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Is Codecademy Pro Worth It

Is Codecademy Pro Worth It in 2023 (Review)

If you’ve ever wanted to learn code online, chances are you’ve probably stumbled across Codecademy at least once before, it’s one of the largest online coding schools.

It has become a lot easier to learn how to code with the addition of so many online resources designed to teach you how to code, and Codecademy is just one of them. 

Codecademy offers plenty of advantages in teaching users how to code that many other coding learning platforms might not offer. However, does that means that is Codecademy pro worth it in 2022

Let’s read the complete article and find out!

You may be asking yourself a number of questions surrounding Codecademy, such as, is it good for beginners, is it worth it and what are the benefits of learning to code with Codecademy? We’re going to be answering these questions and more in this review 

What Is Codecademy Pro?

Codecademy offers a free tier that shows you the basics of coding.

However, Codecademy Pro (see also ‘Is Codecademy Worth It?‘) allows you to learn more complex concepts of coding. It has everything you need to code, and once you purchase it, you’ll get complete access to its full curriculum of courses.

Codecademy’s team of experts designed these courses to make learning interactive and engaging. 

You’ll also get access to other resources like cheat sheets, projects, and coding articles. As well as this, you’ll also get access to many Skill Paths and Career Paths that the team at Codecademy developed.

These paths help to guide you to decide what to learn and when, all you have to do is choose your end goal, whether it be building a website or starting a career in coding. Then you simply follow your path every step of the way. 

These paths make learning so much easier and allow you to visualize your end goal to keep your motivation up. 

Codecademy Pro’s Price

Codecademy offers a free Basic Plan and a paid Pro Plan. You’ll also get a discount if you’re a student, and some businesses may get a discount too. 

Codecademy’s Free Plans

There are a couple of different ways to try Codecademy Pro for free. The first is to sign up for the Basic Plan. This plan offers you access to 180 interactive lessons, you can also work and learn with other users learning in peer forums. 

The second way is to sign up for a 7-day free trial of the Pro Plan. With this option, you’ll be able to try out all that Codecademy offers, such as: 

  • More Courses – You’ll have full access to Codecademy’s 1,800 course library.
  • Extra Resources – There are hundreds of extra exercises and quizzes that you can use to improve your skills. 
  • Paths – You can use the Career Paths and Skill Paths. 
  • Streaks – You can keep track of your daily progress through streaks.
  • Performance Reports – You can measure your progress and review what you’ve learned in the courses you’ve already completed. 

Codecademy’s Paid Plan

Codecademy’s paid plan offers two subscription choices, if you choose to pay monthly it costs $40 per month, but if you choose to pay annually, you’ll end up only paying $20 per month. 

If you’re a student, you get 35% off Codecademy Pro’s regular price. 

Is Codecademy Pro Worth It (1)

Codecademy also offers some special deals for businesses. You can sign 5 people up for $240 or less per person per year, the more people you sign up, the less you’ll pay. 

You can end your account at any time on any of the subscription plans, and you can pause your subscription if you want a break. 

Is Codecademy Pro Worth It For Your Learning Goals?

Codecademy Pro is definitely worth it if you’re new to programming and you’re unsure of where to start. The Skill and Career Paths are great to use and they’ll help to guide you to build the skills you need.

It’s also great for experienced coders or professionals who want to keep their skills up-to-date. 

Codecademy Pro’s resources that supplement the courses are also great for people who wish to start or advance their careers.

Is Codecademy Worth It For Developing New Skills?

As we’ve already discussed, Codecademy is very useful for those who want to develop their programming skills and learn more about various technology subjects.

Here are some of the things that Codecademy Pro has to offer: 

  • Code Foundation Courses – Codecademy offers 10 courses that cover basic skills, such as courses for C++, Java, JavaScript, Python, Swift and Ruby. 
  • Computer Science Courses – There are 9 beginner friendly courses for computer science that cover C++, C#, Java and Python. 
  • Data Science Courses – There are 17 beginner friendly courses for data science, there are also Career Paths for data analysts and data scientists, and Skill Paths for Python, R and SQL. 
  • Web Development Courses – There are 18 beginner friendly courses for web development. These also include Career Paths for full-stack engineers, front-end engineers and back-end engineers. These courses will also cover Go, HTML & CSS, JavaScript, Ruby and PHP. 
  • Web Design Courses – There are 9 courses for web design, mostly focused on using HTML & CSS.
  • Mobile Development Courses – There are 5 courses for mobile development, in these courses you’ll learn about Java, Kotlin and Swift. 
  • Machine Learning Courses – There are 5 machine learning courses, mainly focused on using the R programming language. 
  • Game Development Courses – There are 2 courses for game development, focusing on Phaser.js and A-Frame. 
  • Developer Tools Courses – There are 2 courses that cover Bash/Shell. 
  • Data Visualization Courses – There are 4 courses for data visualization using Python and R. 
  • Cybersecurity Courses – There is 1 introductory course for cybersecurity. Though there are better online learning options for those wanting to learn cybersecurity. 

Final Thoughts

Codecademy Pro is definitely worth it, whether you’re a beginner or a professional programmer. It offers many courses, even if you opt for the free basic plan.

If you’re looking to learn more about coding (see also our review of App Academy) and want a more in-depth knowledge of it, we recommend that you opt for the paid plan, as you’ll get the full 1,800 course catalog. 

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