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How To Prepare For A Masterclass

How To Prepare For A Masterclass

Online learning is growing across the globe. You can simply learn from the comfort of your home.

MasterClass is one of the popular premium e-learning platforms where you can access videos and learning materials for different creative and lifestyle topics.

But how do you prepare for MasterClass directly?

It’s always a good idea to read a little bit about your chosen subject before you start your class.

In this article, we explain what preparation you can do for an online MasterClass course if you are a student. 

We also put some tips and tricks together on how teachers can prepare to create content and start promoting their MasterClass online videos. (See also ‘How To Teach On MasterClass‘.)

How Do You Prepare For MasterClass?

Depending on the type of class you have chosen, you may need to do a little upfront reading to grasp the basics of the topic.

However, most beginner online courses usually start right at the beginning with all the basics you need to know.

Some teachers may ask you to look at prep material before you begin but most MasterClass online classes are set up, so you don’t need to do any preparation at all.

How To Prepare For A MasterClass Course As A Student

If you want to prepare for your online MasterClass course, then here is some expert advice and the best tools to help with your online education.

Read The MasterClass Course Description

The first thing you need to do before you start watching a MasterClass online course video is read the course description in detail.

Teachers give you an overview of what the online course includes and what you will learn.

Most courses also include a detailed lesson plan as well as a sample video which can help you decide whether the class is an easy commitment or not.

Read A Related MasterClass Article

MasterClass is one dedicated platform that has a blog with a great variety of articles that can get you prepared for your online course.

These articles don’t usually go into much detail but they can give you an overview of what the topic of the class is about.

Make Your Course Times Consistent

If your online MasterClass course is made up of several sessions, then it is a good idea to set some time aside every day or every week for your learning.

While online learning gives you unlimited access to learning videos anytime you like, we all learn better when we can integrate learning into our routines.

That’s why try to concentrate on your MasterClass lecture at the same time of the day or the week.

Treat Your MasterClass Like A Normal Class

how do you prepare for masterclass

Although online courses, such as MasterClass, don’t include any face-to-face engagement with your lecturer, it can be a good idea to treat the class as seriously as a normal classroom setup.

This can give you the encouragement and motivation to keep going with your learning and focus on your new knowledge.

Remove Any Distraction

One great way of preparing for an online MasterClass course is by ensuring that the environment where you are learning is free from any distractions.

While it can be very difficult to fully remove any distractions, one excellent example is to try to sit in a quiet environment with the doors closed.

Another great idea is to also let your friends and family know when you take your online MasterClass course, so they can give you some time and space to fully focus on your MasterClass content.

Set Up Your PC Or Tablet

In order to be ready for your online MasterClass course, you will need a working laptop, PC, tablet, or mobile phone with a working internet connection for unlimited access to the online content.

Make sure that you test all your equipment before you start the class.

This can help you save time when you are ready to get started.

Get Enough Of Sleep

Learning can be exhausting for the mind.

You will need to rest your body and mind to be ready to pick up any new information.

Make sure that you get enough sleep before you start your MasterClass course.

This helps you to focus better on your class.

Get Organized

Another great way for students to prepare themselves for a successful MasterClass course is by organizing their space and time.

Make sure that you have a plan in place when you want to take your class.

Also, tidy up your learning environment and get a comfortable seat.

Depending on how you prefer to learn, you can also get a study diary or a notebook to take any notes of the MasterClass content.

Read Your Notes From The Previous Session

If you already had a MasterClass session, then it can be useful to read through some of the session notes to get you up to speed with what you have learned so far.

Also, make sure to check any previous reading material that your teacher may recommend during the class.

How To Prepare Your MasterClass Course As A Teacher

If you are a teacher or instructor who wants to create a successful MasterClass course, then there are a few essential things to consider during the preparation and planning phase. (Check out ‘How Much Does MasterClass Pay Instructors?’)

Topic Of Your MasterClass Course

MasterClass provides a lot of high-quality educational content in its online courses, from home and living to science, tech, and design.

It’s important to think about what topic you want to talk about when you create a MasterClass.

What is your expertise in this topic and do you have enough knowledge and professional skills to teach the MasterClass content easily to students?

Your Target Group

Once you thought about the topic of your own MasterClass course, you need to consider what type of students may want to watch your video to learn new skills and choose the right audience.

This is essential because it will impact your lesson plan and also how you present your topic to your target audience.

This being said, you will also need to know your specific student target group to market your online course in the future.

In order to get your online course to as many people as possible, you will need an understanding of who your potential customers are.

Create A Lesson Plan

Once you have a better understanding of what you want to talk about in your online course you can then start creating and putting together your lesson plan in such a way that it appeals to students.

You can take a look at some examples of other similar and successful MasterClass classes to get a good idea of what a lesson plan should look like when you create a MasterClass.

There are also great video tutorials out there that can help you with how to create content and teach the class.

Length Of Your Course

MasterClass courses can vary widely in length. Some only take half an hour to complete, while others take a few days, so it’s important to begin planning in time.

The exact length of your course depends on your lesson plan and how much material you want to include when you create a MasterClass.

It’s also worth considering if you want to include a practical element in your course for increased student participation and more value. 

If you need to allow time for prospective learners to complete an exercise or test, then this impacts your typical course time.

Type Of Content

Successful MasterClass courses always contain a pre-recorded video, an instructor’s guide, assignments, and related community activities.

You will need to record your course video as well as a sample video.

You will also need to write up all the assignments, the instructor’s guide, and any other related MasterClass content made for your target audience.

Final Thoughts

MasterClass offers over 180 different courses that cover a variety of topics and valuable content, from lifestyle to wellness and tech.

It’s a good idea to prepare yourself for a MasterClass course.

Ensure that there are no distractions, so you can fully focus on your learning.

You should also test your equipment to make sure it all works, ready for your class.

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