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Can I Get A Job With Udacity Nanodegree

Can I Get A Job With Udacity Nanodegree [Answered]

Many Udacity alumni go on to land their dream employment with top firms around the world. Udacity Nanodegree programs aid in preparing students for the new workplace. 

You still need to take a few steps even after earning your Nanodegree in order to get your first full-time employment. You can launch a tech profession with the aid of Udacity. 

It offers a wide variety of introductory-level free courses for newcomers to specific tech disciplines. Additionally, it provides Udacity courses for both intermediate and advanced students. 

A total beginner can enroll in a variety of classes, starting from the very beginning and progressing to the most advanced levels. 

Then, you can use these worthwhile abilities to land Udacity’s career services in technology. Each course comes with a Udacity certificate of completion that looks excellent on resumes and impresses potential employers.

Here are a few of the top employers of Udacity graduates, along with information on how to find employment after completing an Udacity course for job placement.

But first, let’s go through what an Udacity Nanodegree course is and why both businesses and job seekers find it to be so appealing we will also know what is the Udacity Nanodegree worth!

What Is A Nanodegree?

A project- and new skills-based educational certification program is a Nanodegree program. 

It enables Udacity students to develop skills that will increase their employability and they engage in project-based study, which offers them a practical experience they may use in their future employment.

Nanodegree programs are anticipated to play a crucial role in the future of virtual learning because they have so many advantages to offer students.

Additionally, Udacity frequently grants bright individuals scholarships for Nanodegree programs, and these scholarships can significantly aid students in achieving their career objectives.

According to survey findings, almost 70% of Udacity graduates said that a Nanodegree course has helped them progress in their professions.

The top five positions in the various jobs that graduates of Nanodegree programs have progressed into are as follows:

  • Front-end Data Science Analyst 
  • Software Engineer 
  • Web Developer 
  • Full Stack Developer 
  • Android Developer

The survey also revealed that it generally took between one and three months from starting a job hunt to getting an offer.


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Top Businesses That Employ Udacity Graduates

According to survey results, a number of graduates from the Udacity Nanodegree programs have been hired by major firms that have proven they respect what these students can contribute to their workforce.

The top employers of Udacity Nanodegree graduates are listed below.


With over 500,000 workers across the globe, Accenture is a powerhouse in strategy, operations, and other areas as a global consulting firm. 

Accenture is a desirable workplace for recent grads because of its culture of investing in long-term professional development.

Accenture is a great option for Nanodegree program graduates who want to work for a company that is dedicated to assisting employees in making an impact and connecting with like-minded people around the world because of its reputation for community involvement.

Can I Get A Job With Udacity Nanodegree


There are positions available at Amazon for every skill set because the company is one of the biggest employers in the country. 

New Nanodegree graduates were drawn to the organization because of the numerous opportunities for advancement it provides, including employment in corporate offices, manufacturing, and warehouses.

Graduates of Nanodegree programs are frequently drawn to the opportunities that working for a multinational corporation with over a million workers and offices throughout the world offers.


In the field of telecommunications, AT&T has been setting the pace since the early 1980s.

It’s understandable that AT&T was chosen as an employer by so many graduates of Nanodegree programs given its reputation for competitive compensation, excellent benefits, and a strong culture.


People looking to start a career in technology frequently view Google as the ideal workplace because of its reputation for cutting-edge technology and innovation.

Google is known for its unorthodox work atmosphere, which is ideal for people seeking something a bit different than the standard nine to five. In addition to providing the chance for creativity and beyond-the-box thinking, Google is also recognized for these qualities.


IBM is a firm that has mastered the art of withstanding the test of time. IBM, which has been in business for more than 100 years, is a prime example of ongoing innovation.

Roles like engineers, developers, and analysts are all parts of the enormous labor force that IBM employs for people wishing to work for a company recognized internationally for providing cutting-edge technology. 

Additionally, Microsoft, Bosch, Capgemini, Deloitte, Infosys, and Capgemini have employed Nanodegree graduates.


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How To Apply For Jobs After Getting Your Nanodegree

Direct application through the business website is the initial stage in this procedure. then make a connection with recruiters from that specific organization on LinkedIn.

Your most valuable resource is your network. Work your professional and personal networks, and make introductions to those with connections and power in the technology industry. 

Start by quickly searching LinkedIn for individuals working in IT companies or your social media profiles for anyone in IT.

Send a welcome email for the job search introducing yourself and outlining your motivation for getting in touch. Additionally, you can share your background with them and job-relevant skills including your motivations, any relevant talents you may have, and how they might support you. 

Final Thoughts

You may start a new career in tech and perhaps even find your ideal job with the aid of Udacity. In addition, Udacity’s lecturers are well-known authorities in the field of technology.

You need some basic computer tech skills as well as a desire to learn in order to enroll in an online program on Udacity. 

Learners from all across the world can access the online learning platform Udacity. You can benefit from Udacity scholarship programs if you’re unable to pay for Udacity online courses.

You can use your talents from the first day of your dream job if you decide to register for a Udacity Nanodegree program.

Finding the perfect curriculum is now simpler than ever thanks to Nanodegree programs that cover stages from beginner to advanced.

Udacity instructors do share real-world projects when it comes to Udacity career services. Most employers recognize Udacity courses for a successful career.

We are sure that you have liked the Udacity review about Nanodegree courses and you will get the answer to your question “Can I get a job with Udacity Nanodegree “.

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