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Coursera Vs A Cloud Guru [Comparison 2023]

When it comes to online learning, there are so many different websites that offer many different learning platforms: Teachable, Udemy, Udacity, and the list goes on.

But two e-learning platforms that are getting ahead of the game are Coursera and A Cloud Guru.

Coursera is great for anyone looking to increase their general skillset to go into the job market or higher learning. A Cloud Guru, on the other hand, specializes in cloud learning through platforms such as Microsoft Azure and DevOps.

So, out of Coursera VS A Cloud Guru, which one will be the most suitable for your style of collaborative learning? What courses does each one offer? How much will you have to pay for each course or a full subscription?

Well, keep reading this article and we’ll give the lowdown on all the features and courses these platforms have to offer.

What Is A Cloud Guru?

This e-learning platform gives you all the learning tools and courses that you need to progress in your career. There are over 100 Cloud Guru courses that this website offers, largely through cloud learning.

This is available on an induvial or business level. With individuals, you can work on your skills and widen your knowledge base. On a business level, you can implement a training structure that differs for each member of your mobile learning and development teams.

This gives you all the latest learning innovations, meaning that you or your business will not be left behind.

Over 95% of the students who signed up with A Cloud Guru have claimed that it has helped them achieve further success in their careers.

There are thousands of courses to choose from, covering Linux, Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Containers and ranging from various ability levels from beginner to professional. Some of the courses we will cover later in the article.

The pricing structure usually works annually, although you can pay monthly. You can pay for basic or basic plus or you can register for business accounts. We’ll go more in-depth into pricing structures later in the article.

What Is Coursera?

This is a more traditional e-learning platform that covers a variety of courses from investment to finances to website development.

These are taught by accredited professors and lectures from highly rated universities like Princeton and Stanford.

The best thing about Coursera is the fact that you can learn at your own pace. It has flexible learning management deadlines and learning structures that mean you can work your course around your everyday schedule.

This is very useful for people who have always wanted to retrain but have never had the time.

This also is very highly rated, with thousands of students signing up for courses every year.

At the end of most of these online courses, Coursera gives you a certificate, although not every employer will accept this, so you might have to consult with them before you enroll in one of their courses.

This also has very reasonable pricing rates, allowing you to sign up on a monthly or yearly basis. This is cheaper than A Cloud Guru, although the courses are much more geared toward developers and cloud-based learning.

What Types Of Courses Does A Cloud Guru Offer?

A Cloud Guru has thousands of courses that you can learn that will help you with your Java programming, Windows programming, or engineering on Linux.

Here are some of the courses that A Cloud Guru has to offer:

Coursera Vs A Cloud Guru: Which Is Better?

Install and Manage Windows DNS Server

This course is developed using a lab, which is a digital environment created by professionals that will help you to hone your professional skills and test your knowledge. This one helps you to create a networking environment.

This is aimed at the practitioner level, which means it is mid-level and will require some prior experience in installing a Windows DNS server.

This will help you with establishing a DNS server role, manufacturing a forward lookup zone, and implementing an A record.

This program runs with Microsoft Azure, so you will have to at least have a working knowledge of this platform. This will help you to install remote server administration tools, which are key to helping you develop a DNS server role.

Amazon Quicksight Deep Dive

This course will help you gain some engaging learning experience by working on Amazon Quicksight, which will help you to gain business insights through Amazon Web service’s business intelligence software.

The course recommends that you have a basic knowledge of how AWS works, although you do not require to enroll.

This will show you how to streamline your business data as well as create visualizations that will help you understand your business metrics.

This course is broken down into 8 chapters, which are then split into lessons. This course will also help you generate CSV reports using the DynamoDB table.

Introduction To Amazon Polly

There are plenty of great applications of machine learning, one of the main ones being text-to-speech technology, one of which is Amazon Polly.

This course will help teach you how to use this amazing program and how it functions in real-world scenarios.

This is an example of one of the shortest courses that A Cloud Guru has to offer. It comes with 1 chapter that is around 44 minutes in length. You can complete this for your company or just to increase your skill set.

Troubleshoot Network Connectivity On Linux

Sometimes even the fastest operating systems can have trouble connecting to the network, therefore courses like this will come in handy.

This will allow you to identify some of the issues in your Linux network, discover the source of the problem and fix it directly.

This is another course that is trialed in a hands-on lab, where you can recreate the issue, and figure out how the issue was caused in the first place before resolving it using the appropriate means.

This will help you understand the basic coding that is involved in this segment of Linux.

