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Martin Barrett
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Codeacademy Certificates Explained

Are Codecademy Certificates Worth Anything [Explained]

Are you thinking of taking a Codecademy course but want to ensure you can show certification of completing the course once you have taken it and will it help your programming job?

We don’t blame you. If you have achieved something you want to show it off! Of course! 

However, there is something else that needs fair consideration before you jump into any online course that offers certification, and that is accreditation. 

This is the case for Codecademy, while they offer professional certificates of completion when you have completed a course like web development, computer science, data science, or software development, they are not accredited certificates.

This means that they cannot be used on your resume under education, however, you could list them as an additional skill. 

These courses do have a good reputation, the only reason that the certificates are not accredited is that they are not designed by a university or college. 

That being said, while employers will not see them like they would see a university or college diploma, they can see it as a willingness to learn and proof that you are a person who puts in the effort. 

So, let’s take the time to learn more about Codecademy certificates worth in this detailed guide.

Do You Get A Certificate From Codecademy?

You do get a certificate from Codecademy if you are on their Pro plan. When you finish their online courses, you will get a personalized certificate of completion.

However, you need to complete all lessons on the course including projects and quizzes before you can get a certificate. 

Is Codecademy Certificate Free?

Let us just say that Codecademy certificates are not free. To gain a certificate from Codecademy you need to sign up for the Codecademy Monthly plan and complete the online courses which are available. 

The pro plan offers basic courses for beginners and does not cost as much as it might on similar programs on other platforms online. 

It is a good online learning platform and has received many positive reviews, helping people to gain practical skills to grow their career path. 

However, you will need to pay a subscription fee to access the courses and thus gain a certificate. You do not need to pay for the certificate itself. 

The two plans you can get on Codecademy are Basic and Codecademy Pro, the primary difference between these two plans is that the basic plan is free, but you will not get a certificate, while the pro plan is paid and provides certificates. 

The basic plan is a good way to get a feel for the program and judge if you want to stay and pay for it, however, if you complete a course on the basic plan you won’t get a certificate.

Is A Certificate From Codecademy Worth it?

We cannot say that a certificate from Codecademy will be worth it for everyone, however, many people feel the benefits.

The courses are not accredited, so the certificate is not like one you would get from an accredited university or college, but can still be useful.

If you learn some specific skills through Codecademy you may find that it can help you to land positions in some fields.

Prospective employers may not see it as being as crucial as a degree, however, it shows enthusiasm.

Depending on your field as well, this can be additionally helpful.

If you are in a field such as software engineering then using Codecademy to gain certificates in other programming languages could be very attractive.

While you may not have a degree in each, it shows determination and enthusiasm. 

codecademy certificates worth

Certificates Of Completion Vs Professional Certification

Codecademy offers two certificate types. You can add your name to these certificates yourself. 

A certificate of completion is rewarded as you complete a course or path when you are a Pro Member or a Plus member. 

A professional certificate is only found on Codecademy’s‘ Career Paths’ and it is rewarded after you have passed all certification exams in a specific Career Path.

Exams will assess your knowledge of the learning process and standards in each section. 

If you get a Codecademy professional certification then it verifies your proficiency so you are confident in your knowledge. 

The professional certifications from Codecademy will also help in a technical interview and also verify that you have shown technical proficiency against the learning standards defined in a career path. 

We do believe that Codecademy certificates can be worthwhile. The Pro certificates could help you to gain a dream opportunity in one of many companies.

However, the type of certificate does matter, and you do need to pay for this.

Do You Get A Certificate For Codecademy Free Courses?

You do not get any certificates with Codecademy’s free courses.

This is a feature only available with the Pro plan. You can still complete courses on their basic plan for free, however, they will not give you a certificate.

Can You Put Codecademy On Your Resume?

You could put Codecademy courses on your resume, however, it is not an ideal plan to put it under education, as the courses are not accredited.

Instead, it is probably most reasonable to put your Codecademy certification under ‘skills’ or ‘additional’ on your resume. 

This will show employers that while you do not have an accredited qualification in said subject, you have gone out of your way to learn and gather more information.

Enthusiasm is often a trait that is very desirable among employers, and therefore, will show dedication. 

So, feel free to put it on your resume, but just be mindful about which section on your resume you list it under.

How Do You Get A Codecademy Certificate?

To get a Codecademy certificate you need to be a member of the Pro or Plus plans and then have accurately completed a course and all of its lesson content. 

You can also get their professional certificate which would require you to have completed all the courses in your career path.

However, this option also requires you to be a member of their pro or plus plans, which are paid for. 

You cannot get certificates with Codecademy via their basic plan

If The Basic Plan Has No Certificates, Is It Any Good?

While the Codecademy basic plan does not provide certificates it is still worthwhile having as it is free.

It is a great way to start your journey and understand the program before you decide to pay for any of their plans. 

It is ideal for total beginners or those who have no money to spend on a plan but want to test the waters. 

It can teach the basics as well, and help get you started on coding and understand if it is for you. 


While Codecademy’s courses are not accredited, they are still worthwhile for those who are looking to gain some extra knowledge.

A certificate from Codecademy might not show additional education on your resume, but it can show enthusiasm. 

Codecademy courses only give certificates for those on paid plans such as Pro or Plus, but basic plans do not get courses, this does mean you do technically need to pay money for a certificate.

It is worthwhile for some, but for others, it may be better to take an accredited course.

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