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MasterClass With Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton MasterClass Review about F1

If you’re a Formula One fan, chances are you’ve heard of the British race car driver Lewis Hamilton. He competes for Mercedes and previously drove for McLaren. The F1 champion is one of the renowned teachers you can learn from on the popular platform MasterClass.

In this course, he discusses his childhood, his amazing father who fully supported him throughout his life, the difficulties he faced, and how to have a winning mindset. He speaks about not giving up, investing in yourself, and continually challenging yourself to improve. 

Lewis Hamilton MasterClass Review will talk in detail about Lewis’ Masterclass, what to expect from the course, the pros and cons, and whether to invest in a subscription on MasterClass. Let’s find out!

Who is Lewis Hamilton

About Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton is a British racing driver who competes in Formula 1 for Mercedes. At the time of writing, Hamilton has won a record of seven world drivers championship titles. He is currently tied with Michael Schumacher, the only other driver to attain that number of titles. 

Hamilton became the only competing black person in the world series which back in the day caused him a lot of bullying and hardships. The challenges he faced never pulled him down, though. Instead, they gave him the drive to become the best. 

With his humble but inspiring personality, Lewis Hamilton has won the respect and admiration of many fans and peers from all over the world. In fact, he’s often referred to as the best racing driver. 

Lewis Hamilton’s journey from humble beginnings to a multiple world champion is remarkable and people have often asked him how did he get to where he’s now. He often shares that commitment, supreme focus, and determination are the main ingredients of success. He talks about his philosophy and more in his course on Masterclass, which we’ll closely look at in the following paragraphs.

Overview of the Class

Masterclass Lewis Hamilton Review

Lewis’ Masterclass comprises 12 detailed lessons where he talks about how he stays focused, his training routine, his self-discipline, and how he’s always trying to progress and evolve. 

  1. Meet Your Instructor
  2. Ignite Your Passion
  3. The Power of Influences & Inspiration
  4. At One with the Machine
  5. How to Deal with Failure
  6. How to Build Trust and Promote Teamwork
  7. How to Exercise Self Discipline
  8. Optimize Your Body for Performance
  9. Mental Preparation
  10. The Power of Diverse Interests
  11. Influence the World Beyond Your Own
  12. Pave the Path for Others

On top of the video lessons, depending on your subscription plan, you also get to download PDF workbooks with more information regarding the topics discussed in the class.

Also, you can join the community hub, where you can talk with students who also took the course. You can ask questions and share ideas. Sometimes, Lewis Hamilton himself replies to the questions as well. 

Pros and Cons

Lewis Masterclass Pros and Cons


Here are some major advantages of taking Lewis Hamilton’s Masterclass.

  1. Learn From One Of The Best F1 Racer

A quick search on YouTube will show numerous influencers and bloggers talking about having a winning mindset and finding the motivation to succeed. None is Lewis Hamilton, though. He’s a remarkable figure who, despite all the hardships, became one of the most successful people in his field. If you’re looking for a credible teacher to help you deal with failure and prepare you for success, he’s the one to listen to. 

  1. Comes With Practical Tips in Sports

Everyone is welcome to take this course. However, athletes are probably the group that would most benefit from Hamilton’s lessons. He shares practical tips on being a better athlete and overcoming struggles that other target groups might not face.

  1. Promotes Positivity 

Another thing to love about this course is how Hamilton spreads positivity to all users. He encourages everyone to stand up for their beliefs and never give up. This course not only focuses on skills but also aims to develop the heart and minds of its learners. 


Though this course has impacted so many lives and has received numerous praises, here are a couple of cons we think you should consider.

  1. Some Pieces of Advice Are Generic

Some of the advice and topics discussed are a bit generic, which you might have heard from other speakers on the web. If you’re someone looking for something specific, this course might not impress you that much. 

  1. Lessons Are Too Short

Some users consider the course a bit short for a general topic like winning mindset. It could have made a difference if the course had been longer and had discussed a few more things. 

Who is This Class for

Target Audience for Lewis Hamilton MasterClass

The Lewis Hamilton Masterclass welcomes anyone from any career path or walk of life. The topics and lessons discussed are applicable to anyone who strives to be better and wants to win in life. 

However, here are some points to give you an idea of the most suited people to take the course.

  • A Lewis Hamilton fan
  • Athletes who are just starting their professional career in sports
  • Someone who wants to excel in something or win the battles in life and develop a winning mindset

How Much Does the Class Cost

MasterClass is an online learning platform where industry leaders share knowledge, experiences, and formulas for success.

Subscribing to MasterClass gives you a year of all-in access pass that allows you to take up all the courses offered on the platform. Currently, there are over 150 courses on a variety of subjects.

There are three subscription plans you can sign up for. Those include:

  1. The Individual Plan
  • Costs $15 per month when billed annually
  • Allows one device to access the website
  1. The Duo Plan
  • Costs $20 per month, billed annually
  • Allows two devices to access the website simultaneously
  • Can download videos and PDF workbooks
  1. The Family Plan
  • Costs $23 per month, billed annually
  • Allows six devices to access the website under one profile simultaneously
  • Can download videos and PDF workbooks

If you are unsatisfied with the courses and want to revoke your subscription, you are entitled to a 30-day refund.

Users’ Experience

Comments on Lewis Hamilton Masterclass

Some users also vocally praised the Lewis Hamilton Masterclass, saying that it inspired them, helped with their menal health, and gave them the push in life they needed.

“I’d give this a solid 4 out of 5. I just wish that the course was a bit longer. I think there are certain things that he could have shared more, but he did share quite a lot. So, if you’re interested in something like this, I definitely encourage you to go have a look at it.”

-Comment from Youtube

However, some also weren’t satisfied with the course. They attested that it was too short for such a broad topic, while some think that it doesn’t live up to the promotion given by the masterclass. They say it’s too general and basic and can be found in free online resources. 


Lewis Hamilton is a remarkable sportsman who is on MasterClass to spread encouragement and motivation and teach people how to develop a winning mindset.

His goal is to share his journey and let people know you ca