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Can You Become An Advisor For Codecademy?

How To Become An Advisor For Codecademy

Codecademy is an online platform where coding professionals can expand their knowledge and skill.

But how do Codecademy get their teachers? Can you become an advisor for Codecademy? While the platform occasionally has advisor roles available, you need to apply for them at the right time.

In this article, we find out how to become an advisor for Codecademy and what coding skills you need for the job.

Can You Become An Advisor For Codecademy?

Yes, you can become an advisor or coach for the online learning platform Codecademy. As an advisor, you would provide support and guidance of popular Codecademy online courses to their students.

Codecademy occasionally put out available jobs to join them as a web development or software development coach or advisor but there is no continual job posting for advisory roles.

If you want to become an advisor at Codecademy, then you should keep an eye out for these available positions on their website or job boards.

How Many Hours Is The Advisor Job At Codecademy?

Codecademy offers various advisory roles with a different number of hours. However, the majority of advisor jobs are part-time with between 10 and 25 hours of work per week.

This being said these hours can vary according to the available job offer, so make sure to read the job description before you send in your application.

Where Do You Work As A Codecademy Advisor?

Some advisory job descriptions for Codecademy may state that you need to work at a specific location.

Saying this, most of their advisory roles are remote positions where you can work from home or wherever you like.

You just need to ensure that you have an internet connection and you are ready to go.

How Much Do You Get Paid As An Advisor For Codecademy?

Codecademy doesn’t disclose the specific number for their advisor salary but they say in the job description how often you will get paid. Most advisor jobs will be paid bi-weekly.

In order to find out more about the salary, you can contact Codecademy directly.

Do You Need To Work Weekends As An Advisor?

Yes, Codecademy may ask you to work some weekends. 

However, the hours are relatively flexible, so make sure to check the job description and ask for any specific arrangements during the job interview.

What Do You Do As An Advisor For Codecademy?

Codecademy advisors work with Codecademy students across the entire platform. Some advisors may even work one-on-one with Codecademy Pro users.

But there is a great variety to the advisory role, including various primary responsibilities.

An advisor has regular 1:1 chat sessions with their students, providing instructions and guidance. They also help students define their goals.

Advisors will also review individual coding topics with learners and provide any additional resources that might help their students succeed to achieve their targets.

codecademy advisors also provide guiding instructions on how to debug their code and pass challenging exercises.

Another key task of an advisor is to encourage and motivate students throughout their learning journey,

Advisors also work closely with fellow advisors to track student progress. They will also review submitted projects and offer actionable and clear feedback.

In addition, a Codecademy coach also monitors different communication channels to answer any technical questions.

Plus, they also help the Codecademy team to identify new talent. This means that an advisor screen resumes, evaluates written tests, and leads the final stage exam.

How To Become An Advisor For Codecademy

What Skills And Qualifications Do You Need As A Codecademy Advisor?

One of the key skills you need for being an advisor at Codecademy is teaching. You need a good understanding of how to support your students and communicate effectively with them.

In addition, you need to have a passion for technology to programming languages as well as curious students learn HTML basics and more about programming subjects.

Codecademy is a fast-paced environment where technology always changes, so an advisor needs to be comfortable with continual change and understand how to respond to change.

As advisors guide Codecademy students through their learning journey, it is vital that they are highly responsive to online learners and the wider Codecademy team.

This includes written as well as verbal communication across a variety of communication channels, such as email, Slack, and 1:1 chat sessions.

While not absolutely necessary, you should also be familiar with the fundamental elements of the Codecademy platform and how it works.

Advisors also need to have a strong CS background that covers the core data science skill path of Codecademy that teaches programming skills.

Alternatively, you can also demonstrate sufficient proficiency in these fields to ensure that you have all the knowledge you need to do the job.

Job Perks At Codecademy

If you are successful with your application and you become an advisor at Codecademy, then you can also enjoy many of the perks that the company offers.

As many Codecademy courses focus offer their employees medical, vision, and dental insurance. They also provide wellness reimbursement and paid parental leave.

As you will be working from home, you can enjoy a greater work-life balance with flexible working hours.

For office staff, they also provide unlimited coffee and tea, plus restaurant lunches. They also offer fully-funded sports teams and clubs.

Codecademy also gives their staff unlimited paid vacations, although this can vary with each role.

The company also has a professional development budget, so advisors can develop their own professional skills while working for Codecademy.

It is a good idea to check these perks are included in the Codecademy coach job description. You can also ask the company directly about any perks advisors receive.

How Can You Become An Advisor For Codecademy?

Codecademy post its various available jobs on different job boards and its own website.

In order to become an advisor you need all the skills and certifications outlined in the job description.

Then you can simply apply via a job site or through the Codecademy careers page

If your application is successful, then you are invited for an interview, so you can find out more information about the job.

Who Cannot Apply For The Advisor Role?

Depending on the job description, Codecademy doesn’t accept applications from everyone.

Sometimes only applicants who are aged 18 or over can apply for the advisory job. 

Other times, Codecademy is only looking for advisors who are students in a certain field, such as web development or web design.

Occasionally advisor jobs at Codecademy courses are only available for people in certain US states, such as California, Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New York state, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and Wyoming.

If you live outside of these states, then you may not be able to apply for this specific advisory role.

Any restrictions for these jobs are outlined in the job description, so before you send in your resume for the job, make sure that you meet all the criteria and requirements. 

Final Thoughts

Codecademy advisors support online learners and help them succeed on their journey by making them one of the best natural language processing specialist. They liaise with other advisors and the Codecademy team to identify new talent.

You can become an advisor for Codecademy by applying for the role when an advisor position is free. 

Just keep an eye out for a Codecademy job on job websites and their careers page.

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