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Martin Barrett
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MemberSpace Pricing Explained

MemberSpace Pricing Explained: How Much Does Memberspace Cost?

MemberSpace is a great platform for ensuring that certain pages and content on your website remain protected.

No longer are you having to worry that certain viewers are gaining access to content that they have not paid for or that you simply don’t want them to see. 

However, this incredible platform does not come for free. MemberSpace is a subscription-based platform where you pay for the protective services that they provide. 

In this article, we explain everything you need to know how much does Memberspace cost?

You can easily make the decision on whether MemberSpace is worth it for you and your website, or if you need to check out some other platforms. Although, we doubt you will. 

Let’s find out just how much MemberSpace charges for their services!

MemberSpace Explained 

A cloud-based membership site solution called MemberSpace enables users to grant role-based access to information.

Memberspace works and have account administration, customizable branding, invoicing, analytics, and data analytics are some of the key features. 

Administrators can design tiered access plans in MemberSpace and bill members through recurring, multiple, or one-time payments. 

Essentially, MemberSpace provides you with more control over who can view certain pages on your website. All you need to do is select payment options and decide which pages you want to protect. 

MemberSpace Free Trial 

MemberSpace does offer a free plan for their platform, they do offer a free trial. Once you create a MemberSpace account and set up your recurring payment plan, you can select to enter the Free Trial. 

This is completely optional. 

If you activate the trial, everyone who tries to subscribe to this plan will see that it has a free trial period and that they must provide their credit card information upfront in order to subscribe and have access to any pages or content that the plan permits.

If a member cancels the plan and tries to return in the future after starting or finishing a trial, they will not be eligible for another trial.

They will be taxed right away instead. A coupon would be a good idea if you need to give them additional free time.

If a member is currently on a trial and switches to another of your member plans with a different trial period, the new trial period will account for whatever days they spent on the prior plan’s trial period.

MemberSpace Paid Plans

MemberSpace has 3 types of subscription plans that come at different price points and offer different features: 


The Startup plan is the free version offered by MemberSpace. It is perfect for anyone working on one website who is looking for basic and secure features to protect their website. The Startup plan offers:

  • One website
  • Unlimited members
  • Priority customer support 
  • 5% transaction fee
  • All membership business features 

This is a great plan to begin with if you have never used MemberSpace before and are looking to give it a trial and see if it is the right fit for you and your website. 

You can cancel anytime this membership at any time but this does mean losing the services of MemberSpace and all of your protected pages will become accessible to anyone entering your website. 


Professional is the only membership where payment is required. It comes at a cost of $49 per month and has a wide range of features to help better your experience. 

The Professional Plan offers:

  • Unlimited members
  • Unlimited websites
  • Priority customer support
  • All membership business features
  • 5% transaction fee
  • Remove MemberSpace branding
  • White-label
  • Unlimited team admins

The Professional plan is perfect for anyone looking to use the MemberSpace services over a range of websites. You can provide a more high-quality service to your members and begin growing your website. 

The Professional plan can also be canceled at any time. Although, you will be given access to MemberSpace services until the end of the month. 

In this article, we explain everything you need to know how much does Memberspace cost?

Agency Access With MemberSpace

Another way to use MemberSpace is with their Agency Access feature. 

If you’re a web designer, independent contractor, or digital marketing firm building client membership websites, use Agency access.

Create and maintain sites for members exclusively, simply transfer sites to clients, and generate affiliate revenue.

This is a free platform for anyone looking to utilize the MemberSpace features for their clients. 

MemberSpace Business Features 

Before you go and create your MemberSpace account and begin paying for their services, it is important to know what they offer and why it is of value to you and your site. 

Some of the most important features offered by MemberSpace are:

  • Tiered Access: By selecting which plans to provide access to particular content and member pages, you can create free or premium member plan tiers.
  • Abandoned Sign-Ups: Using best practice email templates and website popups, MemberSpace will automatically recover any lost member signups for you.
  • Upgrades & Downgrades: Anytime they choose, your members can upgrade or downgrade plans. The appropriate prorated amount will be charged or credited to them.
  • Failed Charge Recovery: By using best practice email templates and website popups, MemberSpace will automatically recover any declined recurring member charges for you.

MemberSpace has a plethora of features available for you to use. And while the Professional plan may feel like a hefty charge, the features they offer make it worth every cent. 

Pros & Cons Of MemberSpace

MemberSpace is an awesome platform that can help organize your content, pages, and members to provide a seamless user experience. However, it still comes with its pros and cons. 


Integration is a major pro of this platform. You can integrate MemberSpace onto a range of site providers such as Squarespace, WordPress, and Weebly. 

It is easy to install to your site and makes it simple for your members to sign up and begin accessing your content. 

In the event that you change your website host, you can easily take the MemberSpace software with you without disrupting your membership base. 

The pricing structure is another bonus. You have access to a wide range of features that you can customize to your liking for an excellent price. 


Many business owners may find the inability to place your logo onto MemberSpace popups and features.

This can offset the bringing and aesthetics of the site. However, you can easily customize the color scheme to ensure it is cohesive. 

Another con of MemberSpace is that some of your members may have to create a separate login.

This is to ensure that your content is only accessed by those you approve of but it can be a little confusing for some members. 

Account setup only takes a few moments for your members. 

Final Thoughts 

As you can see, MemberSpace is an innovative platform that is designed to make your user experience seamless. Select which pages you want to be protected and MemberSpaces takes it from there. 

Above is the pricing for MemberSpace and what each subscription includes. From free trials to professional plans, you can have everything you need in one place.

You can even utilize the features of MemberSpace for free if you are working as an agent on behalf of a client!

MemberSpace will take care of your every need when it comes to protecting your website and your members. They even cover any abandoned charges!

Check out the prices above and get to protecting your website.