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Martin Barrett
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best javascript course on udemy

6 Best JavaScript Courses On Udemy For Beginners

The internet is undeniably one of the biggest parts of our connected world, and a majority of us all rely on it as a platform for information, learning Javascript, and communicating.

However, you wouldn’t have any of the content on it without computer programmers, experienced web developers use their skills to design and create dynamic web content, web pages, browsers, and applications. 

There are plenty of programming languages that allow them to do this, and one of the best and most popular programming language is JavaScript.

If you’re looking to get into the massive and rewarding world of computer programming, then you’ll probably be wanting to learn how to use JavaScript.

But where do you start? And where is the best place to learn all about JavaScript and its countless features?

Thankfully, the online learning platform Udemy is packed with all kinds of different best online courses on JavaScript.

Whether you’re a beginner or somebody looking to refine your programming skills, there should be a course to learn Javascript for you, and they’re all taught by knowledgeable experts. However, how can you find the courses to learn Javascript that is going to be best for you?

Thankfully, we’ve done the work for you! In our detailed guide below, we’ve got a list of the best JavaScript courses on Udemy. With each of them, we’ve got a description of what they offer and what makes them so great. Read on!

1. JavaScript: Understanding The Weird Parts By Anthony Alicea

We’re beginning our list with one of the most popular JavaScript courses on Udemy, which has been used by over 175,000 students.

It’s easy to understand its popularity since it offers just over 12 hours of lectures for a very affordable price, and these lessons cover the essentials of JavaScript. 

Though it teaches all the advanced parts of the popular programming language, it’s suitable for beginners with only basic knowledge of JavaScript language – they certainly won’t be beginners by the end!

The Course

All you’ll need to know about JavaScript when going into the course is loops, basic functions, and variables.

Once you’ve got that knowledge on board, you’ll be able to go through this incredibly dense course. 

The course consists of 89 individual lectures, which are divided into 13 sections.

There are too many sections to go into, so we’ll give you a sampling of some of the key ones, and you can see for yourself the range of learning available!

One section is titled “Types and Operators”, and it begins by looking at primitive types in JavaScript.

Primitives refer to data that is not an object and has no properties or methods, and you’ll learn about the handful of primitive types in this programming language.

After that, you’ll also get lectures on comparison operators and boolean data types.

One of the largest sections looks at “Objects and Functions”, with over 4 hours of educational content on the matter.

You’ll learn about object literals, whitespace, closures, callbacks, and so much more.

Each area has a detailed lecture video, where Anthony Alicea takes you through things carefully and thoughtfully.

The course will finish with you learning the foundations of how you can build your own framework or library with JavaScript, putting your skills and new knowledge to good use and giving you a good grounding for working with the programming language in the future. 

By the end, you’ll have learned how JavaScript works, as well as its fundamental and advanced concepts.

You’ll know what common mistakes to avoid, and be much better at debugging any problems that you do have. 

In Summary

  • Fundamental and advanced concepts of JavaScript covered
  • 12 hours of content, with 89 individual lectures
  • Learn how to write solid JavaScript code
  • Recognize common mistakes
  • Build your own JavaScript library or framework

Check the Understanding of the advanced JavaScript course out here

2. The Complete JavaScript Course: From Zero To Expert! By Jonas Schmedtmann

This course is absolutely perfect for beginners because you don’t need any experience at all.

Instead, the course will guide you from knowing nothing to knowing an extremely great deal about JavaScript, thanks to detailed looks at just about every single aspect of it you could ever need. 

How does it cover so much? Well, the entire course is an enormous 69 hours long, with a huge 320 lectures to learn from. 

The Course

In general, this massively detailed (and affordably priced) course will guide you through JavaScript from a complete beginner’s perspective, going on to provide important theories on how the programming language works and practical code examples. 

The course begins with breaking down the key fundamentals of JavaScript, across two sections which each lasts over 4 hours.

It’s a clever idea to put all of these bits at the start because they really give you the ground knowledge that you will need to learn the more advanced areas later on.

Fundamentals include all the essential core and advanced Javascript concepts of JavaScript.

You’ll learn about values, variables, strings and template literals, truthy values and falsy values, boolean logic, statements, expressions, functions, notations, iterations, looping arrays, and so much more.

By the end of these sections alone, you’ll already be pretty seasoned with JavaScript, and there are still 60 hours of the course to go!

