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Can I Pause My Skillshare Subscription (What You Need To Know)

Can I Pause My Skillshare Subscription in 2023?

As with most subscriptions, you are able to pause your Skillshare subscription though you should know how to do it properly.

That’s because the method of pausing your Skillshare differs from how you purchased your subscription and whether you have an annual or monthly subscription.

That may mean you can easily pause your Skillshare subscription or find that you have to contact them directly for how to do it.

In this guide, we will answer the question: “Can I pause my Skillshare subscription?” and look at how to pause it, and the refund policy.

Can I Pause My Skillshare Subscription?

Yes, you can pause your Skillshare subscription though this currently only applies to monthly membership plans.

It is really straightforward to pause your membership with a monthly plan as it is more flexible though it does not appear to be possible to pause an annual Skillshare subscription without contacting Skillshare to ask how to do it.

If you want to pause your annual Skillshare subscription, you can email the relevant team at, begin a live chat for support, or even submit a ticket.

As it is possible to request a refund via a ticket, you should be able to ask if you can pause your annual Skillshare subscription too. 

How To Pause Your Skillshare Subscription

If you have a monthly Skillshare subscription, you can simply pause it via the website. However, as it currently stands, you are not able to pause an annual Skillshare subscription so you should make the most of it in those twelve months. 

On A Monthly Plan

With a monthly membership subscription, certainly, created from the Skillshare website, it can be really simple to pause your learning platform account. You can even pause your subscription for up to three months if you want to.

Simply log in to your account with your email address and password and then head to the ‘Payments’ page on the Skillshare website then follow the instructions to pause your subscription.

Once you are ready to resume your subscription, log back into your account, return to the ‘Payments’ page and then click on the option for ‘Resume membership’. 

The Refund Policy For Skillshare’s Membership Payments

Can I Pause My Skillshare Subscription in 2023? 1

Once the charge for your annual membership has been made, you have 14 days to contact Skillshare to get a refund.

The refund policy is relatively straightforward, only a single refund is allowed per customer. After that 14 days period has elapsed, a refund cannot be offered for an annual membership. 

It may be surprising but Skillshare does not offer a refund for a monthly membership. Skillshare users who signed up for their membership via the 30-day trial can benefit from a money-back guarantee offer though.

These users can request a Skillshare refund for up to a period of 30 days following the successful processing of their payment. 

Skillshare is also unable to refund, cancel, or even manage subscriptions if they are purchased from the Google Play or iOS app stores.

If you want to query your billing, a cancellation, or a refund for your Android or iOS subscription, you would need to contact the Android or iOS app store firsthand.

Final Thoughts

Thankfully, if you have a monthly subscription to Skillshare, the flexibility of your monthly membership payments makes it really simple to pause your Skillshare account.

Just by logging in and heading to the ‘Payments’ section, your subscription will be paused with a few clicks and restarted just as easily.

This can be ideal if you need to take a break from your course for whatever reason as you can go back and resume your subscription when you are ready to do so. 

Perhaps the reason why it is harder to pause an annual Skillshare subscription is that there is such a commitment.

Within 12 months, you should be able to complete several courses and do so at a leisurely pace.

If you do find yourself needing a break from a pause, there are several options to contact Skillshare directly to explain your situation.

That could mean submitting a detailed ticket, starting a live chat with their support team, or simply emailing them directly. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Cancel A Skillshare Membership?

How can I cancel my Skillshare membership? Canceling a Skillshare membership is quite simple, just like pausing it. Simply head to the Skillshare website on a desktop computer or via your phone, log into your account, select the ‘Payments’ option on the navigation bar then click ‘Cancel membership’.

There are a few necessary steps to follow though you should be aware that once you cancel your membership, you will only be able to access content until the end of your final paid period.

You can still update any of your class projects and take part in class discussions yet once the membership expires, all your access to class videos and downloadable material will be lost. 

Canceling your Skillshare membership proves to be a little more complicated if you signed up for one of the Skillshare for Teams accounts.

This membership has certain terms of cancellation included in its agreement. If you do want to cancel that membership, email

However, it may be easier simply to contact your own Customer Success Manager for a more personalized approach.

If you had your Skillshare membership via Google Play or iOS App Store, you would need to contact the app store directly. 

How Do You Purchase A Membership To Skillshare?

Just as canceling a membership to Skillshare is relatively simple, so is purchasing one in the first place. You should likely try the 30-day free trial first to get a taste of the Skillshare classes that are available and the ones you are interested in.

As the free trial comes to an end, you can consider whether you want a monthly membership plan or go for an annual subscription.

Once your membership is active, you will have unlimited access to every single Skillshare class and even enjoy additional features such as offline viewing.

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