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B2B Sales Course

15 Best B2B Sales Course To do in 2023

Running training programs in the workplace is essential to keep everyone’s skills up to date in the modern corporate world. 

With sales being a vital part of any business, creating or attending training programs for salespeople can help them to acquire new tactics, skills, and procedures for selling, or improve upon what they already know. 

Improving the outcomes at the bottom line is the ultimate objective of any business, as this is how profits are made. 

Even if you have full confidence in your sales team and they seem to be hitting every target you set, you still should not discount the positive effects that even a few hours of sales education may have.

Even just learning one or two new sales tactics could drastically increase your profits in the long run. 

Even if you don’t run your own business, taking part in a B2B sales course could still be very useful to you. 

If you are a candidate applying for a new role, aiming for promotion, or switching companies, a sales training certificate can boost your resume from “standard” to “amazing”. 

A sales training program can take the form of a virtual or live course, seminar, or workshop.

This type of training evaluates a sales representative’s current skill level, provides guidance on how to improve their skill set, and verifies the sales representative’s new skill with a  badge, certificate, or another type of qualification.

When it comes to B2B (business-to-business) sales training, there are thousands of courses, both in-person and online, to choose from.

With each course offering something different in terms of price, learning style, and qualification, it isn’t always easy to pick the perfect sales training program for your budget, team size, area of emphasis, and requirements.

So which of the many programs available is going to work best for you and your group?

To help you to decide, we have made this list of the most beneficial training programs available, each of which can be purchased at a different price point, focus on a different topic, and be delivered in a variety of ways. 

For added convenience, all of these courses can be done online so you and your staff don’t have to travel. 

Our goal is to help your team close deals with honesty, speed, and confidence. Take a look at some of the B2B training courses below to see if any of them are the right fit for you and your company. 

Intro To Sales

Sales Online Course | Training for Beginners - GoSkills

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  • Price – $29 per month for individuals or $199 per year for teams Length: 18 hours
  • Length – 18hrs 

In the course of 31 hands-on virtual lessons, sales professionals will learn new tools and strategies that mold their mindset and change what they know and think about sales.

This approved course is excellent for those with little to no prior experience in sales since it focuses on topics such as psychology, personality, and practical guidance.

Students now have access, via their mobile devices, to premium video lessons as well as personalized learning, allowing them to continue their education wherever they go. 

The best part about this course is that you can study at your speed, and you can try the endless exams and quizzes that are provided to ensure that you remember the knowledge that is covered in the course.

Sales Insight Lab

Sales Insights Lab - Training & Data Research Firm

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  • Price – Varies
  • Length – Varies

Sales leadership frequently faces the same challenges, no matter what sector you are working with. 

Some of the most common challenges are that the company does not have sufficient superstar salespeople, they are losing deals to a cheaper competitor, there is no consistency in sales, or their team is concentrating on the wrong type of buyers. 

Mark Wayshak, the overseer of this program, provides individualized training to companies of varying sizes, to assist these businesses in overcoming the challenges they face.

His ultimate objective is to assist you in massively increasing the value of your initial investment.

Mastering The Selling Process Specialization

The Art of Sales: Mastering the Selling Process | Coursera

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  • Price – Free but you have to pay $95 to get a certificate 
  • Length – One month, with work time ranging from three to five hours each week

Rookie sales representatives will gain an introduction to the principles of selling through the completion of this course. 

Topics covered will include prospecting, qualifying, questioning, and generating proposals.

It is designed for business-to-business as well as business-to-consumer salespeople and consists of lectures, reading, and practical exercises from the real world.

This class is one of a kind since it combines four different topics into a single offering.

This specialist training will teach you how to segment your customer base, make meaningful connections with prospects, effectively pitch and close transactions, and refine your whole sales process. 

The end goal of the course is to increase the number of high-dollar deals that you successfully close.

Sales Prospecting Advanced Techniques

SMART Sales System Training Program

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  • Price – Free 
  • Length – 13hrs 

When it comes to making sales, the remarks and questions you pose to potential customers might determine whether or not you are successful.

However, even though a salesperson’s words are their most effective instrument, many salespeople still improvise while calling, emailing, or meeting with potential customers.

