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Anki Vs Quizlet

Anki vs Quizlet (2023): Which Is Better?

The spike in eLearning demand has resulted in a significant expansion of online education apps. In this day and age, most flashcard apps make studying easier than you might think.

And it most emphatically is if you select an app that matches your needs.

Anki app and Quizlet app are two popular learning applications that help pupils quickly grasp academic topics.

Because they give more effective traditional learning methods, these programs can help you recall a lot of knowledge while spending less time studying.

Let’s have a look at both Anki vs Quizlet apps and how they compare to one another so that you can choose the best one for your needs. 

Anki Overview

If you have trouble remembering things, this may be the app for you.

Anki App was initially released in 2006 for language learners, but it has since evolved into a software and learning tool that assists learners in studying several topics and increasing their learning in a short amount of time.

This software has several features such as syncing and flexibility. Anki’s creators also claim that the software is multimedia-rich, optimized, and completely expandable.

You may use this tool to learn a new language, study medicine and law, explore geography, or even practice playing guitar chords.

Anki’s deck idea is a significant element that allows you to arrange your cards any way you see appropriate.

For example, you may make several decks for different topics or jobs so that you can study them independently.

If you have a vocabulary layer for words and another for historical events from the same era, the terms should be grouped with the relevant historical events.

After you install Anki on your different devices, you will be prompted to choose a “Source” from which to draw your cards.

This can be any online or offline website or file that contains information relevant to what you want to learn in the form of text, photos, or audio.

Anki will then convert this information into flashcards that you can study on a computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Anki Pros

Spaced Repetition

Anki employs one of the finest algorithms for spaced repetition. It is one of its most significant assets.

Anki’s algorithm automates the reappearance of flashcards at varied time intervals based on the age of the card and your ability to answer certain questions.

As a result, you’ll be able to access long-term memory as the period between each reappearance lengthens, while still being able to respond to the question.

Powerful Settings

It has been demonstrated that the greater the time intervals, the more successful the approach. Anki allows you to change the time intervals between card reappearances.

To begin, it is best that you leave the default settings alone. As a result, you’ll be able to become acquainted with the application and your cards.

When you’re finished, you can modify the respawn interval of your cards.

Custom Study Rhythm

Anki allows you to increase the number of DUE cards you have. Passing from a deck of 20 fresh cards that has been pre-set to a number you believe can be done efficiently.


Anki provides a plethora of free updates known as Add-Ons. Check out how to add Anki add-ons to see how simple it is to download and install.

They enable you to improve your interface experience and operate more efficiently.

Offline Use

Offline Use

Using flashcards is a time-consuming and significant effort. This free alternative allows you to access your cards in any situation no matter where you are. 

Premade Decks

If you don’t want to waste time designing your own flashcards, there are plenty of free decks available on the Internet.

It’s worth noting that you can always change your cards once they’ve been downloaded. You may provide information in the additional area to make your cards more personal.


When you have a lot of cards, the organization is vital. Anki allows you to organize your cards using tags, which should, in my opinion, be tied to certain themes or issues.

Anki Cons


AnkiMobile, which costs $25, is considered very worth it because it allows you to have your flashcards on your iPhone or iPad. While AnkiDroid is absolutely free, one would ask why the iOS version is so expensive.

Deck Imports

When it comes to Anki settings is not the easiest app to use. Importing new cards can quickly become a nuisance when you realize they must first be converted to a new file extension of “.apkg.”

One Study Mode

Anki only offers one learning mode, the conventional Flipping card, which can get tedious with time and, worse, may enhance your desire to put it off. 

Quizlet Overview

Students can utilize Quizlet, a digital learning tool, to accelerate their learning. It was developed in 2005 by sophomore Andrew Sutherland.

The software includes a number of study aids, such as flashcards and quizzes that are based on games.

You may learn vocabulary, new words, example phrases, and foreign characters with additional meanings with the aid of flashcards.