What Types Of Courses Does Coursera Offer?

There are plenty of courses for you to choose from on Coursera, most of which come with real-world applications and will help you in gaining future employment. Here are some of the courses that you can find on Coursera:

Machine Learning

This encompasses many different subjects, ranging from computer vision to text-to-audio interfaces. Machine learning is at the forefront of a lot of computer technology.

If you want to get involved in computer vision, which covers facial detection and motion detection in self-driving cars, then a Coursera course in machine learning is a good place to start.


Whether it is risk management when it comes to financial investment or understanding the stock market, there are plenty of courses that Coursera has to offer those interested in investing.

These courses range from beginners who have no prior knowledge of investing to experienced investors who want to brush up on their knowledge.

These courses also have a range of specializations which are great if you are looking to retrain in a different area of finance.

They are also taught by some of the leading industry professionals on this topic, including academics from Princeton and Yale.


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You can study many things from business analytics to leadership courses. This will give you all you need for improving your business or even starting your own business.

This will teach you some of the basics of business finance, such as filling out your logbooks or negotiating deals.

These courses are 100% online and a lot of people use them as supplementary courses for higher-degree learning.

Data Analysis

Many courses teach you all aspects of data analytics, whether it is working with programs such as Python or Excel.

This will prepare you for job titles such as Data Analyst, Associate Data Analyst, Junior Data Analyst, Finance Analyst, Operations Analyst, Data Technician, Business Performance Analyst, and Marketing Analyst.

These courses are flexible with deadlines that you can set at any time. This is ideal for anyone who is looking to study in addition to their existing data analyst job.

The rapid course deployment takes around 11 months to complete and includes a certificate upon completion.

Coursera Vs A Cloud Guru: Which Is Better?

Which Learning Platform Offers The Better Pricing Structure?

Coursera gives you the option of a few different pricing schemes, depending on what course you pick and how long you want to study for. Here is a list of the key prices:

·         Coursera Basic – $30-$49 per month

·         Coursera Plus – $399 per year.

The Coursera Plus account will give you unlimited access to all of Coursera’s 3,000 courses. This is great for anyone who might want to study a variety of subjects to increase their knowledge.

For example, if you want to study personal finances to improve your family finances.

A Cloud Guru has a more comprehensive pricing scheme. Here is a list of the various pricing options:

·         Personal Basic – $348 per year

·         Personal Plus – $348 per year

·         Business Basic – $420 per year

·         Business Plus – $588 per year

The business accounts will require a minimum of 2 learners to participate. There are also limited offers for certain course packages, so check back frequently if you want to save yourself some money.

Out of the two, we would say that Coursera offers the best packages, as they have a wider array of courses that will be more applicable to real-world situations.

If you are mainly dealing with machine learning or data scenarios, then A Cloud Guru might be a better option for you.

Is Coursera Better Than A Cloud Guru For Learning?

When it comes to interfaces, A Cloud Guru certainly has the more comprehensive dashboard. It comes with a lot of learning labs that are testing grounds for certain problems that arise in the world of cloud computing and data analysis.

These labs are designed by industry professionals, and they are designed to test your knowledge. These simulations have been shown to improve the pace of your learning and will even allow you to learn while you are on the job.

If you are working with the business package, then this comes with an accelerator option that will allow you to upscale your whole team at the same time.

You can also track the performance of certain team members and receive feedback from them when you need to.

You can also create custom learning paths that are based on the needs of individual team members and make sure that they are aligned with the training and learning goals of your business. This is great for keeping everyone on track and ensuring you have consistent performances.

Coursera has a completely different setup, although it does offer certificates and goal-tracking features in much the same way as A Cloud Guru does.

Coursera will allow you to interact with your course instructors on a one-to-one basis, via messages, emails, or face-to-face video calls.

This is great if you have any questions that are not covered by the course videos and downloadable documents.

There are also community discussion boards that will allow you to interact and share material and insights with your fellow students. This is great for developing an information pool that you can dip into when you need to.

But what features do each of these learning platforms offer? We’ll take a look at some of the best features and which ones will help you achieve your learning goals.

Best A Cloud Guru Features

Because this is a cloud-based service, a lot of the features that A Cloud Guru offers are based on increasing the connectivity of its users and allowing course material to be disseminated quickly between instructors and students.

Here is a list of a few of the best organizational transformation consulting services that it has to offer:


This is one of the best features that will help you chart the progress of each of your team member’s skills, assessing where the gaps in their skillset are and how you can provide online training to help fill in those gaps.

