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Martin Barrett
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Is Pluralsight A Fortune 500 Company?

Is Pluralsight A Fortune 500 Company?

Pluralsight has been becoming more and more renowned over the years, but are they a Fortune 500 company?

As a company, Pluralsight has been praised for its success and employee satisfaction, so you may have wondered whether they’ve ever made a list before. We’re here to tell you everything you need to know if you’re curious. 

In this article, we’re going to take a closer look at Pluralsight as a business and identify how Fortune 500 companies are defined.

Once we know what Pluralsight is and what a Fortune 500 company is, we’ll answer the all-important question: Is Pluralsight a Fortune 500 company?

What Is Pluralsight?

Pluralsight is the enterprise technology skills platform that encourages the development of both individuals and businesses to embrace lifelong learners.

There are up to over 7,000 courses available to teach all students and Pluralsight team members evaluated about business, software development, computer science, and programming.

Numerous companies use Pluralsight to help individuals who want to progress and understand more about technology. 

Located in Farmington, Utah, over 2,000 employees and expert authors have worked for Pluralsight since their inception in 2004.

Their goal since then has been to become one of the leading online technology training services providers.

They believe everyone should not have the access to technology skills, but also democratize technology skills and have also improved strategies for both businesses and non-profit organizations. 

Over the years, other Fortune 500 companies have utilized Pluralsight to make the most of their services and improve their own workforce.

In fact, they are proud to announce that they have been reliably trusted by 70% of Fortune 500 companies and have over 17,700 business accounts.

Naturally, the question has been asked before whether Pluralsight is a Fortune 500 company, but first, what is a Fortune 500 company?

What Is A Fortune 500 Company?

When you hear about Fortune 500 companies, you’re thinking of the largest companies run in the United States.

These companies are presented in a list compiled by Fortune magazine each year, which is known as the Fortune 500 rankings.

In these rankings, Fortune considers the annual revenues for the respective fiscal years. In fact, being a Fortune 500 company is considered a prestigious achievement that many companies are proud to be given.

Since 1955, Fortune has been compiling the Fortune 500 rankings list. Created by Edgar P. Smith, he wanted to measure the size and power of American businesses in a time when America’s economic power was at its highest.

Originally it was known as the Fortune Industrial 500, but this would be shortened to the Fortune 500 we know today.

Since it began, over 1,800 companies have been featured on the list, and the list has changed over the years. 

Nowadays, you can expect Walmart, Amazon, Apple, and Exxon Mobil as regular fixtures in these rankings. All companies are considered if they are incorporated and operate in the United States.

Both public and private companies are included on the list so long as they file financial statements with government agencies.

Naturally, if a company’s total rewards program is consolidated or needs to report its complete financial statements for at least three quarters of the fiscal year, it will not be eligible for the Fortune 500 list.

Now that we understand what a Fortune 500 company is let’s find out whether Pluralsight has been on the list at any point. 

Is Pluralsight A Fortune 500 Company?

Is Pluralsight A Fortune 500 Company?

Many people assume Pluralsight is a Fortune 500 company because of its links to other Fortune 500 companies.

Since Pluralsight’s inception, it has been regarded as an excellent training resource for Fortune 500 companies, including Microsoft, Oracle, Adobe, and Amazon. However, Pluralsight itself is not a Fortune 500 company. 

Even though Pluralsight is not a Fortune 500 company, that doesn’t mean Fortune hasn’t recognized them in any way.

For 25 years, Fortune has been publishing a list of the best companies to work for alongside their partner, Great Place to Work. Back in 2020, Pluralsight ranked 51 on Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For list. 

Fortune’s 100 Best Companies To Work For

According to Great Place to Work, Pluralsight received results from 87% of their employees that they were a great company to work with a highly competitive compensation package.

Most of their employees said they felt welcome and that management wouldn’t fire someone unless it was seen as an absolute last resort.

Over 90% of employees agreed that other employees cared about one another and that they were given plenty of responsibility yet were able to take time off work when necessary.

In fact, there were other times they were recognized by Fortune and Great Place to Work.

In 2020, they weren’t only one of the best companies to work for but one of the best workplaces for women, millennials, and parents, and they were in the top 10 of best technology rankings.

Even in 2019, they were one of the best medium workplaces and were already one of the best small/medium businesses in technology.

They continued to be popular as a millennial workplace, still were popular among women, and were one of the best medium workplaces.

They consistently ranked as one of the best medium workplaces in 2017 and continued to be a welcome employer for women.

Pluralsight has consistently grown from a small classroom training company that would send its instructors to training events.

From the time Pluralsight shifted from classroom learning to online, they continued to make a name for themselves in Utah and even appeared on Forbes Cloud 100 list. 

Will Pluralsight Be On The Fortune 500 List?

It’s incredibly challenging to get on the Fortune 500 list. While they may make it on the list, we should note that in 2020, Pluralsight made an announcement.

They were going to be acquired by Vista Equity Partners for $3.5 billion and successfully completed their acquisition of Pluralsight in 2021. 

Ultimately, predicting how well a business will perform in the future is difficult, but being on the Fortune 500 list is a great honor.

However, for now, Fortune has recognized Pluralsight in other ways, so you can safely assume that they are a trustworthy company that stands by its mission statement of teaching individuals about technology.

Final Thoughts

A Fortune 500 company is one that a successful business magazine has recognized, Fortune.

Many of these companies are chosen based on Fortune’s analysis, and not many companies make the cut. It’s challenging to become a Fortune 500 company, and the ones are often household names. 

Pluralsight is a site that is still growing, so they aren’t a Fortune 500 company. Fortune has recognized them for their work standards, and they are, without a doubt, a trusted training provider.

Over the years, they have become a trusted resource for other Fortune 500 companies and even have partners among them so they can continue to grow.

Whether Pluralsight becomes a Fortune 500 company in the future is yet to be seen, as the world of driving business outcomes is difficult to predict.

Over the years, they have continued to partner with other successful businesses, so who knows? Perhaps one day, Pluralsight will be a Fortune 500 company.

For now, we can only wait and see as we watch this culture management platform continue to grow.