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Emily Morse Masterclass Review: Features & Worth 2023

Despite living in an increased body and sex-positive society, many of us still feel uncomfortable about bringing these topics up with our partners.

Being intimate with others can put us in an extremely vulnerable position, so talking about our likes and dislikes in the bedroom can be tricky. 

Emily Morse acknowledges that many people struggle with such matters. But, it is her mission to make talking about sex as every day as discussions about the weather. This is exactly what her class promises. 

She aims to teach viewers how to talk about difficult topics with their partners related to sex. If this seems like something that you might be interested in learning more about, keep reading Emily Morse Masterclass review, as we take a look below. 

Who Is Emily Morse?

So before we jump straight in and take a look at the Masterclass courses themselves, who exactly is Emily Morse?

Emily Morse has become extremely popular in recent years, due to training in sex therapy, which has helped millions the world over. 

She has written and spoken extensively about the topic and even hosts her own radio show where she details the ins and outs of the subject.

She has contributed to highly popular magazines such as Men’s Health and  Cosmopolitan, and also the newspaper, New York Times. 

You can find her on popular social media sites such as Twitter and Instagram, where she offers tidbits of advice regarding topics such as sex. 

Features Of The Emily Morse Masterclass 

Now that we’ve taken a look at who exactly Emily Morse is, we can move on to discuss what the class actually entails. 

Essentially, the class is divided up into 7 different lessons, each of which teaches viewers about a different topic. These classes will run for about 16 minutes each. 

In terms of what the Masterclass videos teach, you’ll be given a brief overview in the introductory video at the start of the class.

The first sex ed video talks about how to ask for what you want for your partner without feeling embarrassed. 

In the third video, Emily Morse’s Masterclass discusses taking control of your orgasm. She explains that many women will put their own pleasure outside for their partners, but she discourages this.

Instead, she shows women how to make every sexual experience as pleasurable as possible. 

In another segment, Emily Morse teaches sex, what she calls, “mindful masturbation keeping desire”.

This means being aware of our own minds and bodies when we are engaging in masturbation so that we can really pay attention to what feels good. 

Another class focuses on keeping the flame alive in long-term relationships.

Although it is easy to get complacent when you’ve been with somebody for a while, Emily shows how important it is to still make the effort for our partners. 

One of the classes is particularly significant, as it teaches all about consent, and how to experience safer sex.

This one will resonate with many people viewing, as the society we currently live in can be a fearful place for women. 

Finally, the class ends on a lighter note, where Emily teaches some fun ways to enhance your healthy sex life. 

With your classes, you’ll also receive a downloadable PDF supplement. This will pick out all of the key features and points covered in the class for your convenience. 

How Much Does Masterclass Cost? 

With Masterclass, you don’t pay for specific classes, but rather a subscription fee that gives you access to the whole website. This means that you’ll be able to access Emily’s class, as well as a whole host of others too. 

When you subscribe to Masterclass, there are a few different ways you can do so.

You can either pay annual masterclass membership of 180 dollars, an every 3-month subscription for 60 dollars, or a monthly subscription of 25 dollars. 

Bear in mind that if you’re interested exclusively in classes to do with sex education, it might not be worth the subscription fee. This is because Emily’s class is the only one of its kind in the Masterclass catalog. 

Emily Morse Masterclass Review: Features & Worth 2023 1

What Worked 

Now that we’ve covered some of the main features of the class, let’s take a look at some of the things we really liked. 

One of the key things that stands out from the class is the scientific backing that Emily uses when discussing matters of sex.

For example, she gives us real facts and figures such as only 20 percent of women experience orgasms with penetrative sex. 

Another thing that Emily does well is teaching them how to communicate difficult topics with their partner. Her lessons aren’t just resigned to sex and can be applied to other matters too. 

In addition, we feel that the length of the videos, which stand at 16 minutes long, was just right. It’s not too long so you get bored halfway through. 

What Didn’t Work 

Despite the class being an overall success, there were a few key things that we think could be improved. 

For example, some of the sexual items that Emily discusses may not appeal to everyone. When it comes to things such as positions, everyone has different preferences. So some of her ‘safer sex fun ideas’ might not work for all. 

In addition, her advice might not be extensive enough for some viewers. It’s more of a jumping-off point for people who are just opening up about these topics. 

Final Thoughts 

To sum up, we’d definitely recommend Emily’s class to those who are interested in learning more about sex and communication surrounding sex lives.

The casual way that Emily discusses matters to do with sex shows us that we should feel more comfortable talking about these topics with our partners.