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Comprehensive GetSmarter Review in 2023

GetSmarter offers online short courses from many of the greatest universities in the world. This includes Yale, Oxford, Harvard, MIT, Cambridge and Stanford, to name a few.

GetSmarter is the only online short course provider to provide courses through these institutions. Only edX, which is also owned by GetSmarter’s parent firm 2U Inc., is an exception to this rule.

GetSmarter therefore seems like an interesting platform if you’re a student looking to attend the greatest universities in the world without going broke.

However, you may wonder if all the hype around this learning platform is worth it.

We have created this review so that you can get a clearer idea surrounding GetSmarter. We will discuss what this site has to offer you, including courses, prices, advantages and disadvantages. 

About GetSmarter?

GetSmarter is an online education company that provides courses from some of the top colleges in the world.

On this online learning platform, you can enroll in courses that are provided by prominent universities like Oxford, Yale, MIT and Stanford etc.

GetSmarter was established in 2008 and debuted in Cape Town, South Africa. It was developed by Rob and Sam Paddock. In 2017 the online education firm 2U, Inc. purchased it.

GetSmarter already had a lot to offer, but this merger expanded what it could provide.

With nearly two dozen distinct agreements currently, compared to just a few partner colleges in 2016, it has an even larger selection of online courses.

You can go deeply into a variety of different topics when you enroll in courses through GetSmarter. Even though the classes on the GetSmarter site are regarded as short courses, this does not mean that they are invaluable.

Marketing, design, cybersecurity, human resources, finance, data science and analysis, business, and other topics are among the many you can study here.

On this e-learning platform, you can enroll in over 250 different online courses. Although there may not seem to be many courses, they prioritize quality over quantity.

Each class can take around 6 weeks to complete. 

Prices And Plans

GetSmarter has a fairly complex price structure, but it’s critical to comprehend it before enrolling in a course there.

This is because the costs are substantially higher than those you might encounter on other online learning sites like Coursera or Udemy.

Depending on the institution you select and the particular course you choose to enroll in, the pricing structure varies.  The price of a single lesson could range around $2000 to $3000 or maybe more.

Again, the cost varies according to the class, but everything is disclosed and explained in advance, so there are no surprise fees.

Also, there is a choice of payment plans. These are as follows:

Single Payment – With this payment schedule, the entire sum is paid in advance of the course’s start date. You pay the price that is listed on the course page in full without any additional fees. This is offered for all GetSmarter courses.

Split Payments – You pay for the class in two installments throughout the term of the part-payment plan. You will pay the entire cost of the course + 3% in fees if you choose this payment method. Again, this is offered on all GetSmarter courses.

3 Payments – The only difference between this and the split payment plan is that you make 3 payments rather than two. It’s only accessible for courses that take at least 10 weeks to complete.

Support Available 

GetSmarter Review

GetSmarter offers some of the greatest customer services around. If you have a problem with the program enrollment, registration, paying, or anything else, you can contact customer support for assistance.

Contact options include phone, chat, and email. Customer service is offered here around-the-clock

The level of support offered here is considered to be among the best in the business.

Deadlines can be postponed or extended. In some situations, students can get their money back if they decide not to finish a course of study.

Pros Of GetSmarter

Below are some of the major advantages from using GetSmarter.

High Ranking University Courses

The fact that you will be allowed to enroll in a course from one of the top colleges and universities in the world at a fraction of the cost is, of course, the largest benefit of GetSmarter.

You can get the elite education from Harvard, Stanford, or Cambridge here if those are the universities you’ve always desired to attend. 

You will be taking part in courses from the best ranked universities in the world. Which is a great opportunity for a lot of people. 

High Class Success Rates

Although, statistics of completion may not seem important to you as you search for the best online course provider.

They actually should because they can be used to gauge the effectiveness and general user experience of a virtual learning platform.

Over GetSmarter’s entire history, their platform boasts an astounding 90% course completion rate. This is among the highest in the sector.

It’s even more astounding when you know that the majority of other online education providers have completion rates of under 13%.

You may wonder why these rates are so high. This is thanks to the partner lineup with such fantastic colleges, the superior customer assistance, and the professional and faculty contacts that you’ll acquire.

A lot of GetSmarter reviews praise all of these elements. 

You can’t deny, though, that attending a lesson on GetSmarter is entertaining and engaging. Also, the experience you get there is truly unmatched.

Classes Are Taught By World Leading Professors

You won’t be listening from a college dropout making YouTube videos in their bedroom when you enroll in a class on GetSmarter.

Instead, you’ll be receiving instruction from distinguished professors. These teachers can back up what they’re teaching you with their academic credentials

Since these courses are given by significant industry partners like MIT, you will be taught by actual MIT academics like Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee.