Later sections look at some of the fundamentals in more depth, like “A Closer Look At Functions” and sections on data structures and strings.

You’ll also get taught about the Mapty and Forky apps, as well as modern JavaScript development, which looks at tooling, web development modules, and functional programming. 

Of course, this isn’t all there is, either. There’s simply too much to detail, so it’s worth having a look at the course contents yourself! What we can say is that by the end of the course, you’ll understand the behind the scenes of JavaScript, know about the programming language’s fundamentals and complex concepts, understand how to like Javascript developers and solve problems, and know how to architect your JavaScript coding.

In Summary

  • An enormous amount of content, with 69 hours of lessons
  • Perfect for absolute beginners
  • Become an advanced JavaScript developer
  • Understand fundamentals and complex concepts
  • Practice your skills with assignments and challenges

Check out The Complete Javascript Course here

3. JavaScript Tutorial And Projects Course By John Smilga

While the other JavaScript courses we’ve looked at from Udemy have had some hands-on aspects and encouraged you to put your knowledge into a project, this course is all about learning as you create, teaching you how to build over 30 interesting JavaScript projects.

To take this one, you’ll need some basic knowledge of CSS and HTML, but that’s all.

The Course

The whole course is just over 46 hours long, with 448 individual lectures to teach you all about JavaScript and guide you through creating all these projects. 

The lectures are divided into sections, like with each course, and they cover a range of areas.

The first sections will guide you through the JavaScript basics and early tutorials, which will allow beginners to get a good idea of how to use this programming language – an idea that they can then build on with the later sections and projects. 

After that, some sections cover just the educational aspect, while others cover the projects themselves. You’ll learn about DOM (Document Object Model), objects, functions, modules, AJAX, pagination, and a lot more.

As for the 30+ projects you’ll build, they’re massively varied and will give you the experience and knowledge to help you use JavaScript successfully in the future.

Projects include color clipper, navbar, modal, menu, video, tabs, Grocery Bud, dark mode, Wikipedia, and more. 

In Summary

  • Build over 30 JavaScript projects
  • Learn the basics of JavaScript
  • Learn more advanced concepts

Check out the Projects Course here.

4. JavaScript For Beginners By Dollar Design School

This Udemy course is a perfect starter for JavaScript beginners, training them in the early steps and fundamentals of the programming language.

It’s quite short, with only around 3 hours of content divided across 48 lectures, which makes it a great beginner that will only take a short time but leave you with an impressive beginner’s knowledge. 

The Course

Best JavaScript Courses On Udemy

Each of the sections of the course is split into bite-size chunks, with none of them lasting more than 21 minutes.

It keeps things short and straightforward and allows you to learn about a wide variety of JavaScript fundamentals without it taking up a great deal of time. 

For instance, one section teaches you all about storing information in variables.

You’ll get two videos, one teaching you how to use variables and the other educating you all about variable operators.

Once you’ve watched the videos, there are then some lab exercises for you to complete, which will put your new knowledge to the test. 

The best way to check that you’ve actually learned something and that it’s actually stuck in your mind is through exercises and tests, so it’s great that every section on this course has accompanying labs for you to see how much you’ve retained – and what you might need to go back and revise.

Thankfully, there is also a document with all the lab solutions for you to refer to. 

The other courses cover a range of other important JavaScript fundamentals, with videos and labs on each.

These include learning about conditional statements, loops, coding functions, strings, arrays, dialog boxes, and more.

These are really the core of JavaScript and if you’re ever going to go on and use the programming language in more depth, then you’ll need to have this basic understanding.

In Summary

  • Quick, detailed beginner course
  • Teaches you the fundamentals and basics of JavaScript
  • Test your knowledge of each area with lab assignments

Check out the Beginning Javascript course here

5. JavaScript From Beginner To Expert By Arkadiusz Włodarczyk

This is another Udemy course that will take you from a beginner stage with JavaScript to having the skills and knowledge of an expert.

As a result, it’s quite long, with over 12 hours of educational lectures and content. 

The Course

There are 92 lectures in the course, and they’re divided into an exhaustive 27 sections.

These sections are well-organized, covering each of the most important parts of JavaScript, from the basics and fundamentals that a beginner needs to grasp to the more advanced concepts that an expert will know. 

An early section covers a few “Basics” that you’ll need to know, before moving on to key areas: conditions, objects, functions, arrays, loops, and more.

With each section, you’ll notice that there is a blend of video lectures and test questions.<