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Zenva Academy Review

Zenva Academy Review (Pros and Cons, Price and more)

Learn to code easily using Zenva. You can learn practical industry skills by creating games, applications, websites, and more with Zenva’s affordable classes. 

In addition to this, it covers topics like data science, game and web development, augmented reality, machine learning, and more. 

They claim on their website that you will be studying cutting-edge methods that will put you ahead of the competition.

Additionally, you can modify your courses using video lectures, textual tutorials, live coding, and quizzes to fit your unique learning preferences.

The platform has a clear structure, affordable rates, and a diploma of accomplishment at the end. However, it is a shame that it is not recognized. 

In this article, we will be giving you an honest and unbiased Zenva Academy Review. We will look into the pros and cons of the learning platform and whether you should consider using this site. 

About Zenva Academy 

Zenva is an online learning platform established in 2011. It provides training and instruction in computer science and programming. In particular, they have courses in the following areas:

  • Data Science,
  • Web Development,
  • Mobile Apps,
  • Game Development,
  • Machine Learning,
  • Coding,
  • Augmented and Virtual Reality.

At present, more than 1 million users have signed up for this platform as learners and developers.

The company’s major objective is to use technology and gaming to make a good impact on people and develop their career prospects. They appear to be doing fairly well so far.

You can pick from over 250 subjects at Zenva Academy. Although, Zenva’s course selection is not as extensive as that of some of the leading providers.

Yet, you can still learn how to design your own apps, games, websites, and other projects with their assistance quite rapidly.

In spite of the fact that this site is not appropriate for people interested in studying soft skills. It may be a fantastic choice for those trying to advance their coding abilities.

Plans And Prices

Zenva offers its own subscription based plans and prices. When you compare these plans and prices to other platforms, they are offering you a very average and reasonable price.

Below is a rundown of the prices to expect.

  • Monthly Subscription Plan – $20 a month.
  • Yearly Subscription Plan – $14 a month or $168 a year.

You can also discover Zenva classes on Udemy if you don’t want to commit. One of the Udemy instructors is Zenva Academy, and they have already received over 500k students.

Udemy, in contrast to Zenva, lets you purchase individual courses and keep taking them as long as you like.

For those with limited time and who require more than a month to finish one course, such a payment approach is more advised.

However, if you often study, a subscription-based pricing approach will definitely work better for you.

Depending on when you register, you might be able to benefit from a little discount. Some students may find it pricey, especially if they only wish to take one or two courses.

There are nevertheless also free courses available. This is excellent because it gives you an overview of their educational philosophy, what to anticipate from their mini-degree programs, and more.

Advantages Of Zenva Academy

Zenva Academy Review

It’s time to look at all the good things that Zenva Academy can offer you. It is important to note that while Zenva might not be widely known as an e-learning platform, this site has a lot to offer their students. 

Below is a rundown of all the advantages of using Zenva Academy.

Focusing On Programming Lessons

If you’ve been browsing multiple online learning platforms, you’ve probably realized that each of them differs from the others somewhat.

Some of them provide quick, enjoyable courses that will quickly teach you soft skills.

Other platforms concentrate on a certain type of topics. Programming languages, for instance, or arts and music, etc. Yet, there are also platforms that offer everything.

Zenva Academy is wholly committed to developing students’ coding abilities. You can learn programming skills from over 250 on-demand courses available on the platform.

Each of them can be filtered, so you can discover exactly what you’re looking for. Therefore, in the data science course this covers databases, visualization, and data analysis to name a few.

While their gaming course covers Unreal Engine, multiplayer, and Godot. 

You’ll be learning by doing because Zenva specializes in educating your coding skills quickly. Having said that, the courses will cover both theoretical and applied information.

Depending on the course you choose, you’ll learn how to create genuine apps, websites, games and more. 

Free Courses Offered

Many students select free online courses over premium ones due to the numerous options available. However, there are some significant issues with such courses.

Mainly, these courses are typically of very low quality. However, this is not the issue with Zenva Academy. 

Since there aren’t thousands of courses available at Zenva Academy, they can concentrate on quality rather than quantity and guarantee up-to-date content.

Therefore, if you don’t want to pay, you can choose one of their 12 free courses, which all focus on basic information on various topics.

Mini Courses And Degrees

In addition to standard courses, Zenva Academy also provides Mini-Degrees. These Mini-Degrees provide you with the knowledge necessary to embark on a new profession.

Even though you’ll have to invest a lot of time and work into it, this is a better option than traditional learning, which may be very expensive.

There are 26 Mini-Degrees available right now, but more are likely to be introduced in the near future.

These degrees include all the necessary information about what you will study, including projects, the curriculum, and requirements. They typically don’t require any prior expertise in the subject as well.