Every one of its millions of study sets is similar to a deck of flashcards. Match and Gravity are two more game genres that are included to make studying fun.

If you wish to expand your horizons, Quizlet offers a lot more options. Social science, science, math, the arts, and humanities are also included.

Quizlet Learn is powered by the “Learning Assistant System,” a combination of cognitive science that combines artificial intelligence.

It examines countless anonymous tutoring sessions to anticipate pupils’ preferred learning styles and present the subject matter they ought to pay attention to.

The artificial intelligence of Quizlet assists in simulating cognitive functions like learning and problem-solving that occur in humans. Studying becomes more successful, efficient, and enjoyable.

You may construct a list or collection of the subjects you want to learn using Quizlet’s flashcard app.

Additionally, by utilizing the search feature, you may discover sets that have already been created and indexed by others.

To make it easier to navigate and find a certain learning purpose, the platform is segmented into parts by subject.

Many of them use patterns that resemble flashcards with prompts or questions that the student may select and flip over to see the answer.

Quizlet Pros

Quizlet Pros

Modern Interface

Quizlet is an extremely user-friendly app that features a modern end experience to minimize distractions.

Multiple Study Modes

This program allows you to utilize your flashcards in a variety of ways, including basic card flipping and experimenting with different study modes.

It’s worth noting that if you select Quizlet PLUS, you’ll also have access to smart correction, which recognizes your flaws and provides explanations at the time of the results.

Import Feature

Quizlet’s import tool automatically generates cards from your notes. It merely takes a few seconds to have a study deck ready.

If you design your own deck, you know how time-consuming and monotonous it can be so having that time spent revising instead is a great advantage.


We no longer advertise the benefits of gamification since it has been shown to be helpful in combating procrastination.

However, its advantages do not stop there. It evaluates your knowledge and provides real-time feedback in addition to your enjoyable and engaging study experience.

If competition is a source of motivation for you, the different learning modes that Quizlet provides are designed for you.

Premade Decks

On the UI, several prepared decks produced by the community are available and easily accessible.

Quizlet Cons


The free edition of Quizlet is pretty limited, but it does allow you to use all of the study tools, as well as the gamification aspects and numerous prepared decks.

No Spaced Repetition

Quizlet no longer employs spaced repetition after the March 2020 update, which is a significant loss given all of the benefits it can provide.

Anki Vs Quizlet


The look and interface of an app are two factors that draw learners in at first sight. Learners want it to be user-friendly and aesthetically beautiful.

The colors themselves can sometimes influence the learners’ learning attitude. For students, an app that is simple to use is invaluable. So, the first consideration for the issue of Quizlet versus Anki is the UI.

Quizlet features a simple design. It employs the hues blue, and white, with hints of yellow and green. It offers a sophisticated UI that assists students in avoiding distractions while learning.

The landing page is not wordy, and the functionalities are plainly seen.

Anki, on the other hand, offers a far more user-friendly interface. The design is more traditional when compared to Anki to and Quizlet’s.

It lacks strong colors for emphasis. The predominant colors are white with a hint of blue. Anki is extremely intuitive, making it simple to use. The landing page is likewise straightforward and uncomplicated.

Study Modes

Students learn in a variety of methods. When comparing Quizlet vs Anki, you should also consider your learning style and preferred study or learning styles.

The variety of study options will make you feel more at ease while studying.

Unlike Quizlet, Anki only offers one study mode, which is card flipping. You may immediately see if you got it right by clicking the “display the answer” button.

If you favor this type of learning, the Anki app may be beneficial to you.

Spaced Repetition 

Flashcards apps usually employ a spaced repetition strategy as a learning approach. Lessons are repeated at various or increasing time intervals.

Repetition is one of the greatest strategies to retain what you have learned, and it is supported by science and other learning theories. Increasing your intervals can help you learn more effectively.

Quizlet used to offer a spaced repetition mechanism, however, it was removed with the 2020 update. This is a significant adjustment for learners since spaced repetition has a significant influence on user learning.