This will also allow you to create custom learning paths for each member of your team.

This will help you to monitor each member’s progress across weeks and months, giving you a better idea of your company’s ROI and how that will affect your business that week.

Skills Assessment

To cut down on the time you spend micro-managing your team’s workflow, you can use the skills assessment feature to track the progress, achievements, and training of everyone in your team.

The fact that you will have raw data to hand means that you will no longer be relying on guesswork when it comes to implementing new workflows, training, or incentives.

You can give members training based on how you feel they can improve or you can scale back on the training if you have seen significant improvement.

Hands-On Labs

These labs are amazing, giving your members induvial simulations of issues in a risk-free environment. This is next-level learning, rather than handing over problems for your team to solve, you can give them the tools to create, understand, and then resolve these issues.

In this environment, you can create problems without having to worry about any consequences. This is an innovative style of learning that A Cloud Guru offers all its members. You can rarely find this on many other e-learning courses.


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Accelerator Program

This program is meant to allow trailblazers in your organization to thrive without having to handhold other members of the team who might be struggling.

This accelerated learning will help every single member of your team become proficient at creating super-fast workflows and managing large portions of data.

This will get your team asking more dynamic questions, which will in term lead to innovative solutions and improve the company.

This focuses on things like bite-sized learning and certain windows of acceleration that will be easy to work around the regular work schedule.

Best Coursera Features

There are some great features that Coursera provides, most of which are focused on individual learning rather than the group-based learning associated with A Cloud Guru. Here are some of the best features that we could pick out:

Flexible Deadlines

If you have signed up for a traditional degree course, then you’ll know how tough it is to hit those deadlines, especially if you are doing a part-time course that you have to fit in with your regular workday.

With flexible deadlines, having to hand in your work on time is a thing of the past.

So many of the courses on Coursera offer flexible studying time (in fact, we could barely find any that didn’t), which is great for learning at your own pace.

If you are studying as a supplement to a full-time qualification, then having this flexibility is crucial to complete all of your work.

Course Library

One of the great things about Coursera is the number of courses that they have in their library. All you have to do is punch in the field or the specific job role that you are looking for and then press enter.

The list of courses is displayed in a way that is easy to understand, with the course itself broken down into bullet points.

You can also see who your instructor is as well as their credentials. This is very useful for avoiding courses that might not be legit or don’t sell you what they say they will.

This is also a reason to read the student testimonies, as they will give you a better idea of which are the good courses.

Video Tutorials

We all know that visual learning is one of the best methods of absorbing information and that’s why video tutorials are such a crucial component of Coursera’s course structure.

This will break down some key concepts in a manner that is easy to understand. You can even make notes as if you were in a real university class!

These videos stream directly from Coursera’s dashboard, so you won’t have to download large files that will take up a lot of space on your computer. These videos will usually be split up into sections, so you won’t be watching hours of video either.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Coursera’s Courses Free?

A: Yes, a lot of Coursera’s courses are free, although if you do not pay for them then you will not receive a certificate at the end.

We would recommend this free option if you were only studying as a supplement to a full-time degree or to boost your skillset at your workplace.

What Platform Does A Cloud Guru Use?

A: A Cloud Guru uses cloud-based platforms, which allows its users to share all the information that they learn.

It also features a dashboard that includes labs that will allow you to test issues in simulated situations. Here are some of the platforms that A Cloud Guru uses:

·         Amazon Web Services

·         Azure

·         GCP

·         Linux

·         Cloud

·         DevOps

·         Security

·         Kubernetes

·         Terraform

·         Ansible

Will My Employer Accept Coursera Certificates?

A: Sadly, not all employers will accept Coursera certificates and we would recommend everyone who is thinking of studying with Coursera go to their prospective employer before enrolment to see if they will accept an e-learning certificate like this.

Which Is More Expensive: Coursera Or A Cloud Guru?

A: A Cloud Guru is overall more expensive than Coursera, although it offers more specialized courses and has a more comprehensive dashboard and set of plug-in features.

Coursera is more conventional in the way its course is laid out but comes with innovative learning modes such as video tutorials and downloadable course materials.


A Cloud Guru offers a much more fluid and varied learning platform, coming in an all-in-one bundle that is probably more useful to employers in cloud-driven industries than individuals looking to expand their skill set.

Coursera is a much more affordable option and has a much wider remit when it comes to available courses. You should choose this for individual learning and gaining supplementary qualifications.

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