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Written by:
Martin Barrett
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How To Pronounce Udemy

How To Pronounce Udemy in English

Udemy is host to a truly enormous catalog of online courses aimed at students looking for a way to supplement their studies and professional adults looking for a way to give themselves an edge in the workplace.

You can study anything from IT & Software all the way through to Personal Development — If you can dream it, Udemy has it!

But, rather ironically, one class they don’t offer that you may well need, is one that teaches you how the heck you’re supposed to pronounce “Udemy”.

It’s one of those words that could go either of many ways, tying your tongue into an embarrassing tangle as you try to say it.

Don’t despair, though, scholar — I’m going to break down this awkward platform name for you phonetically, section by section, so you can speak confidently about your learning journey around others.

Let’s get stuck in, shall we?

Is “Udemy” A Real Word?

To kick things off here, answer me this… Do you think Udemy is a real word? It sounds a little foreign to the English speaker’s ear, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it doesn’t exist.

There’s something vaguely Japanese sounding about that soft “U” vowel followed by the thudding “D” consonant, and that “Y” on the end only strengthens this phonetic link to the land of the rising sun.

So, what do you think?… Final answer? Cool. Well, I can tell you that Udemy is in fact not a real word. It exists in no earthly language other than as the name of this esteemed online learning platform.

It’s actually a portmanteau of English words, but more on that in just a moment.

Breaking Udemy Down Into Sections

That’s enough of a preamble I believe, let’s get down to business and learn how to say this confounding word, piece by piece!

Know How to pronounce Udemy “U”?

To quote the late, great Lewis Carol, let’s “begin at the beginning”, with that tricksy U.

How To Pronounce Udemy

There are three possibilities here. It could be pronounced…

  • “Oo” — As in “udon noodles”
  • “Uh” — As in “under”
  • “You” — As in “you ate my noodles”

So, which do you think is the correct answer here?

Here’s a clue…

The first constituent part of the portmanteau has only been stylized as the letter “U”. Got it?

Yep, the answer is c. “You” — as in “you ate my noodles”.

It’s not Oo-demy, nor is it Uh-demy; it’s 100% You-demy. We’re making good progress here, so congrats, from me-demy to you-demy!

How Do You Pronounce The “De” In Udemy?

Following on from the “U”, we get to the “de”, another phonetic fork in the road. Is it…

  • “D’” — As in “D’mitri”
  • “Deh” — As in “Deborah”
  • “Dee” — As in “Deedee”

Think you have the right answer?

Well, this is sort of a trick question, as two of these pronunciations are commonly used, both a. and b., which isn’t to say that they’re both technically correct, but you could use either and get away with it.

However, I will be explaining why only one of them is right in the next stage.

As it stands, our phonetic pronunciation of Udemy is either “You – d’” or “You – deh”.

How Do You Pronounce The “My” In Udemy?

We have two options when bringing things to a close. Should we go with…

  • “Mee” — As in, “it was me”
  • “My” — As in, “my best friend”

Here’s a hint, the latter half of the portmanteau is “Academy”.

Yep, that’s right, folks; a. is our correct answer — The final section of Udemy is pronounced “me”, as in “it was me”, meaning our complete utterance is either – say it with me…

  • You!
  • D’!
  • Mee!


  • You!
  • Deh!
  • Mee!

Got It, But Which Is Correct?

All we have to do to determine which of these pronunciations is technically correct is say “academy” a few times.

Think about how it rolls off your tongue. Are you saying “aca – deh – mee” or are you saying “aca – d’ – mee”?

Unless you have a pretty novel take on the word, you should notice it sounds more like “aca – d’ – mee” than “aca – deh – mee”, meaning our final correct pronunciation is…



You – D’ – Mee

What Is A Portmanteau?

Okay, so perhaps you saw me use this word a bunch of times and just nodded along, pretending to know what I was waffling on about — No shame… It’s a crazy word.

A portmanteau is simply the blurring of two words in spelling, pronunciation, and meaning. “Motel” is a classic example of a portmanteau, as is “brunch”.

Motel is a merging of the words motor and hotel, while brunch is a merging of the words breakfast and lunch.

It can be pretty fun to make your own portmanteau. Go ahead, give it a go and see if it catches on in your social group.

Why Is It Spelled Udemy Instead of Youdemy?

As mentioned earlier, in the case of Udemy (see also ‘Does Udemy Provide A Certificate?’), the words being smushed together are you and academy, so why then isn’t Udemy spelled Youdemy?

Well, this is an example of what is playfully referred to as “textese”, meaning the language of texts.

However, in a text, replacing “you” with “U” has a practical purpose… shortening the time the typer spends composing the text, whereas, a company name doesn’t really have a temporal element, so making the switch seems redundant.

In this instance, the substitution is more of a stylistic than substantive decision.

The shorter, snappier name is easier to remember, and easier to spell, which is good for business, but, as we’ve discussed here today, this contraction comes at the expense of pronounceability.

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Final Thoughts

Not only have you signed on to do some quality learning on the Udemy platform, now you can actually pronounce the platform’s name — The future of your education is looking bright!

This household name in the online learning world is a portmanteau of “you” and “academy”, which gives you the biggest clues on how to pronounce it, but, just to recap before we go our separate ways, the correct way to say Udemy is You – D’ – Mee.