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iSpring Learn Review

iSpring Learn Review: Details, Pricing & Features

Many businesses and educational facilities have switched to online learning to make it easier for educators and students.

Online training has replaced traditional training to make everything go smoother. So it’s no surprise that iSpring Learn has become one of the best online learning management systems options.

In this review of iSpring Learn, we’ll be taking a closer look at iSpring Learn’s features and pricing plan to understand what it offers businesses and educational facilities.

By the end of this iSpring Learn Review, you should better understand whether is the best learning management system for you. But first, what is iSpring Learn?

What Is iSpring Learn?

iSpring Learn is an eLearning software that is over 20 years old. Not only is it used by educational facilities, but it’s also used by a variety of businesses too. They decided in 2001 to make an innovative software that was easy to use.

While it began in 2001, it wasn’t until 2009 that iSpring launched iSpring Learn, their learning management system.

Since then, it has consistently ranked in the top 10 learning systems and has been used by many renowned businesses.

But before we start, let’s take a closer look at the features included with iSpring Learn and how it can benefit your business. 

Content Creation

With iSpring Learn, you can easily upload your presentations, courses, video tutorials, Flash clips, audio tracks, and other supporting documents.

If you have any trouble with uploading your courses, you’ll have easy access to SCORM support, and you can track it with iSpring.

Not only can you upload anything you want, but you can also rest assured that they’re safe on the system with unlimited storage space.

But let’s take a closer look at the compatible file formats: 

  • PPT
  • FLV
  • MP4
  • SWF
  • MP3
  • WAV
  • PDF
  • DOC
  • XLS

As you can see, most mainstream file types can be uploaded onto iSpring without any issues. Not only can it be easily uploaded, but it’s also a quick and easy process.

With iSpring Learn, you’ll find that you don’t just have to include lectures but images and videos too.

Interactive Longreads

iSpring Learn Review

You can make your course accessible in the LMS using Longreads. Longreads is a new feature where you can create your own articles in a multimedia format. You can embed your article with images, videos, quizzes, and quotes.

The best thing about Longreads is that you can either make them from scratch or compile them from existing content.

These include embedded features from both YouTube and Vimeo, and you can import your pictures to the file. 

Once you’ve added the LongReads, you can assign them to your students and keep track of their progress. You can also edit the content when needed, even after it’s been published online.

They also have an interactive UI that makes them suitable for any device that they’re viewed on. 

You can easily make them navigable by dividing them into chapters, which work like separate modules. Therefore, they can be set up for one chapter each day.

At the end of each chapter, you can include knowledge questions as if you were reading a nonfiction book.

Once they’ve answered the question, you can provide feedback and include useful facts to help them expand their knowledge.

If you want your content viewed in a specific way, you can also choose whether you want it restricted or free. That will either allow your audience to view as they wish or if you need them to unlock each chapter as they go.

Courses And Assessments

Utilizing iSpring Suite, you can edit your courses within PowerPoint. You can develop courses, quizzes, interactions, and simulated dialogue here.

Once you’ve done them, you can publish your training from PowerPoint with a single click. These allow you advanced reporting capabilities that you wouldn’t necessarily find with other LMS. 

Learning Tracks

You can combine any uploaded courses, assessments, and other training materials into your own learning tracks. So you can change your learning track to either last two weeks or six months.

You can divide the track into chapters to either be only unlocked when the previous one has been completed or a free flow. You can even assign homework tasks to your students and have them submit them for review.

You can then mark it upon receiving a notification and make your own comment on it.

Upon the completion of the learning track, you can set out who receives completion notifications or when someone new signs up.

This makes it easier for both businesses and educators to know when they need to assign something new or keep up to date with their progress.

User Management

Depending on your organization, you can set up a hierarchy to keep track of who does what. Using the organization management system, you can see who needs to do training or who is on what course.

You can invite new users to the course and set up user roles so you can have administrators help manage the roles. 

If there are certain teams, you can assign them to different groups to ensure all training is done between them.

The best part about iSpring is that you can have unlimited active users, and they won’t charge you for inactive ones. But you can still deactivate your users and keep their progress in case they return. 


To assign training materials, you must enroll them in a course and learning track and set rules for completion. You can filter the courses that your students are in, and you can filter someone in.

You can also set the LMS to assign employees to a selected course automatically. That way, new students can be enrolled in a specific course immediately upon joining. 