Some of these mini-degrees include:

  • Intro to Programming Bundle
  • Mobile App Development Mini-Degree
  • Python MIni-Degree
  • Unity Game Development Mini-Degree

Flexible Studying Options

Flexibility is a key factor in the recommendation to use online learning platforms like Zenva over conventional education.

Like with the rest of online learning environments, Zenva Academy enables on-demand learning. 

This indicates that you can keep learning as long as you’re a subscribed member. It is entirely up to you whether you finish 1 program in 6 months or 6 courses in just 1 month.

All things considered, if you choose online education, you can utilize your free time to further your education and learn useful new skills.

Completion Of Course Certificate

After finishing the courses, Zenva awards certificates to the students. Despite not being certified, Zenva Academy diplomas are nonetheless highly regarded by employers.

Having said that, you can add those new talents to your portfolio as well. 

These new skills can help you to launch your career or get a better job offer once you’ve finished the course at Zenva Academy.

Few online learning sites provide certified certifications, but among the more highly regarded ones are edX and Coursera.

Customer Support

There is one element that is incredibly crucial when it comes to various goods and services. That is a dependable customer support service that is available to you whenever you have platform-related problems.

Most students agreed that Zenva is genuinely helpful when needed and provides all the information on subscriptions, payments, courses, and other topics.

In light of this, you may always get in touch with Zenva customer service, which will assist you as needed.

Disadvantages Of Zenva Academy

Zenva Academy Review

There are a lot of positive reviews surrounding Zenva Academy. However, it isn’t perfect and there are some flaws that you need to be aware of.

We wanted to address these issues, so that you can get a full overview of using Zenva Academy. That way, you know exactly what to expect. 

Below are a couple of the disadvantages we found from using Zenva Academy. 

Limited Coding Based Courses

Although it entirely depends on your particular preferences, the bulk of customers are looking for platforms that are not just focused on specialized information.

Imagine finding a platform that solely provides classes focused on cooking. At first, it’s amazing, since you were searching for exactly what it was.

However, after a certain period of time, you may start asking yourself what other skills you can learn.

From that cooking based platform, you may not be able to learn any other skills, thus you will have to look elsewhere and potentially start paying for two subscriptions. 

Unfortunately, Zenva exclusively provides coding-based training. Only 250 courses are available, as was previously indicated in this Zenva review.

While it might be plenty if you only want to learn about a certain topic, some people will undoubtedly want more courses.

When compared to other online courses, Zenva is only providing a fraction of the amount of courses that other online learning sites are offering.

However, hopefully, they will add more courses in time. 

Uncredited Certificates

You can get completion certificates from most online learning platforms. These certifications are mostly not certified.

Although certifications that are not authorized are still far superior to nothing, you ought to be aware of the distinction.

The official recognition of accredited certifications by numerous international organizations makes them more valuable and well-known to employers.

On the other hand, formal, international institutions do not accept diplomas that have not received accreditation.

Zenva offers you non-accredited certifications. Yet, it doesn’t mean you can’t showcase your new abilities to receive a better job offer or add the certificates to your portfolio.

Most employers will value your effort and will certainly reward you for it. Since there are very few virtual education sites that provide you certified credentials, this fact shouldn’t deter you from picking Zenva courses.

User Experience Could Be Better

Depending on the program you select, it could take you days, weeks, or even months to finish. This implies that you will constantly be on a platform. It appears that not every online learning system is aware of that.

Numerous reviewers stated that the Zenva Academy website appears a little old upon first glance. Additionally, it is difficult to find free courses or mini-degrees when you look for them.

Hence, it is better to Google for these courses and find them that way then searching through their website.

However, with that being said, once you have found the course you wish to enroll in, everything is really simple. Not everyone cares about the appearance of the site, just as long as the quality is good enough. 

We are aware that the quality that Zenva provides is high. Therefore, due to them providing high quality courses, this may make up for the fact that their website needs a bit of work to doing to it.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Zenva Academy is a decant virtual learning site for anyone who is interested in coding based courses. At the time of writing, they offer 250 courses, with some free courses and mini degrees available as well.

When it comes to their prices, they are reasonably priced and due to using a subscription method, you can enroll in as many courses as you wish for that one price. 

It is important to note, that while these courses may be beneficial to you, they are not accredited. This may not be a huge downside for you, as you can still add the skills you have learned to your portfolio or CV.

Zenva Academy is a good coding learning platform, but it can be limiting due to the minimal amount of courses available.

There are other sites out there that can offer you the same that Zenva does but with a broader range of courses available. 

We hope this review has helped you with your decision on whether you should be using Zenva Academy or not.