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Does Gumroad Offer An Affiliate Program

Does Gumroad Offer An Affiliate Program?

Gumroad is a popular e-commerce platform that allows users with a Gumroad profile to easily sell and distribute products, and many entrepreneurs use it to create their own digital stores and promote their offerings.

But what many don’t know is that Gumroad also offers an affiliate program, allowing users to earn commissions when customers purchase products through your special referral link.

In this article, we will explain how the Gumroad affiliate program works and how you can take advantage of it. Read how to be Gumroad affiliate below!

What is Gumroad?

Gumroad is an e-commerce platform that has been designed to provide users with a convenient and secure way to sell and distribute digital products.

It offers a range of features, including customizable product pages, automated billing and payment collection, analytics tools, and integrations with third-party services. (See also ‘Is Gumroad Safe?‘)

This is a great option for entrepreneurs who want to create their own stores without having to develop and manage complicated web-based applications.

What Is An Affiliate Program?

An affiliate program is a revenue-sharing system that provides incentives to individuals or organizations who refer customers to purchase products from another business.

Affiliate programs are usually structured as pay-per-sale, meaning affiliates receive a commission every time someone makes a purchase through their referral link. 

This can be a great way for businesses to expand their reach and increase affiliate sales without having to spend money on advertising.

How Does the Gumroad Affiliate Program Work?

Gumroad offers an affiliate program that is super easy to use, and there are two main elements to it: from the perspective of the affiliate, and from the perspective of the store owner.


The Gumroad creators made its affiliate program designed to reward users when they refer customers to purchase products through their special referral link. As an affiliate, you will sign up and be given an affiliate code from your chosen store.

When someone clicks on your link and makes a purchase within 30 days, you will receive a commission based on the sale amount.

The commission rate varies by product and can be set by the store owner.

You can access your unique link and view your commissions in the Affiliates section of the Gumroad dashboard.

Additionally, you can track how many people have clicked on your link, as well as how many of them actually made a purchase.

Store Owners

If you have a store on Gumroad, you can offer your customers the chance to become affiliates, and this is a great way to drive more sales.

You can set the commission rate for each Gumroad product, as well as offer incentives and bonuses to affiliates who refer a certain number of customers.

You will be able to track how many people have clicked on your affiliate links, and you can view detailed reports about their performance in the Affiliates tab of the Dashboard.

How To Be Gumroad Affiliate And Add A New Affiliate

If you are a store owner wanting to add a new affiliate, there are two options: you can add them manually, or let them sign up on their own. (Check out ‘10 Awesome High-Profit Products You Can Sell On Gumroad!’)

Adding Them Manually

If you have been approached by an affiliate and want to add them manually, simply head to the affiliate dashboard, select “Add Affiliate”, and enter the email that they used for their Gumroad account – all affiliates must have an account to be eligible. 

Once they are signed up, head to “Select Product”, and choose a product or products from the dropdown list.

You can then choose the commission percentage – this is the amount your affiliate will earn from each sale, and can be between 1% and 90% of the total sale price.

At this stage, you can also either redirect customers to a specific page or leave this blank, directing them straight to the Gumroad product page.

Allow Affiliates To Sign Up On Their Own

The second option is to allow affiliates to sign up on their own. To do this, head to the Affiliates Sign Up Form and assign any new affiliates to specific products with a preapproved commission.

Toggle the “Enable” button, and click “Save”. If a new affiliate tries to sign up, and they are approved, the system will automatically assign them these products, reducing your workload.

What Are The Advantages of Becoming An Affiliate?

How To Be Gumroad Affiliate

There are several benefits that the affiliate program can offer, and these include:

Opportunity To Earn Passive Income

One of the biggest advantages of becoming an affiliate is that it can be a great way to earn passive income.

As long as your referral link is active, you will always receive commissions as customers purchase products through it, and this ensures that you will have a steady stream of income, without having to put in any extra effort!

Low Barrier To Entry

The Gumroad affiliate program has a low barrier to entry, meaning that anyone can become an affiliate without having to invest any time or affiliate fee money.

All you need to do is sign up and share your referral link, and you can start earning commissions right away.

Ability To Promote Multiple Products

Another great thing about the Gumroad affiliate program is that you can promote multiple products, giving you the chance to earn more commissions.

You can also choose which products you want to promote, allowing you to focus on products that are relevant to your audience.

Share A Product You Genuinely Love

Becoming an affiliate can be a great way to share a product that you genuinely love and recommend to your friends and family.

As an affiliate, you have the chance to help people discover products that they might not have been aware of before, which could result in more sales for the store owner.

Easy To Scale

The Gumroad affiliate program is also easy to scale, meaning that you can grow your income by promoting more products and expanding your reach.

You can also use the insights from the dashboard to see which products are performing best with your target audience and focus your efforts on those.

What Are The Benefits of Affiliates To Businesses?

As well as the affiliates themselves, businesses can also benefit from having an affiliate program.

Increase Exposure

The main benefit of having an affiliate program is that it can help to increase your exposure.

By utilizing affiliates, you can reach a larger audience, as they will be sharing your products and services with their own followers.

This could result in more sales for your business and increased brand awareness.

Lower Advertising Costs

When you find affiliates, having an affiliate program can also help to lower your advertising costs, as you will be utilizing free referrals from your affiliates instead of paying for expensive ad campaigns.

This could save you a lot of money online and allow you to focus on other areas of the business.

Improve Credibility

Finally, having an affiliate program can help to improve your credibility, as it shows that customers trust your product enough to promote it.

This could help to build trust with potential customers, which in turn could result in more sales for your business.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Gumroad does offer an affiliate program, and this is a great way for Gumroad affiliates to earn passive income and businesses can benefit from increased exposure and lower advertising costs.

If you are keen to expand your reach or connect with customers, this financial information related to Gumroad is a great addition to your business, while the affiliates themselves enjoy a way to earn some cash by sharing a product they love.

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