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Do LinkedIn Learning Certificates Expire?

Do LinkedIn Learning Certificates Expire?

LinkedIn Learning has quickly risen to become one of the world’s best premiere online learning platforms thanks to the sheer breadth of content that it provides, as well as the fact that it seamlessly integrates with the rest of the platform. 

This means that users of LinkedIn Learning can develop their skill sets by taking various courses, and then directly display their accomplishments on these courses on their LinkedIn profiles.

This can help to make it easier to display accomplishments, as well as to attract potential employers.

Upon successful completion of a LinkedIn Learning course, the participant is presented with a certificate to display on their profile as an indicator of their hard work.

But many that have these on their profiles find themselves wondering whether they expire at any point and whether they will need to re-earn them further down the line. 

Have you found yourself wondering do LinkedIn Learning certificates expire?

Then make sure to read on down below because we are going to find out, definitively, if they do, and how long they last!

Do LinkedIn Learning Certificates Expire?

Luckily, you can rest assured that, no, LinkedIn Learning certificates do not expire, and there is no limit to how long you can have them displayed on your profile.

This means that you will not have to repeat a course just to continue displaying the certificate that you earned from it.

When you display a certificate on your LinkedIn profile you will be able to state the date that the certificate was earned, so this can make it great to do a number of courses over a set period of time so that you can show off your learning progress, which shows dedication and persistence to potential employers and to fellow employees. 

Can You Keep A LinkedIn Learning Certificate After Your Subscription Ends?

Yes. Even if you were to display a certificate on your LinkedIn profile and then you were to cancel your subscription to the service, you would not lose access to the certification of completion for completed courses.

At the point that you finish a LinkedIn Learning course, the certificate is officially yours and can be displayed wherever you like.

This even applies to LinkedIn Learning certificates earned during a free trial of the subscription service.

If you were to complete a LinkedIn Learning course within the period allotted by a free trial, you would still be entitled to display the certificate that you earn from it.

Do You Need To Be Subscribed To LinkedIn Learning To Earn A Certificate?

Technically, you do not need to be subscribed to LinkedIn Learning in order to earn certificates from courses on the platform.

The reason for this is that a number of the courses on the platform can actually be purchased individually without needing to subscribe to the platform.

These same courses give those that complete them access to the certificate that can be displayed on their LinkedIn Learning profile. 

If you already have a number of Linked In Learning certificates but have unsubscribed from the platform, you need not worry, because you will not lose access to the certificates.

How Do You ‘Complete’ A LinkedIn Learning Course?

In order for a user to earn the certificate for a specific course, it is important that the platform knows that the user has finished the course.

In order for the course to be listed as ‘completed’, the course will need to identify that every minute of the course content has been watched from start to finish.

Most cases do not require you to complete any assessments to earn the relevant certificate, which can make the courses very valuable to people with busy schedules or with limited free time. 

Can You Earn LinkedIn Learning Certificates With A LinkedIn Premium Subscription?

Do LinkedIn Learning Certificates Expire?

LinkedIn has its own set of different premium subscriptions that can be tapped into and being subscribed to a number of these also allow you to get direct access to LinkedIn Learning certificates. So it’s important to analyze all learning paths you could take before getting a LinkedIn Learning account.

Subscriptions that can earn LinkedIn Learning certificates include the Premium Career, Premium Business, Sales Navigator Professional, and Recruiter Lite tiers.

Do You Lose Completion Certificates For LinkedIn Learning Courses That Have Been Archived?

When LinkedIn Learning courses become archived, many find themselves worrying that they will lose direct access to their certificates.

Luckily, it is still possible to access LinkedIn Learning certificates even for courses that have long been archived.

When a course becomes archived, it simply means that it can no longer be purchased individually or accessed by subscribers that have not already started the course or purchased it outright.

The courses can easily be accessed, as normal, by navigating to them in the usual way, provided you have already accessed the course, or you have purchased it. 

Are LinkedIn Learning Certificates Accredited?

Unfortunately, LinkedIn Learning certificates are not recognized as accredited like a University degree would be.

This is because the certificates are simply an indication that you have followed the contents of a specific online course and learned a number of things from the course material. 

LinkedIn Learning certificates are not directly recognized by third parties and do not guarantee you a spot within a certain job. 

Are LinkedIn Learning Certificates Valuable?

While LinkedIn Learning certificates may not be accredited by an official body, they are still very worth earning, because they display a willingness to improve yourself and improve your knowledge and skill sets. 

The certificates are also totally objective and are a direct indicator that you have a specific set of skills or a certain set of knowledge.

This means that potential employers can still be sure that you have the professional skills required of you to achieve certain goals. 

To Wrap Up

There you have it.

LinkedIn Learning has managed to earn itself a very healthy reputation thanks to the fact that the certificates are valuable, and a direct display of your skills, as well as the fact that, once they have been earned on your learning path they are there to stay!

Once you earn a LinkedIn Learning certificate, you can display it directly on your LinkedIn profile so that those that peruse your profile can see the skills that you have earned. 

As well as this, despite the fact that LinkedIn Learning certificates are not accredited, they can still prove very valuable, as they are an objective indicator of skill, knowledge, and professional growth as well as an indicator that you are always looking to expand and develop skills and your knowledge.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Courses On LinkedIn Free?

Unfortunately, there are no free courses on LinkedIn, but it is possible to sign up for a free trial of the online learning platform to get a sense of it before subscribing and making a Linkedin account.

Can You Get A Job With A LinkedIn Certificate?

Although LinkedIn certificates are not accredited, they can show that you have the ability to recognize weaknesses and then make appropriate changes, thus there is a chance that you could get a job with one. 

Are LinkedIn Certificates Legit?

While LinkedIn certificates are not accredited, they are totally legitimate.

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