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Martin Barrett
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best coursera investment courses

Best Coursera Investment Courses

We all know how difficult it is to incorporate any additional learning into our busy everyday schedule. Therefore, websites such as Coursera are great.

They offer flexible learning patterns and study options in a wide range of subjects from finance to software engineering. Investment is a very difficult topic to tackle, even for someone who has experience in it.

Whether you want to learn about the stock market to invest your own money personally or are a small business owner and you want to see how you can invest money to boost your own profits, there’ll be a course to suit everyone.

So, what are the best Coursera investment courses for you? Can you learn for free, or do you have to pay for a subscription? Well, we have everything that you need to know about investing and which course will be the right one for you. (You can also check out ‘Coursera Alternatives You’ll Love‘ for more investment courses!)

Best Coursera Investment Courses

1. Financial Markets

To make a rock-solid investment, you’ll need to know how the financial markets work. This course will help you to learn about the fundamentals of securities, investments, and the banking sector as a whole to give you a better understanding of finances as a whole.

This is more of a broad subject, covering how finance affects society, although it does cover some investment do’s and don’t’s that you can implement in your everyday life. This course can be learned in 33 hours and is taught 100% online.

2. Investment Management Specialization

If you want to make bold investment choices, you’ll need to understand the system that underpins it. This will teach you how rational actions will affect the market and how the financial sector, as a whole, works.

This financial management specialization course is aimed at the beginner level, so no prior knowledge is required.

This covers topics such as meeting investor goals, risk management, and how to organize your client’s portfolio. This is aimed at someone who wants to become an investment manager. This course is taught in many languages including Vietnamese, German, and Russian.

3. Practical Guide To Training Specialization

How does capital work its way around the globe? Well, this course will teach you all about the movement of finances and how they impact the marketplace.

This course states that previous investment experience will be helpful but not necessary for completing this course.

This is one of the longest online courses in investment that Coursera has to offer, taking around 4 months to complete. This comes with a flexible schedule, which will allow you to learn at your own pace. This is great if you are trying to fit your course around a busy job.

4. Investment And Portfolio Management Specialization

Whether you are wanting to work with investors on a grander scale or want to help small-time investors, then this is the course for you. This investment management specialization course covers all the up-to-date investment strategies as well as how to manage your client’s portfolio.

This course is around 6 months long, so you’ll want to be sure that you are committed to it for the long term before you invest in the portfolio management specialization course. This offers flexible learning and is entirely online, which is great if you don’t have time to get into the classroom every day.

5. Financial Planning For Young Adults

This is an essential course for any younger person, breaking down some of the key concepts of good investment and financial planning in a way that is easy to understand.

This will cover budgeting, saving, investing, financial risks, and how to borrow money responsibly.

This is a very short course, but it will be a great foundation for anyone to learn the basics of financial planning and how to money their money effectively. This course is all online, which is great for anyone who is still studying at school or university.

6. Fundamentals Of Investing

This is another course that aims to start from the very beginning, covering the basics of investment and giving you great foundational knowledge on which to build your skills.

This comes with a certificate upon completion, which will be great for padding out your portfolio. (See ‘Are Coursera Certificates Worth It in 2023?‘)

This is great for personal homeowners who want to make sensible investment decisions for themselves and their families. Sensible investing is the cornerstone of this course, ideal for anyone looking to make money without incurring significant losses.

7. Financial Management

This course is offered by the University of Illinois, and it covers all the subsets of investment, whether it is accounting, investments, or understanding various institutions from a financial perspective.

You can also understand how to incorporate risk into your financial decision-making.

This will also help you to understand how certain companies make their financial investment decisions, like venture capital investments. Once you have completed this course you will gain a certification, although you will have to check with your employer beforehand to see whether this will be accepted.

Coursera Investment Course

8. Certificate In Investment Management

If you want to understand the investment market and how financial strategies work, then you won’t go far wrong with this course. This will help to get a handle on diverse perspectives as well as gain some valuable industry experience.

This course is geared towards helping people gain a career in investment marketing, so it comes with plenty of real-world skills that you can start applying to your own finances or the finances of a client. You will learn the client management life cycle and new practical skills. This is also a great course to get you ready for the world of upper finance.

9. Data Science For Investment Professionals Specialization

The first great thing about this course is that it is free, and you can enroll with financial aid. This course is aimed at teaching you all about machine learning and how it factors into the investment process. This course integrates digital input with modern-day investment strategy.

This program uses Python, which is some of the best data-gathering software currently available. This also covers the ethical learning framework which governs a lot of these investment decisions and data modeling.

This course is a great precursor to a higher education degree in investment.

10. Finances For Non-Finance Professionals

This next course covers all the principles of financial investment, particularly corporate investment management. This covers growth, dividends, financial trading, borrowing, and maintaining good financial discipline.

This is designed to be an introductory course for people who want to understand the stock market or financial valuation. This sets the template for any higher education that you want to pursue. It is totally online and only takes you 14 hours to complete the course.

11. Bitcoin And Cryptocurrency Technologies

When it comes to investing, then you might be drawn to the more alternative methods of investment such as Bitcoin. It will cover the wider philosophy of Bitcoin as well as how it relates to existing fiat currencies and financial markets.

This will debunk a lot of cryptocurrency myths, allowing you to make more stable and better crypto investments. This course takes around 23 hours to complete and offers flexible learning patterns, although it does not offer a certificate upon completion.

12. Investment Risk Management

This is a very short course that will only take you 1 hour to complete. This is a basic introductory course that is free. It does specify that you will need to know some of the basics of financial management and have a basic grasp of financial risk concepts.

This teaches you how to calculate risk in finance using the Treynor ratio. This comes with graphs and spreadsheets that break down some of the core fundamentals of risk management. You don’t have to download this program to complete it.

13. The Global Financial Crisis

This course is taught by the prestigious Yale University and covers the events, policy decisions, and financial ramifications of the recent global financial crisis. This course is pretty in-depth, taking around 64 hours to complete.

This will give you a working knowledge of the investment global financial markets in crisis, which will give you useful skills when approaching similar situations, either on a micro or macro scale, in the future. This course is completely online and flexible, so you can incorporate it into your schedule.

14. Corporate Strategy

This next course doesn’t focus exclusively on investments, but it does cover corporate investment as part of its remit. This will include things such as deciding which businesses your business should invest in as well as making calculated financial decisions.

This course is aimed at complete beginners, so you won’t have to have that much knowledge of corporate investment or strategy before you sign up. This only takes 11 hours to complete, so it will be a great foundation course for higher learning.

best Coursera investment courses

15. Personal And Financial Family Planning

This is a great extracurricular study for anyone in charge of a household. Whether you are budgeting, investing on a low scale for a profit or looking to borrow money, this short course will give you all the skills you need to make sensible financial decisions.

This will only take you 15 hours to complete, so you can take an hour out of every evening to study and be able to complete the course in just over 2 weeks. This is completely online, whi