumulative length, this course will teach you not only about some of the unique tools used in the Japanese cooking journey, but also how you can use them, and even your own tools to create Japanese dishes that will blow your mind.

One of our favorite lessons on this course was lesson 16 ‘Donabe: Japanese Rice Traditions’.

In this episode, Niki Nakayama introduces the unique cooking implement known as the ‘Donabe’ and also talks about the cultural significance of rice in Japanese cuisine.

It’s really fascinating just how extensive the history of rice is in the nation! 

We also loved lesson 18 ‘Ichigo Ichie’, which ends the course on a high note, as Niki talks about the importance of sharing food with those we love, and also how learners can develop their creativity to become more experimental and expressive with their own cooking!


  • Incredibly modern, but has a reverence for tradition. 
  • One of the longest courses on the platform.
  • Incredibly insightful about the importance of Japanese cuisine.


  • A few lessons are mostly recipe-oriented.

To Wrap Up

Of Masterclass’ many cooking-oriented courses, these are easily amongst the very best. Each of these courses offers something unique and shows you countless ways you can expand your repertoire of cooking skills.

As well as that, they are all also incredibly fascinating; providing you with insight into the history of each culture you are cooking food from.

Each of these courses is jam-packed with content, making the cost of entry to Masterclass totally worth it.

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