This course is designed to provide you and your salespeople with a sales method that is supported by strategy.

It teaches you how to construct a value offer, how to ask the appropriate questions, how to close more successfully, and much more. 

Not only will you make more sales, but you may even find that selling is more enjoyable.

Inside Sales Consulting

B2B Sales Consulting & Training | Sales Hacker

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  • Price – Varies 
  • Length – Varies 

Richard Harris, who heads up the consulting and training programs at Sales Hacker, has worked in nearly every sales position there is, from the bottom of the chain right to the very top as director of sales operations. 

Because he has seen and has experience in every part of the sales process, he can offer high-level counsel in addition to tactical instruction.

Training on every aspect of sales is provided by Sales Hacker.

This includes the creation of service level agreements (SLAs) between sales and marketing, the design of an organizational structure and pay plan for your sales force, and the implementation of a sales tool stack.

ASLAN Sales Training Program

Which Sales Training Program Is Right For You? | ASLAN

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  • Price – Varies 
  • Length – 3 Months  

ASLAN can tailor a training course to meet your and your company’s specific needs, whether those needs be in the areas of leadership, inside sales, outside sales, or call center operations.

Students who enroll in this program will be prepared to fulfill company objectives via sales after three months. 

After that, they will start the change process by completing a train-the-trainer certification with the help of instructors either onsite or online, depending on which option is more convenient. 

After they have completed the course, students may improve their firm with a new sales process via continual growth of their front-line personnel.

ASLAN offers a cloud-based dashboard that is used to make coaching easier to measure the actions that drive outcomes in this one-of-a-kind framework.

DoubleDigit Sales

Richardson Sales Performance Training Company

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  • Price – Varies 
  • Length – Varies  

DoubleDigit Sales helps organizations to achieve growth of more than 10 percent by aligning their content and processes to modify the behaviors of your teams and enhance their sales outcomes.

The sales staff can instantly put what they’ve learned to use since the training is delivered on an interactive and very relevant virtual platform that offers professionals highly relevant knowledge.

Hubspot – Inbound Sales

Inbound Sales Certification Course | HubSpot Academy

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  • Price – Free 
  • Length – 2hrs   

If you want to be successful in sales in today’s market, you can’t afford to engage in dishonest practices. 

Take advantage of this no-cost online seminar on the inbound sales process to educate yourself and your staff on how to do business honestly.

It covers everything, from finding new customers to designing individualized presentations for them.

You will receive a badge to put on your LinkedIn profile, email signature, and website if you have completed the course and passed the final exam.

21st Century Training

21st Century Sales Training Program by Brian Tracy

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  • Price – $997 
  • Length – 3 Months     

Prospecting, building trust and credibility, recognizing the buyer’s needs, overcoming difficulties, closing, and gaining referrals and recurring business are all covered in this online course that takes place over three months.

Workbooks, role-playing activities, and more training modules are included in addition to the 24 films that can be watched whenever it is most convenient to you or your team.

Prospecting new customers, establishing rapport with existing customers, and making the final sale are all made easier by each of these aspects.

Smart Calling College

Smart Calling College

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  • Price – The first participant from a firm will be charged $895, and each additional attendee from the same company will be charged $795.
  • Length – Approximately 2 hours of video modules completed at your speed each week for a total of 4 weeks. 

This all-encompassing training session will be beneficial to representatives who rely mostly on the phone as their primary form of contact and sales. 

Participants will acquire a variety of skills over one month, including how to engage buyers within the first few seconds of a conversation, how to resolve objections, how to offer value at every touch, and more. 

You will also have access to live teaching sessions, a workbook, and an online forum in addition to the videos that are provided.

Business To Business Phone Skills Program

Effective Sales Training Programs - Pricing - Free Quote

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  • Price – Varies 
  • Length – 2 Months  

Inside sales professionals will get an understanding of how to engage prospects, book appointments, dive into their prospects’ motives, alleviate their worries, and complete the deal through participation in this training session.

After every training session, there is a test that is scored, allowing sales representatives to assess their level of comprehension and allowing sales managers to track their progress.

Iannarino Sales Accelerator

Sales Accelerator Program for Individuals | The Sales Blog

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  • Price – $97 per month or $997 per year; alternatively, you can get in touch for a team subscription.
  • Length – Varies   

This membership community and its accompanying sales training are organized to allow for ongoing education. 

