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Martin Barrett
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How To Cancel Chegg Subscription

How To Cancel Chegg Subscription? Step by Step guide

Chegg can be a really helpful resource for students. It provides both physical and online versions of textbooks, has access to online tutoring, and much more.

However, if you’re finding the platform a little redundant or unhelpful, or perhaps you’ve graduated, you go to google and search “How To Cancel Chegg Subscription”. Well, it’s all written here in this article.

You’d be surprised how many people will either forget about these types of subscriptions or simply won’t cancel them simply because they are not sure how.

Signing up for a subscription is usually as easy as one simple click, but canceling that subscription can sometimes be hard work that consumers just don’t have the time nor patience for.

But that’s money that’s much better off in your pocket, as opposed to theirs.

So, in this article, I’ll show you how you can cancel your subscriptions for Chegg and stop paying those monthly subscriptions that’ll soon add up.

How To Cancel A Chegg Subscription

MethodDeviceSteps to Cancel
Phone CallAnyDial @1-855-868=1054 and speak to the Customer Care Support Service.
iTunesiPhone 1. Open iTunes.
2. Go to settings & click the tab with your name.
3. Tap the top of the display screen located by your Apple ID.
4. Sign in and tap ‘View Apple ID’.
5. Locate and open the ‘Subscription’ tab.
6. Tap ‘Subscription-Manage’.
7. Choose Chegg and turn off Auto-Renewal.
8. Tap Save/Done.
Google PlayAndroid 1. Go to Settings on your Android or the Google Play website.
2. Choose the subscription option.
3. Click on Chegg and tap cancel.
4. Confirm the cancellation.
BrowserAny 1. Open an internet browser and sign into Chegg.
2. Go to ‘Settings’ and click the ‘Orders’ button.
3. Tap the ‘Edit Plan’ option.
4. Change the subscription to pay-as-you-go.
DoNotPay AppAny 1. Open DoNotPay on a web browser or app.
2. Tap the ‘Find Hidden Money’ option.
3. Enter ‘Chegg’ in the service field.
4. Await email confirmation.

You’ll be happy to know that canceling a Chegg subscription is not a long and arbitrary process.

There are no contracts involved in Chegg (see also our article on becoming a Chegg tutor), which makes cancellations much simpler, and there also aren’t any fees to pay either. So if you want to cancel at any time, you can.

There are a couple of ways in which you can do this.

Over The Phone

This is probably one of the easiest options. The calls are relatively quick and you can communicate with their staff easily and efficiently. All you need to do is dial @1-855-868=1054.

This will put you straight through to the Customer Care Support Service where a representative will be able to help you cancel the contract. They will ask you for your details and then close the account there and then.

On iPhone

If you hate phone calls, don’t worry, you can also cancel your subscription without actually having to speak to another person. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Open iTunes on your iPhone. From there go to settings.
  2. Click the tab with your name and this will take you to your Apple ID account.
  3. Tap the top of the display screen located by your Apple ID.
  4. Sign in using your Apple ID and tap ‘View Apple ID.’
  5. Locate and open the ‘Subscription’ tab.
  6. Then tap ‘Subscription-Manage.’
  7. From here you can choose the subscription you would like to cancel. Chegg should appear as Chegg Study.
  8. Turn the Auto-Renewal button to off.
  9. Tap the Save/Done option.

On Google Play

If you subscribed via Google Play follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Settings on your Android/Go to the Google Play Account or website. (play.google.com)
  2. Choose the subscription option.
  3. Click on the Chegg application and tap the cancel button.
  4. Confirm the cancellation and click cancel one final time.
How To Cancel Chegg Subscription

How To Cancel A Chegg Free Trial

Many subscription apps will allow users a free trial for the first month of use. This is a great way to test the service to see if it’s a good fit for you.

However, if you find that you do not enjoy the app, you will need to cancel your subscription as it will automatically renew and charge you for the second month.

The process for canceling your subscription is exactly the same as the steps above, so you won’t need to do anything different from usual.

However, it is important to note that you will need to cancel your trial before the trial’s end date, or you will be charged for the next month.

If you are worried about forgetting, I always find it useful to set a reminder on your phone for a couple of days before the trial ends.

How To Cancel A Chegg Tutor’s Membership

Canceling a Chegg Tutor membership is a little different from canceling your subscription, but fear not because it’s just as simple. To cancel your tutor membership just follow these simple steps:

  1. Open an internet browser and sign into your Chegg membership account.
  2. From there go to ‘Settings.’
  3. Locate and click the ‘Orders’ button
  4. Tap the ‘Edit Plan’ option on the subscription tab.
  5. Change the Chegg Tutor subscription (see also ‘Does Chegg Cost Money?‘) to the pay-as-you-go option. This will stop any recurring payments.

How To Cancel Chegg Using Other Apps

If you want a nice and easy hassle-free way to cancel your Chegg subscription, you could always opt to use DoNotPay. This is a really quick way to cancel subscriptions. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Open DoNotPay on your preferred web browser/Download the app and open it on your mobile.
  2. Locate and tap the ‘Find Hidden Money’ option.
  3. Enter the name Chegg (see also ‘Does Chegg Report To Schools?‘) in the blank service field.

Once you’ve done this you should receive an email (the one you used to register for the service) confirming your cancellation. And it’s as easy as that!

What Is Chegg?

Chegg was a website-based platform that was created to make students’ lives a little easier.

Textbooks can be pretty expensive and resources can be limited. Chegg is the solution to both of these problems. You’ll find options for renting textbooks, you can have online tutoring, and much more.

Final Thoughts

Canceling a subscription doesn’t have to be a lengthy and difficult process.

As you can see, it takes just a matter of a few mere minutes to cancel your Chegg subscription (see also ‘How To Return A Chegg Book‘). You can quickly call a customer service representative who can do it for you, or you can cancel it with the click of just a few buttons on your mobile device.

Whether you’re in your free trial, or you’ve used the subscription for years, you can cancel the subscription quickly and effortlessly, and be safe in the knowledge that you don’t have to pay any get-out clauses thanks to the fact you never sign up to a contract.

And just like that, you are unsubscribed from Chegg, and that extra money can go in your pocket as opposed to anybody else’s!