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Jane Goodall MasterClass

Is Jane Goodall MasterClass Review Worth It In 2023?

When you hear environmental activism and conservation, Dr. Jane Goodall is probably the first to come to mind. She is among the best activists known for her passion and love for mother nature. Jane’s intense desire to promote awareness of conservation earned her becoming a household name globally.

In this Masterclass, Dr. Jane Goodall teaches practical ways to help conserve the environment. She also shares fundamental things about what chimpanzees taught her regarding conservation.

So Is Jane Goodall MasterClass Review Worth It In 2022? Let’ found out now.

If you’re an environment enthusiast or you’re someone who wants to gain more knowledge about wildlife, sustainability, and conservation, this course might meet your learning demands.

In the following paragraphs, we will present a full overview of the class, talk about the pros and cons of taking it, and share some feedback from people who already took it. Let’s begin.

Who is Jane Goodall

Jane Goodal primatologist

Dr Jane Goodall is a primatologist. For those who don’t know, primatology is a branch of zoology that focuses on studying free mates. With that, Jane is known as the world’s foremost expert on chimpanzees. She’s also best known for her 60 years of study of the social and family interaction of wild chimpanzees. 

Her passion for conserving the environment has earned her one of the most honorable members of the Future Council. 

Through Jane’s writings, the average person got to know the lives of the chimpanzees of Gombe. In 1977, she founded the Jane Goodall Institute to benefit the people in Africa living in poverty and spread the word about conserving animals and nature. Aside from that, Jane has also founded several education programs, including Roots and Shoots, an environmental education program for young people. 

In 2002, Jane’s work got the attention of the United Nations. She was appointed the United Nations Messenger of Peace and reappointed in 2007. 

Overview of the Class

Masterclass with Jane Goodall Overview

The overall curriculum of the Jane Goodall Masterclass is divided into four parts. It consists of 29 videos with a running time of 5 hours and 6 minutes. To give you a grasp of what to expect, here are the lessons:

  1. Meet Your Instructor
  2. Chimpanzee Behavior And Animal Intelligence
  • Dreams of Africa
  • The Breakthrough
  • Chimpanzee Behavior
  • Chimpanzee Behavior (Cont’d)
  • Chimpanzee Development & Learning
  • Animal Intelligence
  • Chimps & Humans
  • Chimps & Humans (Cont’d)
  1. Our Impact On The Natural World
  •  Humans & The Environment
  • Humans & The Environment (Cont’d)
  • Threats to Animals
  • Animal Cruelty
  • Climate Change
  • Water
  • Land
  • Industrial Agriculture
  1. Activism, Communication, and Hope
  •  Organic Farming
  • Food As Activism
  • Advocacy Strategies
  • Communication
  • Communication (Cont’d)
  • Opening a Dialogue
  • The Next Generation
  • Making Global Change
  • Roots & Shoots
  • Roots & Shoots (Cont’d)
  • Reasons for Hope
  • Reasons for Hope (Cont’d)

On top of the video lessons, this Masterclass also comes with two workbooks: the family workbook and the standard workbook. These extra resources contain essential details about things related to humans and our environment. Thus, you’re encouraged to utilize it during the lessons.  

Pros and cons

Jane Goodall Masterclass Pros and Cons


Here’s an overview of the pros of taking the class:

  • Incorporated With Personal Touch

One of the most memorable things about this course is that Jane shares her personal experience. She adds a personal touch to every part of the course. Clips of her real-life experiences are also included to show the sincerity and integrity behind all the lessons discussed. The goal of this course is not just to impart knowledge but to touch people’s emotional side as well.

  • Transparency of her mistakes

Often, when we look at successful people and hear their stories, the success they’ve reached seems to daunt us and leave us thinking if we can do the same. However, in Jane Goodall’s Masterclass, Jane’s transparency with all the mistakes and downfalls she experienced in her journey in studying chimpanzees and all the controversies she’s been through is indeed plausible. It aims to give hope, especially to beginners, that things might not work out right away, but when one strives hard and does not give up, things will work according to how you want them to be. 

  • Encouragement

As Jane shares her stories and experiences, you will feel like you’re just talking to a friend. There’s positivity in every word. Yes, terrible situations are on the rise in today’s generation. However, Jane won’t leave a disturbing feeling as she explains the chaos. Instead, she motivates you to help conserve and start the change within you. 


Though it’s difficult to imagine that such a course can have any disadvantages, here are a couple of things to keep in mind before taking it. 

  • Some Lessons Seem Repetitive

As you take this course and watch the video lessons, you might get confused sometimes, thinking that you’re watching the same video twice. However, you’re not. It’s merely because some lessons tend to be reiterated and discussed the second or third time around. 

  • Lessons Discussed Are Theoretical

If you’re considering taking this course to learn simple ways to become an activist, you’ll be disappointed. Jane desires to help people develop a passion for environmental conservation. She shares stories and provides examples that will touch everyone’s heart. However, some of her ideas or suggestions are purely theoretical, without many practical tips.

Who is This Class for

Primatologist Jane Goodall Masterclass

Jane Goodall’s Masterclass is for those who understand that there’s something wrong with our environment and want to do something about it. 

If you’re a beginner in environmental studies or you just genuinely care about the environment, Jane’s class is absolutely recommended for you. If you’re already in the field, though, this Masterclass might not be for you; Jane has targeted her course toward people who know very little about conservation but would like to be. 

How Much Does the Class Cost

Masterclass offers over 150 courses across many subjects. Subscribing to Masterclass gives you an all-access pass to all the courses offered on the website, including the Jane Goodall Masterclass

There are three subscription plans offered on MasterClass. The individual of which costs $15 a month when billed annually. The duo plan is priced at $20 a month when billed annually, and the family plan comes to about $23 a month when paid yearly. 

All plans have the same features, except the individual plan doesn’t let you download courses to watch offline, and you can only watch it on one device at a time. The duo plan enables you to connect up to two devices, while the family plan allows you to watch classes simultaneously on up to six devices.

The family plan might be the right choice for families and friends, but remember that Masterclass doesn’t have the option to create multiple profiles. This means your notes and even your activity will be shared on the discussion forums.    

Users’ Experience 

Jane Goodall Masterclass Reviews

Here’s what users who have taken the course by Jane Goodall have shared online:

“It’s really good, really really top-notch and obviously there’s a lot more. I highly recommend this. A hundred percent, it’s worth it!”

-Comment from Youtube

“It is a very good course, very well explained with stories, clips, and great examples. This course is divided into small parts that would work perfectly for the ones who have just began their career as journalists or ecologists. This also contains so many things that one needs to learn. And, all of the this is taught by the finest Jane Goodall. In my opinion, this course is total worth for beginners.”

-Comment from Youtube