Anki’s finest feature, on the other hand, is its spaced repetition technique. Anki’s algorithm controls the recurrence of the queries.

As the time gap rises, the likelihood of retention in long-term memory increases. You may also note that it can get repetitious but think of it as additional opportunities to learn.



Gamification with the best flashcard app such as Anki or Quizlet learning assistant allows users to memorize while having fun.

This is one of the most intriguing and interesting things that the regular flashcard app lacks. When you receive the right answer, your level rises, much like in a game.

Quizlet site offers two game types, which are familiar to those who have used it for a long time. The first is called “Match,” and it plainly refers to game modes or matching games.

“Gravity” is another game and it is a study game in which you apply the right answers to keep asteroids from colliding with the Earth. Because it is a game, the level of intricacy grows as the level progresses.

Anki is ideal for serious language learners who are accustomed to traditional language learning modes. Unlike Quizlet, it lacks gamification. It is a standard card flip and does not provide several options.


Learners and instructors are looking for flashcard apps that are extremely customizable. This way, you’ll be able to create one flashcard app that is tailored to your long term learning style and requirements. 

There is no question about Quizlet. You can certainly create your own flashcard deck in a matter of seconds.

You may quickly include written questions into your flashcards or copy and paste them. You also have the ability to share your own photographs, but you must first sign up for their premium edition.

You may also create your own flashcard decks for Anki, however, this is time-consuming.

If you are unfamiliar with Anki’s interface, you may get perplexed; nevertheless, keep in mind that everyone has various learning methods and preferences, so why not check it out first?

It will not be extensively used by medical students for no reason. 

Pre-Made Cards

Having extensive pre-made flashcards is a fairly cool feature that any flashcard program should consider investing in.

One of the things that attract users is the variety of what a flashcard app may provide.

Creating new decks is exciting, but having a variety of additional themes and learning material to give is on another level. 

Quizlet features a large collection of free pre-made flashcards ranging from academic disciplines to arts and humanities.

Although there are certain limitations when utilizing Quizlet’s free version, it might still help you understand your lesson. Simply go to the search bar and insert a term related to the research set you’re looking for.


One of the first things you should think about is the flashcard app’s availability and compatibility. Learners can utilize a variety of devices.

If you enjoy traveling and always have your phone with you, the mobile app version is excellent.

However, if you prefer a larger screen and use a desktop or laptop, you should consider utilizing the web version. It can even be both if you want.


The majority of advanced Anki features and services are free to its users. The Android and web free versions are also free to all users.

However, if you want to use its iOS version, you must pay a price of $25. As a result, Anki is the online learning platform to utilize if you have a limited budget.

Quizlet, on the other hand, provides new customers with a seven-day trial period during which all of its services are free.

However, once the free trial time expires, you will be required to pay a monthly membership fee for either the Quizlet Go or the Quizlet Plus options.

The Go option will cost you $2.99 per month, while the Plus option will cost you $3.99 per month.

When the two are compared, Anki decks are the less expensive alternative. As a result, if the price of services is your primary priority while keeping other parameters constant, Anki is the platform to choose.


Both applications have their own set of benefits and drawbacks. To summarize, before choosing one of the two applications, the user must examine his study objectives, preferred study style, and budget.

Anki is your best choice because it offers a great flashcard tool that uses the spaced repetition approach to help you learn quickly and efficiently.

It not only allows you to utilize the pre-made decks for free, but it also allows you to add words from other learning platforms to your Anki deck.

The Anki app has the advantage of being completely free for PC and Android users, allowing them to utilize all materials and features at no cost.

While iOS users must pay $25 for a lifetime subscription, it lacks a clear user interface, making Anki difficult to use for those who lack technical understanding.

It is tiresome and difficult to use since it lacks a gamified study option.

Quizlet, on the other hand, offers a beautifully designed user interface that even a total novice can use, as well as several gamification aspects for studying flashcards that turn to learn into a joyful pastime rather than a work.

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