Events Calendar

You may find that it’s easier than ever to keep track of an Events Calendar to manage all activities. That way, you can know when all live classes are taking place, and your students will know too.

It becomes an easier method to keep track of when different training sessions are due, and whether there are any changes to the schedule. 

Zoom Integration

iSpring Learn Review

To make it easier, you can even integrate your meetings with Zoom. You can add these meetings to your system and access them through the web portal.

Add any of these meetings to your calendar so everyone who needs to be there can attend. 

Productivity Reports

It’s also easier to monitor your team’s productivity. You can check how your students are progressing with content reports that show which of your materials is most effective.

Most of these reports include a Performance Summary, Course Details, and you can check how each learner performs individually. 

You may also find that People Reports can show who is the most productive in terms of online training.

You can then track their activity and compare work or school results. If they do well, you can perhaps invite them to other courses based on their interest. 

Not only can you assess their progress, but using iSpring Learn, you’ll find how many attempts were needed. You can break down their answers and gauge their average score overall.

Email notifications make it easier to keep up to date with your student’s results. If they’ve taken a test, you can see their results immediately.

It’s a great way to keep track of your student’s progress and see how they are coping with their work. 

Training Portal Customization

You can customize the training portal depending on how you use your online courses on iSpring Learn.

If you use it for business or educational purposes, you can customize it to your brand. All you need to do is add your logo and supply your desired color scheme to the header image. 

Not only is it great for customizing your brand portal, but you can localize it for different audiences.

If you have any students from abroad, or your business is global, you can translate it into a different language. The user portal is easy to change, which makes it more accessible to a wider audience. 

Interactive Learning

Learning doesn’t have to be boring either, as the user portal is intuitive to your student’s needs. You can adjust your courses so that each user can see which assigned courses they need to complete or not.

However, to reward your students, you can recognize their achievements with points and badges.

You can create a leaderboard to incentivize students to do their work, which is a great method to ensure they remain active learners. 

Plus, if your students get stuck, they can contact the course author with any questions. To make it easier to contact others, you’ll find that iSpring Learn has a free mobile app for both iOS and Android devices.

You can save each course and make them available offline. Then, any progress they get will be preserved in their account for when they next come online.

That also means they can contact the course author through their phone and check what needs to be done through their smartphone.

iSpring Learn Integration

You can integrate iSpring Learn with your website quite easily. You can alias your domain name with iSpring Learn in the URL.

You can also redirect any of your students to iSpring Learn from your own website through user authentication without having to reenter any details.

That way, any students can simply go to your website and enter through single sign-on. 

Another good integration tactic is through API technology, so you can integrate the course data. As long as your API is compatible, you can utilize it with iSpring Learn. So, if you have REST/SOAP API, it should work correctly.


iSpring Learn is a cloud-based LMS, so it’s produced as a subscription-based service. However, you can still request installation on an on-premise solution, so it’s available on your own network.

That way, you can ensure it works in an isolated environment. You can customize the LMS with white labeling, which also works for the smartphone app.

Every student will be aware of the affiliation with your site, and you can easily make it more individualized for you.

Plus, you can ask for additional report features from iSpring Learn. All you need to do is request them from customer support, and they should be able to accommodate your request. 


iSpring Learn offers a 30-day free trial to get used to the service, and afterward, it is a subscription-based service. Overall, it offers a highly reasonable price for all businesses.

For 100 users, you need to pay $3.66 per month, which is billed on an annual basis. That makes it available for $43.92 per year. 

For 300 users, you’ll find that it will only cost you $3.00 per month, billed annually at $36. The cheapest plan is for 500 users and will cost $2.82 per month, billed annually, making it $33.84 for a year.

However, if you have more than 500 users, you can contact iSpring Learn for a custom plan.

You essentially pay for each user, but if you exceed the number of users you have, you just have to contact customer service to change your plan.

Unfortunately, you won’t find any government, non-profit, or educational facilities discounts. However, with the cost that you pay for them, you’re likely not to need them.

For most of the paid plans, you’ll find that 300 and 500 users have unlimited courses with either one or two authoring tools. Plus, they also have access to technical support for any assistance. 

Final Thoughts

As you can see, iSpring Learn offers an affordable learning management system for a variety of businesses. There are a large number of features available to make learning easier for both education and businesses.

You’ll find that you can easily track progress and provide feedback to your students in a productive manner. 

With the help of learning management systems like iSpring Learn, you’ll find that managing online courses is a lot easier.

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