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Martin Barrett
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Using The Menu On MemberSpace

Using The Menu On MemberSpace

When it comes to having complete control over the access and online course content on your website, MemberSpace has got you covered.

Once you sign up with the sign-up link and install MemberSpace on your website, you can control who gets to see what is on your website. (Check out ‘MemberSpace Pricing Explained: How Much Does Memberspace Cost?‘)

While MemberSpace claims to be for those who lack tech skills, finding your way around can still be tricky.

With so many features, you may find yourself feeling overwhelmed and not knowing where to start.

You may be wondering things like: “How do I create pages for my MemberSpace page?”

That’s where we come in!

In this article, we explain everything you need to know about navigating the MemberSpace menu.

You will know exactly everything about the MemberSpace menu including what it does and how to use it. Making you a MemberSpace expert. 

Let’s dive in! 

What Is The Member Menu?

To gain access to any of the features that MemberSpace has to offer you must become a member.

You must also become a member to view the specific pages you have restricted access to. 

Your members can simply visit the numerous protected Member Pages to which they have access by using the Member Menu. 

Members can access the Member Menu by clicking the standard floating Member Button or any Member Link Options on your website when they are signed in to their accounts.

The “Your Account” button, which allows users to update their member Plans, Profile, and Billing information, links leading to all of the Member Pages to which they have access depending on their Member Plan, and MemberSpace branding are all included in the Member Menu. 

It is important to remember that using the Member Menu is not necessary.

You can set up a navigational system for your members using other methods, however, the Member Menu is the easiest option.

It is set out for user convenience and will provide everything your members need to move around your website pages.

Using The Member Menu 

Enabling the Member Menu is simple. You only need to add one Member Page to the menu for it to become visible to your members.

The pages you add to the Member Menu will be accessible for all of your logged-in members, so ensure you are adding the correct pages. 

Otherwise, they may gain access to pages you want to keep hidden. 

How To Add Member Pages  

Within the settings of each Member Page, you can add a page to the Member Menu. 

Before March 7, 2022, if you added any Member Pages to your account, they will not by default show up in the menu.

However, you can alter their page settings to add them.

You can easily alter the order in which the pages appear on the menu.

This can be done with a simple drag-and-drop method.

This will automatically change for your members once you save and publish the changes. 

The steps for adding a page to the menu are: 

  1. Select Member Pages in your MemberSpace backend. 
  • For new pages select “Protect Member Pages” located on the left or,
  • For existing pages select “ Edit Page” located next to the page you want added to the menu. 
  1. Scroll down and select “Include this page in your Member Menu” and switch the toggle to read ON. This adds the page to the menu. 
  2. Now you can begin customizing the page with a title. This is how it will appear to your members on the menu. 
  3. Select “Update Now” to save your changes. 

New members will now be able to view the Member Menu and use it to navigate your membership site. 

How To Add Content Links 

Adding Content Links to the Member Menu is not presently possible. 

But you may add Content Links to your Member Menu by building a page on your website builder that has all of the Content Links. (See also ‘How To Create A Content Library On Memberspace?’)

From there, you can add it to the Member Menu and safeguard that website as a Member Page in your MemberSpace backend.

How To Add Mass-Protected Pages 

How do I create pages for my MemberSpace page?

When it comes to protecting your site, you may want to have more than a few protected pages.

These are then considered mass-protected pages. 

MemberSpace works to ensure that the member-only pages you want to protect are protected and can only be viewed by the members you approve.

However, mass-protected pages cannot be added to the Member Menu. 

Each protected page must be added to the menu individually.

You can, however, create a link to a collection of pages.

This can be done by making the root page (i.e., /blog) a Member Page, adding it to your Member Menu, and then linking out to any subpages on that root site.

Another method is to link to a category page by creating that particular page as a protected page and adding it to the Member Menu.

This way all content within that category page is protected at the one time and only certain members can access it. 

Inserting The Member Menu Onto Your Site 

The Member Menu will display just as it does when accessed via the standard floating Member Button or any other Member Link Popups if you put a Member Link Embed elsewhere on your website. 

 The Member Menu will open as a popup instead of being embedded on the website, which is the sole difference.

This makes it a lot easier for members to find and use your site. (For how to integrate MemberSpace on a Squarespace site, click here.)

Changing The Member Menu Interface 

If you do choose to utilize the Member Menu within your site, you can easily customize it to suit the needs and look of your site and members.

This can be done in the Look & Feel Editor.

You can customize the appearance of different buttons and change the color scheme of the entire menu to ensure it is cohesive with your website. 

Turning Off The Member Menu

Simply delete all Member Pages from the menu to turn off the member menu. 

The Member Menu won’t show up if no Member Pages have been added to it. 

Instead, the MemberSpace Account area will be opened by the site’s default floating Member Button and any Member Link Options. 

You can remove Member Pages from the menu by selecting “Edit Page” next to your Member Page, scrolling to “Include this page in your Member Menu?” and switching the toggle to OFF.

Select “Update Now” and you have successfully removed Member Pages from your Member Menu!

Final Thoughts 

There you have it! You now know how to use the Member Menu like a pro.

From creating the Member Menu to taking it off of your site, you can now help your members navigate through the protected pages of your site. 

Remember to customize your Member Menu for a cohesive look and enjoy keeping your website and members-only content like online courses, resource libraries, and downloadable materials protected with MemberSpace.