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Best Online Typing Course For Kids

5 Best Online Typing Course For Kids

While kids are constantly faced with laptops, tablets, and smartphones, typing often does not come as a natural skill. It can be daunting for a child to look at a sea of letters and numbers and try to understand what is happening. 

Online typing courses are here to help your child understand the way of the keyboard. These courses make learning typing movements fun and simple, letting your little one get the hang of things on their own time. 

Not sure which typing course would be best for your kid? We have the best online typing course for kids below.

Between helping kids pick up their speed or simply understanding finger to key movements, you will be able to find a course that suits them. 

1. Typing Club

Learn Touch Typing Free - TypingClub

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Typing club is a free, online course that is open to anyone with an internet connection.

This handy online course helps anyone improve their typing speed up to 100 words a minute. Whether you are 5 years old or 85 years old, Typing Club is here to help. 

Through a series of tutorial style videos, games, and informational lessons, students will learn how to type like a professional.

This program teaches pupils never to glance down at the keyboard and provides instructions on how to place your fingers correctly.

Worried that your English isn’t strong enough? Typing club teaches in 9 languages, allowing the majority of students to learn in their mother tongue.

This incredible resource can be used at home by an individual or in schools as a way to help young students master the art of typing. 

However, you must complete each level before moving on to the next. This may not be suitable in a classroom environment as everyone must go at their own pace and there is only so much time in the school day. 


  • Free. As long as you have a keyboard, screen and an internet connection, you can learn with Typing Club. 
  • Level. Suitable for all levels and ages as it instructs on the very basics of typing. 
  • Materials. Keeps learning fun through tutorials, games, and lessons. 
  • Languages. Available in 9 languages allowing people from all over the world to learn how to type. 


  • Progress. You must complete each level in order to progress onto the next. 

2. Typing Instructor For Kids

TypingInstructorWeb for Kids

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Typing Instructor is one of the most popular typing courses on the market. With its innovative ways to keep your children having fun and interested.

This interesting course has developed methods to make itself suitable for children as young as six.

Through Typing Instructor For Kids your kids can select from 11 typing plans and for a bit of added fun, play multi-level typing games to show off their skills.

This online course follows the National Education Technology Standard.

Each lesson includes age-appropriate content, graphic guide hands, proven methods for skill building, unique drills and interactive exercises, structured touch-typing content, and multi-skill levels.

One of the best features for this course is the sound features. Kids can select a sound that will play if they hit the wrong key during their challenges.

Raising the stakes makes it that bit more fun. Kids that complete their challenges will be provided with points throughout the games and can receive a certificate of achievement.

The only drawback is that there is a small subscription fee to be paid in order to learn from the course. But the materials are well-worth the investment. 


  • Age. Suitable for kids as young as 6 years old. 
  • Materials. Choose from 11 custom typing plans and multi-level games.
  • Rewards. Receive points which go towards the games and be awarded a certificate of achievement.
  • Sound Feature. Create a custom sound for when you hit the wrong key. 


  • Fee. There is a small subscription fee to be paid in order to learn from Typing Instructor For Kids. 

3. RataType

Ratatype Online Touch Typing Tutor and Typing Lessons

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In need of a simple, easy to use resource to help your kid learn to type? RataType is a free online course that allows children to take typing tests, and to further their skills on the keyboard. 

RataType allows kids to see where their skills are and how to develop them through a series of speed tests, lessons and games.

You can select whether to learn on the most common layout QWERTY, or other keyboard layouts that are used across the world. 

This resource can be used at home, in the classroom, and even at the office. With the ability to create groups, kids can chat, challenge each other, and work together in order to complete lessons. 

Learn how to type in your mother tongue as RataType offers 9 languages including, English, Spanish, French, and Polish. 

Enjoy watching your kids learn the skills of touch typing through earning points, chatting with friends and pushing their skills further. 


  • Free. This online resource is free to be used at home, the classroom, or the office.
  • Groups. Create groups to challenge, chat, and learn with friends.
  • Languages. Ratatype provides lessons in 9 languages. 
  • Keyboard Layouts. Learn to type on a range of keyboard layouts from QWERTY to DVORAK. 


  • Graphics. Ratatype does not use advanced graphics, video, or animation in its lessons which may become boring for kids. 

4. Typeracer


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Feel like your classroom needs a little bit of healthy competition? Typeracer is the perfect typing resource to get your kids excited and competitive about typing.

Race yourself, or other people to see who has the fastest typing speed. 

As it is an online web application, there is no need to install any software meaning that your kids are free to race without using any of your storage.

Not to mention, Typeracer has one of the broadest language functionality on the market. 

Kids can even learn to type in different languages as the type lines from their favorite shows such as Tokyo Ghoul. Find that your kid is struggling to learn a particular word?

The Repeating Word function allows kids to go over the same words until they understand the concept. 

So, get your kids excited about typing through racing or typing their favorite words from TV Shows, songs, and video games. 


  • Free. Use anywhere and anytime as long as you have an internet connection with this free online typing course. 
  • Web Application. Simply type the website into your browser and use the resources. No need for installing software. 
  • Languages. Broad range of languages from all over the world, allowing anyone to race. 
  • Interactive. Race yourself, friends, or colleagues to see who is the fastest typer. 


  • Learning Aids. Does not have a wide range of learning tools and is more suitable for practice. 

5. Typekids

The Most Fun Typing Course for Kids

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Typekids is an online typing course that has been created with young students in mind. The pirate theme, gem badges, and rewards make this course exciting and interesting. 

You can also keep track of your child’s progress through the emailed reports. The report will offer you information about the students progress in terms of specific letters and key strokes that they may be struggling with. 