Participants receive brand-new “How To” training on a fundamental sales skill set every month. They will also get the opportunity to participate in a live Q&A webinar with Iannarino.

In addition, members get access to a private forum, where they may interact with one another to answer each other’s questions, exchange methods, provide feedback and encouragement, and more.

Virtual And Online Selling

Our Approach | Programs to Shorten the Sales Cycle | Action Selling

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  • Price – $195 to receive certification at the associate level. The cost of certification at the Professional Level is $895.
  • Length – 3-12hrs

During a 120 min video, participants will work with two moderators and eight role-play actors who assist in evaluating and improving their sales abilities.

Participants are first instructed on how not to use each selling ability, and then the moderators explain which strategy is most appropriate for the numerous circumstances that may arise.

This is a distinctive feature of the Action Selling training framework. 

Participants will learn the proper approach to market their goods and services via the use of role plays, which will reinforce the learnings they have received so far in the course.

Corporate Visions Consulting

  • Price – Varies 
  • Length – Varies 

In the business world, it is commonly believed that “marketing’s duty” is to demonstrate value to the consumer, but in reality, nothing could be further from the truth.

The clients’ perception of the value is sufficient to bring them in the door, but does it go far enough to seal the deal?

Sales teams are taught how to illustrate the value of their products and services by utilizing the psychology of the customer through Corporate Vision’s Training and Consulting. 

By gaining an awareness of how consumers place value and make decisions, salespeople will be better able to express value in a situational context, therefore providing customers with a more tailored and individualized experience.

Bespoke Training

Bespoke Sales Training Courses Online | MTD

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  • Price – Varies 
  • Length – Varies 

This is an excellent b2B training choice to consider if you want to take part in an online sales training program that is optimized to your team’s specific requirements, learning preferences, and other factors. 

A program that may include video, animation, audio, role-playing, and/or quizzes will be designed by you in collaboration with the MTD Sales Training team. 

The arrangement may range from 20 sessions of 15 minutes each to 40 sessions of 5 minutes each, allowing you to properly accommodate the schedules of your sales representatives.

Additionally, the system is adaptable and quick to respond. Choose a training program that is tailored to smartphones and tablets if your salespeople value mobility in their education. 

A course that can be completed on a laptop is usually the best option for them if they spend most of their time sitting at their workstations.

What To Look Out For In A B2B Sales Training Course 

When you start looking for decent B2B sales training online, you’ll quickly discover that there are a lot of different alternatives to choose from. 

The most effective business-to-business sales training can help you apply the strategies to your professional life by using examples that apply to your field and career. This is what makes for a great business-to-business sales course.

Here are some things to look out for when finding the best B2B sales training course for you and your team. 


The subject of the class needs to address one (or more!) of the difficulties that you and your sales team are dealing with. 

If you are a salesperson with less than five years of experience, your educational requirements are probably going to be somewhat different from those of someone with more experience. 

Make sure the course addresses your needs and helps you improve your business-to-business sales before you commit to it, as a lot of these courses can be quite pricy and you don’t want to waste your money. 


Have you ever gone through sales training and felt like it was a waste of time? It’s possible that this is happening because you didn’t implement any changes once the training was finished. 

The most effective business-to-business training or coaching sessions include a comprehensive post-training reinforcement program.

After the course has finished, you might want to consider accessing a community forum or continuing to see the videos. 

Teaching Style 

It’s possible that when your abilities in business-to-business sales improve, you’ll realize that you don’t require a comprehensive course that teaches you about the sales sector as a whole. 

When you have reached a particular degree of understanding and experience, it is unlikely that attending a lecture course will be beneficial to you.

Instead, hiring a coach might prove to be a more efficient method of education, allowing you to get individualized and implementable techniques that are customized to your particular field and company.


You and the other members of your team will be able to sell more if you have access to excellent sales training programs. 

The return you will see after the course will be sufficient to justify the expense, as evidenced by increased quota and revenue achievement, improved win rates, and reduced sales force turnover.

Try one of the B2B sales courses above and you will see a noticeable increase in the sales of your company afterward.
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