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Martin Barrett
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10 Awesome High-Profit Products You Can Sell On Gumroad

10 Awesome High-Profit Products You Can Sell On Gumroad

Gumroad is a great place to sell items, whether that is one digital product or some physical products. The great thing about this e-commerce platform is that you can reach customers from all around the world.

Obviously, this is something that you cannot do in a brick-and-mortar store. According to research, over 260 million Americans purchased something online in 2022 alone. 

However, it is how you sell products or sell multiple products that matter. Platforms such as Etsy and Amazon are now swamped with sellers, so it can be difficult to get your products seen.

Gumroad is far less saturated, which means that you have a bigger chance of selling your Gumroad products.

In this article, we shall take a look at 10 awesome high-profit products you can sell on Gumroad!

What Actually Is Gumroad?

To put it simply, Gumroad is a website where you can both sell or buy items. The e-commerce platform is great for a plethora of different Gumroad creators, as well as entrepreneurs.

Through Gumroad you have the ability to sell your own brand’s products, set up important landing pages, and help convert those visitors into real paying customers. 

The biggest focus on Gumroad is those who are classed as independent creators. For example writers, designers, musicians, and so on. This makes it a great platform to make money on Gumroad through what you love. 

10 High-Profit Products To Sell On Gumroad

Here are 10 high-profit products that you can sell on Gumroad. There are many different areas to dip your toes in, so choose an area that you know well and run with it. 


It can be difficult to know where to sell digital products like music these days, but Gumroad is a great option. Selling music digitally can be lucrative, especially if your music really hits it off.

You can also sell a limited run of physical copies too, such as on CD or vinyl. This is a great way to compliment digital sales on the sales page, and you can add some fun things along with it like stickers, a T-shirt or a tote bag. 

Monthly Subscriptions/Memberships

A monthly membership or a subscription is a great way to target a community – people who have a shared interest. You can connect with people who have a love of photography or want to know more about marketing.

A subscription or membership is great for receiving recurring payments too. Unlike a one-time purchase, a customer will join a monthly subscription which means paying per month.

In the end, it will feel like you are getting paid each month for your hard work. 

Online Course

Online Course

Online courses are very popular, especially since people are enjoying learning from the comfort of their homes or on the go. Selling digital products or selling an online course through Gumroad is a great way to pass on your knowledge.

You can either do a one-off course or plan a series of classes. And the great thing about an online course is that the topics are endless: social media, a skill, marketing, music, etc. 


It is said that over 400 million Americans listen to podcasts. If you are wanting a piece of that pie, then you will be happy to know that you can sell podcasts or audiobooks on the Gumroad platform.

Listening to content is really easy for people to consume. They can do so as they go about their day, rather than having to stop and partake in something – for example, watching TV. 


eBooks are a fantastic way to release a book, whether it is fictional or nonfiction. Books do not have to be a story. You can also discuss how to be successful in certain businesses, or even write a cookbook.

Selling your own eBook on Gumroad is a great way to publish your own book, as well as pass on some knowledge or let people live in a fictionalized bubble for a few hours. 


Templates are a great idea because it is something a lot of people either do not have the time to do or do not have the knowledge to make their own.

Plus, if you are a whizz at templates, then people are likely going to want to purchase them.

For example, you could create templates for the likes of Excel and Google Sheets, but you could also sell templates for WordPress blogs and social media.

There are a lot of options here, so if templates are your thing, then this is a great route to take. 

Design Tools

design tools

There are many people out there who do not have the knowledge or time to create digital products and design tools. Fortunately, you can do it for them. 

If you enjoy creating digital art or digital product ideas then you can sell your own design tools for others to use. This can include digital paint brushes, preset bundles, icons, or even artwork to use – among so much more.

This can also be sold along with something like templates too (see above). 

DIY How To Guides

A lot of people love creating things and learning something new. DIY guides and tutorials are always in demand. Plus, you can sell tutorials in bundles, as well as make step-by-step instructions and videos.

There are many different craft interests you could choose too, from sewing and knitting to woodwork and Photoshop. 

Physical Clothing

Gumroad isn’t just a digital e-shop, you can also sell physical goods too. If you are looking to create your own clothing line, then Gumroad is a great place to start your fashion business. 

Whether it is a collection of T-shirts or a full line of athleisure, you can make Gumroad the place to direct people off your social media accounts. It takes away the time and effort of building an e-commerce store from the ground up. 

Gumroad also can help you to keep stock of inventory, as well as build a community for your brand. 

Artwork And Design Tools

Physical art that is hung up in a room is still so wonderful to own, despite digital art being popular. While you could also sell digital art or selling digital products online. Gumroad has the ability to also help you sell physical art too.

Or, if you would prefer, you also have the option of selling design and art tools to other art enthusiasts. Perhaps you have put together your own paints, or want to only sell premium felt colors?

However, if you choose the latter it does help if you have an interest in art and have the knowledge if you are selling products online. 

Final Thoughts

Gumroad is a great e-commerce website that can help you to sell your products online. Due to it not being oversaturated with sellers, Gumroad is likely going to help your business get seen by potential customers compared to other platforms. 

You have the opportunity to sell both digital and physical items on Gumroad. In fact, they are happy for you to sell a broad range of things on the platform. This makes it possible to add high-profit items to your online store.

If you have something that you are wanting to sell, as well as want to reach a worldwide audience, then Gumroad may just be the route for you.