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Layla Acharya
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How To Get A Masterclass Refund

How to Get a Masterclass Refund (Updated)

The masterClass provides an online learning platform that teaches lessons to people who want to succeed in their fields.

By subscribing to MasterClass, users can learn from the best, even from the comfort of their homes.

MasterClass has provided an opportunity for those who wish to attend the best seminars and conferences but may not be able to afford them. You also have up-close and personal access to the people you’ve always looked up to.

Read the complete article to know about how to get a masterclass refund.

What Is MasterClass?

How To Get A Masterclass Refund

A masterClass is one of the online learning platforms that offer education and entertainment, allowing you to learn directly from experts and celebrities about their crafts and exploits.

Masterclass consists of video lessons, with each lesson spanning between 2 to 10 minutes. Each masterclass course consists of about 25 lessons.

To keep its offerings fresh, MasterClass adds new masterclass courses frequently. With an annual subscription fee of just $120, you get unlimited access to all videos.

The lessons available on MasterClass also include an instructor’s guide, interactive assignments, and community activities.

It is unique because all classes are taken by professionals, experts, and industry leaders. There’s no online learning platform that offers such an experience.

However, because MasterClass doesn’t have one-on-one lessons or questions and answers but rather pre-recorded videos allowing you to learn from experts, some people have thought of canceling their subscriptions.

For one, MasterClass doesn’t teach professional skills or college-grade lessons. And despite offering lessons from experts, it doesn’t provide the kind of education that can boost your CV.

Some people have purchased courses before realizing it isn’t what they thought.

Many people have subscribed to MasterClass purchase and full refund policy before discovering it doesn’t offer as much as they need in an online class.

So, does MasterClass provide refunds for those looking for knowledge elsewhere?

Does Masterclass Offer Refunds?

Does Masterclass offer refunds

If you’re not satisfied with what is offered in the MasterClass lessons, you can request a refund from Masterclass membership.

But before you pay for the Masterclass, do you know you can try it out for free? Yes. MasterClass offers a seven-day free trial, during which time you can access all of the platform’s features.

You can access not just the videos but the workbooks and audio materials. You can register for a free trial as long as you register through the MasterClass site and haven’t purchased an all-access plan before.

The only downside of the free trial is that some features are not available when you register with your computer.

Once you are on the MasterClass Home page, you can register for the free trial. Canceling the subscription costs nothing.

But, because you need to input your credit card information before you can start enjoying the free trial, it will automatically renew as an annual subscription if you don’t cancel it before it ends.

However, it is possible that a person isn’t convinced enough during the free trial to proceed with an annual subscription. You can still cancel your subscription if it’s within 30 days of being subscribed.

MasterClass can offer a refund if it’s within 30 days of registering. That also applies to those who subscribe to MasterClass and find out it does not contain what they need.

Although they must judge the request to ensure it is worthy of a refund, most refunds are granted if it occurs during the subscription month.

One of the reasons why refund requests are judged before being granted is that the content of MasterClass remains accessible even after the plan has been canceled till the period elapses.

But if the cancellation request occurs after thirty days, MasterCard doesn’t offer refunds.

Valid Reasons For A Refund

Women giving her card to a man

Before we consider the valid reasons for a refund, let’s look at the conditions that must be met to qualify you for one.

First, as explained earlier, you must request a refund process within 30 days of getting subscribed. Refunds after the 30th day won’t be granted.

This also applies to those who were automatically migrated to an annual subscription from the free trial.

Secondly, you must not have violated any of their terms and conditions, including abusing the masterclass refund policy. This policy is easy to abuse because refunds don’t cancel masterclass access immediately.

Many people may easily access enough material during the window for a refund, download other materials, and then ask for a refund. It would likely be denied, even if it falls during the proper window.

Finally, you must have purchased your plan directly from MasterClass and not a third party to qualify for refunds.

If you qualify for a refund, you only need to believe the lessons aren’t for you before requesting one. You should be sure you don’t need it because you may be deciding in a hurry.

However, many people who have canceled their masterclass subscriptions did so because they couldn’t access the skills they wanted. That’s why you have seven days to try out the lessons. 

Ways You Can Get A Refund?

Happy women in front of a laptop

Getting a refund is not a complicated procedure. You may request refunds for certain classes. However, you need to have some information before you request a refund.

These include your email address registered with your MasterClass account and transaction ID. All you have to do is fill out a refund form, submit it, and wait for confirmation.

Begin by visiting this page or their customer service page to submit your refund request. Provide all the information requested from you, including your email address, MasterCard account, and transaction ID.

You will be asked to enter a subject for the request. The subject should be refunded.

You should then describe the class(es) you want a refund for. You may explain why you need a refund by attaching any evidence you have. You can then await further communication.

You can then apply and await a response from MasterClass. After applying, you will receive a notification of successful submission.

Alternatively, you can send an email to the masterclass support team at masterclass.com, but ensure that you include all necessary documents and information to process the request.

If you registered via the Apple Store or Google Play store, you could also apply for a masterclass refund request via the stores.

You can also request via phone. Call customer care to lodge complaints and request a refund via the helpline at +1 (855) 981-8208.