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Masterclass Jodie Foster

Jodie Foster MasterClass Review: Is This Course Worth It?

Jodie Foster is one of the most remarkable actresses of all time. She is also a reputable film director and producer and has directed great films such as Money Monster (2016), The Beaver (2011), and some episodes for television shows. 

Her skills, expertise, and passion for films made her a household name worldwide. Not just that, it earned her the credibility to become eligible to teach filmmaking.

But what makes this Jodie Foster Masterclass worth taking? The following review will tell you all about it. We’ll talk about the pros and cons of the class and share online feedback from people who’ve already completed it.

Let’s check Jodie’s course details and know if Jodie Foster MasterClass Review is useful in 2022.

Who is Jodie Foster

Jodie Foster Golden Globe Award

Jodie Foster is an award-winning American actress best known for her roles in The Accused, Taxi Driver, and The Silence of the Lambs. She is not simply an actress but also a director and movie producer. 

The Academy Award winner Jodie started her career at the very young age of three when she played the role of a Coppertone girl in a television commercial for the iconic brand of suntan lotion. 

She got the spotlight at a very young age when she received her first-ever Oscar Nomination at the tender age of 12 for her role as a child prostitute in Martin Scorsese’s film Taxi Driver (1976). This award established her as a teenage star, leading roles in popular films like Freaky Friday (1976) and Fox’s (1980). 

She won a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress and an Academy Award for The Accused (1988). She then played a character in the popular film The Silence of the Lambs (1991).

In 1992, she founded a production company of her own, Egg Pictures. In recent years, Jodie has continued to pursue filmmaking. She has worked as a successful movie director and producer in addition to acting. 

At the time of writing, Jodie Foster received over 60 awards. Thus, making her one of the most reputable names in the industry of films. 

Overview of the Class

Filmamaking Class Overview

The Jodie Foster Masterclass aims to teach students filmmaking from start to finish. In this course, you will be taught the fundamentals of directing and producing a great film. 

The course has 18 video lessons with a total run time of 4 hours. Here are the topics discussed in the curriculum:

  1. Introduction
  2. Finding Your Personal Story
  3. Exploring the Big Idea in Film
  4. Jodie’s Short Film: Building Your Story Into a Screenplay, Part 1
  5. Creating the Vision for Your Film
  6. Deconstructing Visual Choices: The Beaver
  7. Jodie’s Short Film: Building Your Story into a Screenplay, Part 2
  8. Jodie’s Short Film: The Screenwriter-Director Collaboration
  9. Jodie’s Short Film: Constructing a Scene
  10. Prepping and Scheduling
  11. Casting
  12. The Acting Process
  13. Directing Actors
  14. Shooting Your Film
  15. Selecting a Performance Case Study: Jack O’Connell in Money Monster
  16. Editing
  17. Music
  18. Conclusion

In addition, a 66-page workbook is also provided as a complementary resource for this Masterclass. There, you’ll be able to find samples of script drafts, scene studies, shot lists, and sample schedules, which are essential in the filmmaking process. 

On top of that, you also get to join the Community Hub, which is where you can discuss the course. You can also ask questions or express your ideas about filmmaking. 

Pros and Cons

Jodie Foster Masterclass Pros and cons


Here’s a brief list of the advantages of taking the course:

  • Learn From One of the Best In The Industry

It’s safe to say that Jodie Foster is one of the most credible people you can learn about filmmaking from. After all, she’s been in the industry for over fifty years.

  • Get an Actor-Director Point of View

Jodie is both an actor and a director. This means that this course is suitable for both aspiring actors and directors as each can benefit from knowing the perspective of the other. 

  • Packed With Demonstration and Resources

Hearing someone talk is one thing, but seeing them in action is another. In this course, you’ll get to see visual aids like samples of script drafts, shot lists, and director’s notes to give you a clearer understanding of the lessons discussed. 


On the other hand, some things might disappoint you in some way. These are:

  • Discussions are Fast-Paced

The truth is that Jodie is a fast talker. Her eloquence and expertise in the field of filmmaking are unarguably admirable. And, as much as you want to take down notes with every topic she discusses, you might need to pause and play the videos to catch up on her speed.

  • Not Very Technical

One of the notable things to bear in mind, especially for filmmaking students, is that Jodie’s teaching method is not very technical. Her course content is merely focused on collaboration and people skills, and not so on the practical side. If you’re hoping to learn how to scout for a suitable location or how to shoot a film, this course might not be the one you’re looking for. 

Who is This Class for

Jodie Foster Teach Filmmaking
  • People who are fans of Jodie and want to know more about her career, success, and approach to acting and filmmaking.
  • Actors or directors who are beginners in the industry and are eager to learn from an A-lister like Jodie.
  • Directors who want to know how to direct a low-budget production (she talks about making financial decisions and working with what you have in the best way possible).

On the contrary, this might not meet your learning demands if you’re a filmmaking student. As mentioned, this course does not get into the technical side of teaching, such as knowing how to scout a location or get the best shots in a specific set. 

How Much Does the Class Cost

MasterClass is an online platform that offers educational courses from successful people in various industries.

When you subscribe to MasterClass, you’re eligible to access all the courses offered on the website. At the time of writing, there are over 150 courses on various subjects. 

So, how much does it cost?

MasterClass offers three subscription plans:

  1. The Individual plan ($15 per month when billed annually)

When you choose to subscribe to this plan, you’re allowed to access the website with one device only. One downside of this plan is that you won’t be able to download the videos for offline viewing or PDF workbooks serving as a complementary resource for this course. 

  1. The Duo Plan ($20 per month when billed annually)

Subscribing to this plan enables you to access the MasterClass website with two devices simultaneously. Unlike the individual plan, the Duo Plan allows you to download videos and PDF workbooks, which can be very helpful in maximizing the course. 

  1. The Family Plan ($23 per month when billed annually)

This plan might be your best option if you want to share the subscription with your family and friends. This plan allows you to use six devices all at once. You are also eligible to download videos and workbooks. However, keep note that MasterClass only allows one profile for all six devices. That means you will have to share your progress board and activity log with everyone with access.

Users’ Experience 

User Opinions about Jodie Foster Masterclass

Here’s what people who’ve completed the Jodie Foster Masterclass share online:

“The new Jodie Foster Masterclass on directing film is even better than I was hoping. It’s extremely rare that a world-class actor can also direct at that level, and her insights and perspectives are gold.”

-Alex Schwindt (Comment from Twitter)

“Watching Jodie Foster’s MasterClass on directing and it’s terrific. She writes a scene with screenwriter Scott Frank. Then she works out the storyboard and gawd love her, she’s as bad at drawing as she says she is. But she does it! Great look at the writer-director process.”

-Cathryn Atkinson (Comment from Twitter)

“Watching Jodie Foster