You will have the opportunity to work closely with these highly respected and educated teachers while you complete your coursework. 

Hence, you will receive valuable feedback from professors that know what they are talking about.

This makes these courses more trustworthy and reliable as you know you are being taught by top class experts. 

Simple Easy To Use Interface

The website for GetSmarter has a contemporary feel to it and is easy to use.

Finding courses is fairly easy, the information on their landing sites is instructive and helpful. While the course UI itself is extremely user-friendly.

This is fantastic since it makes learning much less stressful and more pleasant. Everything is simple to use, and you can quickly and easily discover anything you need.

Career Engagement Network

It is really simple to locate online courses in almost any subject. Not all of them provide the kind of comprehensive professional and career guidance that GetSmarter does.

Irrespective of which course you enroll in on this platform, you will have access to the extensive 2U Career Engagement Network.

This tool gives students a fantastic opportunity to get in touch with possible employers. You’ll have access to tools like résumé and CV development tool kits, employment fairs, courses on interview etiquette, and more.

In fact, these employment fairs are noteworthy in and of themselves. Since they offer networking opportunities with prominent corporations like Google and much more.

You’ll be able to speak with business experts face-to-face and get information about your field that you wouldn’t find anywhere else.

The study you undertake with GetSmarter will not only train you on the academic aspect of things, but also provide you with real-world training you require to be successful.

Everything is directly linked to the industry, so you can become as successful as possible in your chosen career path. 

Various Courses Available 

Of course, if you want to enroll in classes on GetSmarter, you’ll have access to a wide variety of topics.

Despite the fact that the selection of courses isn’t quite as broad as what you might discover on other online education sites like Udemy.

This website focuses more on quality than quantity. 

Work At Your Own Rate

GetSmarter’s courses can be taken at your own pace. This implies that you’ll have the freedom to study in your own time and go at your own pace.

The platform’s courses can be studied in a way that’s convenient for you. However, assignments and deadlines must be met on specific, constrained dates. 

This means that you have all the time you need to study and understand the material. This is true until the date for your test or assignment arrives.

As a result, you must follow the assignment and test deadlines. Yet, in between that, you can take your time to learn and study. 

In fact, on their website, GetSmarter suggests how much time you should spend on your course weekly to learn everything efficiently.

However, you can learn at your own pace that works around other commitments that you may also have in your life. 

Cons Of GetSmarter

GetSmarter Review

Among the finest options for developing your skills and broadening your horizons in education is GetSmarter. However, it is important that you are aware of the few disadvantages that come with GetSmarter.

Courses Are Quite Pricey

GetSmarter is not the most affordable online course provider available. Even so, an Ivy League education is not inexpensive.

Yet, GetSmarter provides students a huge discount when compared to actually attending one of these schools.

Although this is less expensive than actually attending an Ivy League institution. You will pay significantly more to complete a course here than you would on some other virtual learning platforms, like Coursera or Udemy.

The fees for these courses are around a couple of thousands of dollars. Be prepared, because even though you’re paying for quality, the price is still high.

Certificates Arrive Slowly

Unfortunately, certificates from GetSmarter often arrive very slowly. Although the platform’s certifications are a good feature, it might be upsetting when you don’t have the documents you want to add to your CV when you want to.

Not all online course providers offer this option. In fact, several of them offer electronic or digital delivery of certificates.

This ensures that you can have them right away after fulfilling all the course criteria.

Qualifications Not Accredited

Once more, GetSmarter is not an accredited academic institution. Therefore, you might find it more difficult to transfer your knowledge from GetSmarter to other educational programs in the future.

Nothing is transferable if you later wish to pursue a degree because you aren’t earning any true “credits” in this situation.

Additionally, because of this lack of certification, you cannot use financial aid or get financial support from outside sources.

Although this is true of all providers of massive open online courses. It is vital to keep this in mind if you anticipate needing outside money to fund this course.

Final Thoughts

GetSmarter is a well known online learning site, which focuses on quick courses. All of these courses are supported by some of the most recognizable names in the university world.

Overall, using GetSmarter is a generally positive experience, as the platform provides its students with various benefits including being taught by professional processors in that particular field and support. 

On the other hand, it is important to note that the qualifications obtained aren’t accredited.

In addition to the fact that these courses are quite expensive when compared to other online platforms. Yet, you are paying for the quality. 

As a result, we would recommend GetSmarter. However, we are aware that this site wouldn’t suit everyone.

It is ideal for students that are really interested in their education and want to improve their expertise in a particular field. 

If this sounds like you, then consider searching for a course with GetSmarter.

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