For kids who would rather play video games than learn to type, The Pirate Arcade is the perfect feature. They can earn pirate coins as they practice and can spent in the arcade. You won’t be able to get your kid off it!

Try out the lessons and games for a month free of charge with the one-month free trial period. Once you have completed the trial period you must purchase the 30 lesson course, which can be quite the expense. 

The cost can add up if you have more than one youngster who wants to learn to type at the same time because each user needs to have a separate license in order to access the entire course (although there are family discounts available).


  • Progress Reports. Through email you will be provided with detailed reports regarding the students progress. 
  • Gaming Feature. Earn coins to spend in the arcade as kids practice and learn. 
  • Free Trial. Test out Typekids for one month free of charge. 


  • Price. After the one month trial you must purchase a 30 lesson bundle which can be rather expensive. 
  • Subscriptions. Each user must have their own subscription which can be costly for families with more than one child. 

Buyers Guide For Online Typing Course 

It can quickly become overwhelming when you begin to research the different online typing courses that are available. It is important to know what you want from the course and what to look for. 

We have created this simple buyers guide to help make your decision simple. You will know the features that make a great online typing course and whether it is worth your investment. 


There is a wide selection of free online typing courses available. These are a popular choice and often contain good quality resources.

However, that does not mean that they are the best out there. Often when something is of low value, it is generally of low quality which can have a significant impact on how your child learns. 

It is important to research a range of typing courses that are of different price ranges to ensure that you are making the best choice. 

Another problem with less expensive products is that they degrade more quickly than high-quality ones.

Due to their poor craftsmanship and design problems, fixing or replacing these things can ultimately cost twice as much money.

The better an authentic product is, the more expensive it is. Due to their high price, some people end up purchasing things they cannot afford, while others decide not to purchase anything at all.

Be sure to take note of all of the pros and cons of each online typing course before signing up.

While it may be a rather expensive upfront cost, it could have higher quality features that allow your child to learn at a better pace. 


Much like any product you are looking to purchase, the quality of a product is highly impacted on the materials used and the process followed to completion.

Online typing courses are no different. You want to ensure that your course of choice is of strong quality and won’t fail you after a few lessons. 

In terms of online learning this means that your online typing course should use a secure URL.

This means that your information is kept private to the server and they use protective measures for the safety of their users, i.e your child. 

You also want to ensure that the site host is of a reliable brand. Much like tangible products, the more well-known the brand, generally the more trustworthy the product.

While you may be new to the world of online typing courses there are certain websites that will continue to show face. Be sure to research their history before signing up and purchasing lessons. 

Your internet connection will have an impact on the quality of your experience, however, if the website host is of bad quality then you may experience negative implications.

This can include glitching, important information being erased, and slow load times. All of which can create a negative customer experience.

Review of Customers 

Not sure how to research the features above? Check out the customer reviews.

Not everyone’s experience with a particular online typing course will be the same but if the general theme is that it is not of good quality, that is a good indication not to sign up. 

Customer reviews can give you more insight into whether a course is right for your child and their needs. You can easily decipher what you like and don’t like about a course and move on to researching the next. 

Make sure to spend quite some time reading customer reviews as the ones displayed on the website tend to be in a positive light.

You want to find a mixture of positive and negative reviews with the general consensus being that the course is of high quality and will support your child. 

Customer Support 

As a parent you will most likely not be using the services everyday unlike your child. However, if something goes wrong you will be the person they ask for help. 

The most common issue with online courses is that your internet connection has dropped or is running a little slow. If this is the cause then you will need to contact your internet provider. 

However, if the issue is related to the course itself then you may need to contact the course provider directly. You want to ensure that the course provider has a form of communication.

Whether telephone, email, or a live web chat you want to be able to get in contact with the course provider in a timely manner in order to solve any issues you may have. 


The materials provided by the course are one of the main factors to consider. From tutorial lessons to exciting games, you want your child to remain happy and engaged when learning. 

The most common form of learning for children ages 6 and up is through interactive games and lessons.

Ensure that the course you select will provide materials that your child will enjoy. Whether it is racing classmates or taking their time to learn a new word, make sure it is fun for them. 

Many online typing courses are more suited to practicing models. If your child is a complete beginner then you will want to ensure that there are regular lessons to help your kid progress in their learning. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

If you are still unsure which online typing course will be best for your child, dont panic. We have answered some of the most frequently asked questions. You can learn more about courses and what your child may need. 

Why is learning to type important for children?

Typing is an excellent way for students with dyslexia, dysgraphia, and dyspraxia to accomplish written projects and avoid the difficulties of handwriting their schoolwork.

Typing can also help students improve their writing skills and make peer editing and revision activities easier.

What are the basic rules for typing?

  • Try not to look at the keyboard. Keep your eyes on the screen and allow your fingers to learn keyboard movements. 
  • Focus on Accuracy. Everyone wants to be the fastest but it is important to ensure you aren’t making lots of mistakes on your way. 
  • Take Breaks. Staring at a screen for long periods of time can be damaging to your eyes. Take regular breaks to give your eyes a rest. 

How long should a child practice typing?

The more frequently your child practices touch typing, the quicker they will become at it. We advise kids to participate for at least an hour each week.

They will learn more quickly if they have more to accomplish. To learn to touch type, they will often need to practice for at least ten hours.

Final Thoughts 

Whether your kid has been typing for a while and needs some support or you want to give your kid a head start, online typing courses are amazing resources. 

They can be used at home, in the classroom,and even at the office. They make learning fun with interactive games and challenges so your kid will never be bored. 

Check out the best online typing courses for kids above and get your child learning to type, the fun way. 

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