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Martin Barrett
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How Do I Become A Skillshare Teacher

How Do I Become A Skillshare Teacher?

Skillshare is one of the best online learning platforms for a wide range of subjects and niches and can be an engaging way to acquire new skills and knowledge if you have a Skillshare account.

It is also a fantastic platform for anyone who wishes to become a teacher on a subject they are skilled in and share their knowledge with the world.

If you are an expert in a field and want to teach people everything you know about it, you can become a Skillshare teacher too. How do I become a Skillshare teacher?

Well, everything you need to know is in this article, so keep reading below for all the details!

Who Can Teach A Class On Skillshare?

Skillshare is an extremely accessible platform both for learners and new teachers. Not only can everyone join and learn from Skillshare classes, but everyone can also start teaching and earning a passive income! (Check out ‘How To Make Money On Skillshare?‘)

Skillshare does not ask prospective teachers to apply to become Skillshare teachers and does not have any processing stage where you’d have to wait to see if you’d become approved by the platform to share your classes to earn money.

Moreover, you can become a teacher at anything you want, so long as it is something that learners can use to ‘Create,’ ‘Build’ and ‘Thrive,’ which are the three categories Skillshare has.

This means that you could be a creative, a businessperson, or any other type of professional and be able to teach on Skillshare.

The only prerequisite Skillshare has is that the teachers need to be 16 years of age and older in order to teach.

What Do I Need To Become A Skillshare Teacher?

Now, even though we mentioned that you only need to be 16 years and older to become a teacher, there are some unofficial prerequisites that are necessary for you to become a successful teacher on Skillshare.

Firstly, you must be passionate about your subject and really want to share your knowledge and expertise, as without that you won’t be able to engage your students.

Secondly, you need to be extremely knowledgeable about what you’ll be talking about before teaching on Skillshare. Having read a couple of books about entrepreneurship or drawn a couple of paintings is not enough to become a business or an art teacher.

Another important thing you need to do is to be able to produce videos of great quality. Skillshare is an online learning platform where classes are learned through videos.

Therefore, you will have to make sure that you record your videos using equipment of the best quality and have a great on-camera presence that will engage your students.

Then, you will also have to possess a promotional mindset so that you can start promoting your Skillshare class to the online learners who are signed up on Skillshare or even potential subscribers you can find through your social media. (Find out ‘How Do Skillshare Teachers Get Paid?‘)

Finally, if there’s one common denominator in all these qualities and skills you need to have and the things you need to do to become a teacher on Skillshare, that would be the rule that ‘students come first.’

As in the case of top teachers in schools and universities, to be successful in what you do you need to think about what it is that your students want.

How Do I Become A Skillshare Teacher (1)

Identifying the needs of your students or the lack of teachable subjects on Skillshare means you can work on creating the perfect new class to cover that gap and fulfill the needs of people interested in learning more about that subject.

So, for example, if you are a music professional and scroll through the music lessons in Skillshare and see that there’s a class that should be taught but isn’t there, you can create your class based on that and attract more students.

Getting Ready To Teach A Class On Skillshare

If you have all these skills, qualities, and capabilities to meet up to the expectations of your future students on Skillshare, then all you need to do is create your class and share it on the platform.

However, there are some steps you need to follow when getting your class ready, with the first one being having read through the article on Skillshare called “How Learning on Skillshare Works.”

This article is very helpful as it will offer you a better understanding of how the platform’s classes work, what teachers ought to do, and how to succeed in creating the educational content of your class.

For the latter, the ‘Class Quality Guidelines’ is also important to read as it contains all the details you need to build a quality class and an explanation of what the criteria for the platform’s classes are.

In addition to these two articles, prospective teachers need to also go through the Teaching Policies, the article that explains the policy of Skillshare that applies to instructors, what is and what isn’t allowed in a class, and in every video recording of yours, as well as some advice on how to contribute to the safe and supportive environment created by Skillshare for its online learning community.

How To Create A Class On Skillshare As A Teacher

Creating your first class on Skillshare is a fun process that starts with choosing your subject for the class. Once you know what that is, you then need to come up with a name for it that is both informative of the class content and catchy to attract anyone scrolling through the list of classes available.

Moreover, you need to write the description of the class and work on developing the class project with which learners can spend time practicing what they’ve learned with you.

Finally, you need to work on your lessons’ outlines and then proceed with filming and editing the content of each lesson.

The Bottom Line

Joining Skillshare as a teacher is very easy to do, but you will need to work on creating, developing, and promoting your class. However, the single most important thing is to think about your students first and what they need to be successful in that.