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Codecademy: Where Beginners Should Start

Codecademy: Where Beginners Should Start

Are you new to coding and looking for some guidance? Codecademy is an excellent place to start.

With a wide range of courses, from HTML & CSS to Python and Ruby, it’s the perfect platform for learning the basics of web development and programming.

Whether you’re a complete beginner or brushing up on your skills, Codecademy offers plenty of opportunities to get involved and learn something new – and we took a closer look at all the platform has to offer!

“Where should I start on Codecademy if I know nothing about coding?”

Keep reading to find out!

What Is Codecademy?

Codecademy is an online platform designed to help complete beginners learn how to write code and start their coding journey into web development.

The site boasts an interactive, user-friendly interface that makes learning easier than ever before.

With a wide range of courses from beginner level to experienced coders, Codecademy is the perfect starting point for those looking to get involved in coding.

The courses are broken down into three tiers: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. (See ‘Is Codecademy Free: Pricing, Plans & Much More.’)

Each lesson includes interactive exercises to help you understand the coding concepts and apply them to real-world scenarios.

What Can You Learn On Codecademy?

Codecademy offers a wide selection of courses, and these include:  

Programming Languages

One of the main appeals of Codecademy, especially for new users, is its selection of programming languages.

These include HTML & CSS, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, and more. 

With each course, you can expect to learn the fundamentals of the language and create your own projects that will help build your portfolio.

Some of the best programming languages for newbies to start with include:

  • Java – Java is a powerful and versatile language that is used in many different industries. It’s the perfect language to start with if you’re looking to build web applications or create mobile apps. (Check out ‘What To Do After Completing The JavaScript Course On Codecademy?‘)
  • Python – Python is a great choice for those who are looking to get into data science and machine learning, as it can be used for both. It is high-level, easy to read, and has an extensive library, making it a great choice for beginners.
  • JavaScript – JavaScript is a key language for web development. It’s one of the most popular languages and can be used to create dynamic, interactive websites and web applications.

Web Development Courses

In addition to other languages, Codecademy also offers a range of web and software development courses.

These include HTML & CSS fundamentals, React for front-end development, and Node.js for back-end development.

With each course, you’ll learn the basics of web development and be able to create your own projects like a software engineer.

Data Science

Data science is becoming increasingly popular in our digital world, and Code Academy offers a range of courses related to this field.

From SQL to R, you can pick up the basics and then move on to more complex topics such as machine learning and data analysis.

Design And Product Management

Codecademy also offers courses related to design and product management. These include user experience (UX) design, web development, and app development.

Whether you’re looking to get started in this field or improve your existing skills, these courses will help you do just that.

Machine Learning And AI

AI is becoming more and more important in the tech world, and Codecademy offers a range of courses related to artificial intelligence and machine learning.

With these courses, you’ll learn how to create AI-powered applications and understand the basics of this rapidly-evolving field.

where should I start on Codecademy if i know nothing about coding

Where Should I Start On Codecademy If I Know Nothing About Coding?

For beginners, the best place to start is by taking one of the basic programming language courses.

These courses are designed for those with no prior coding experience and allow you to learn the basics of a language and problem-solving.

From there, you can move on to the more advanced web development courses or even explore data science.

Once you have the basics in place, the real treasures of Codecademy start to make themselves available to you; you will be able to use your skills to create projects and build your portfolio, which can open up several doors – and maybe even a job or career in your chosen field.

What Are The Benefits Of Codecademy?

There are a number of advantages to choosing Codecademy for your learning – and particularly for beginners.

Some of the main benefits of the site include:

Courses Are Accessible Yet Comprehensive

One of the main perks of the site is that courses are comprehensive yet easy to understand.

Codecademy courses are designed to teach users the fundamentals of a language and build up their skills over time in a logical and structured way. 

The courses cover all the essentials, from syntax to data structures, allowing you to quickly become familiar with the language, and gain confidence and proficiency, even if you are starting from scratch.

Interactive Projects

Another great benefit of Codecademy is that it offers interactive projects to help users practice their skills and learn by doing.

These projects also provide a great way to build a portfolio, which can be used to showcase your coding abilities and demonstrate your knowledge of the language.

Easy Accessibility

Codecademy courses are accessible anywhere with an internet connection.

This makes learning more convenient than ever before, as you can take courses from the comfort of your home or on the go.

Affordable Prices

As another bonus, Codecademy is one of the most affordable coding sites around. You can choose from a range of subscription options, including free and paid versions.

This makes learning more accessible for anyone looking to become a programmer, no matter their budget.

Access To A Wide Range Of Subjects

As we mentioned, the site offers courses in a wide range of subjects, from basic computer programming languages to data science and AI.

This means, no matter what your goals are, you’ll be able to find the right course for you.

Great For Beginners And Experienced Coders Alike

Codecademy is the perfect place for beginners to learn the basics of coding and develop their skills in writing code.

The courses are designed with the beginner in mind, providing an easy-to-follow structure that progressively builds from basic concepts up to more advanced topics.

Experienced coders can also benefit from the range of courses available, as there is something suitable for all levels and abilities.

Are There Any Downsides?

The main downside of Codecademy is that there isn’t such thing as help available if you get stuck on a course or project.

This can be frustrating for beginners who are just getting to grips with the language and don’t know where to turn for help.

However, the courses do come with Codecademy forums and discussion boards, which can be useful resources in certain circumstances.

In addition, the free version of Codecademy only offers a limited number of courses, and access to some of the more advanced topics like computer science may require payment.

Final Thoughts

Codecademy is one of the best online coding platforms for those looking to learn coding from scratch or brush up on their existing skills.

The courses are comprehensive yet accessible, while also being very affordable – even if you opt for the paid version.

Codecademy can also be an invaluable resource for experienced coders.

The interactive projects allow for the application of coding principles in a practical setting and can be used to develop existing skills or even create entire programs from scratch.

Additionally, the range of subjects covered on the site ensures that users have access to a wide variety of topics, so no matter what your goals are, you will be able to find the right course for you.

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