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what to do after memrise

Life After Memrise: Tips Moving Forward

Memrise is a great tool for learning new languages and developing language skills and offers users a high-quality, interactive platform that is designed to ensure fast, efficient, and effective learning.

You may be wondering, however, about the next steps to take once you have finished your Memrise courses. native speaker

How do you keep improving your language skills without relying solely on the language app? In this article, we will discuss effective ways to continue developing your language skills and what to do after Memrise.

What Is Memrise?

Memrise is an online language-learning platform that is designed to make learning languages as easy and enjoyable as possible.

Through a combination of interactive exercises, memory games, and audio recordings, users are able to learn new words, phrases, and grammar rules in a fun and interactive way. (See ‘Is Memrise Worth It? detailed review 2023‘)

Memrise also allows users to track their progress, giving them the opportunity to review their progress over time, and the platform provides users with access to a large community of language learners, who offer advice and tips on how best to learn the language.

How Does Memrise Help You Learn A New Language?

what to do after memrise

Memrise is an invaluable resource for language learners, as it offers a variety of tools and features to help users develop their skills.

Interactive Exercises

Firstly, Memrise provides users with interactive exercises and memory games which are designed to make learning easier and more enjoyable. (Check out ‘Duolingo Vs Memrise: Which Is Best?‘)

These exercises involve audio recordings, so that users can learn how to pronounce words correctly, as well as visual aids such as videos and images which allow users to get a better understanding of the language. There’s also an abundance of community courses and user-created content you can use for learning!

Personalized Learning Experience

Memrise also offers a personalized learning experience, as users can select the level of difficulty that is best suited to them and can track their progress over time.

This helps users to stay motivated and provides them with insights into where they are succeeding, as well as areas that they need to improve.


One of the main techniques that Memrise utilizes is repetition, as users are encouraged to repeat words and phrases multiple times in order to learn them more effectively.

This helps users to commit the information to their long-term memory so that they can recall it more easily.

How Can You Maintain Your Skills

It may seem strange if you have just started, but there will come a point in your language learning journey when you have completed all that Memrise can teach you, reaching a level of fluency that means the Memrise app is no longer enough to help you grow and develop.

Have no fear – there are plenty of options to help you maintain your knowledge, and continue to learn. These include:

1. Read & Listen to Literature In The Target Language

Reading and listening to literature in the target language can be a great way to practice comprehension and learn new words and phrases. Look for books or audio recordings of stories, plays, or other works that interest you if you want to improve your listening skills.

This can also help you improve your pronunciation, as hearing how native speakers say words correctly in their native language is a great way to learn how to correctly pronounce them yourself.

2. Participate In Conversation Groups & Online Classes

Life After Memrise: Tips Moving Forward 1

Joining conversation groups or taking classes is an excellent way to practice speaking and become familiar with conversational language.

These can be online courses, Skype sessions with native speakers, or even in-person groups. This will help you feel confident talking in the language and help you become comfortable carrying on conversations in the language.

3. Watch Movies & TV Shows

Watching movies and television shows can be a great way to immerse yourself in the language and gain an understanding of cultural references and colloquialisms.

Watching with subtitles is useful for checking your understanding of what is being said, while also allowing you to pick up new words or phrases that you may not have encountered before.

4. Follow News & Social Media Pages

Following news and social media pages in the target language can be helpful for developing an understanding of current topics, issues, and events in the country or region where the language is spoken.

This will help you become familiar with the language used to discuss these topics, while also helping you learn new words and phrases that are used in the language.

5. Visit A Country In Which The Language Is Spoken

One great option is to try and visit a country in which the language is spoken can be an excellent way to practice and develop your language skills.

This will allow you to experience the culture firsthand and be immersed in the language. You may also find that people are more willing to help you if they see that you are making an effort by attempting to speak the language.

6. Make The Time To Practice

Of course, none of the tips mentioned above will be effective unless you make time to practice. Learning a language takes time and commitment, so set aside some time every day to practice and review what you have learned.

This could be in the form of watching a movie or reading an article in the target language, or speaking with native speakers on Skype.

What Are The Benefits of Learning A New Language?

Whether you are at the start of your language-learning journey or have been developing your skills on Memrise, there are many benefits to learning a new language. Some of the main advantages of this skill include:

Improved Job Opportunities

Taking the time and effort to learn a new language could pay off when it comes to taking your career to the next level – an understanding of multiple languages can open up new job opportunities and the potential to earn more money.

Increased Cultural Understanding

Learning Japanese, Korean, or any foreign language is also a great way to increase your understanding of different cultures and societies, as you will be exposed to new customs, practices, and beliefs that you may not have encountered before.

This can offer you a unique insight into the world and can help you to relate to different people more easily.

Improved Memory Skills

 Improved Memory Skills

Research has shown that learning a foreign language has numerous benefits for your brain, and can even help to improve your memory skills and overall intelligence.

This is because the process of memorizing basic vocabulary, grammar rules, and syntax requires you to use different areas of your brain in order to store and recall the information.

Better Communication Skills

Being able to communicate in a language other than your native one can also help you to develop better communication skills.

It is likely that you will become more confident speaking in the language, as well as being able to form more complex sentences and express yourself more effectively when learning vocabulary.

Increased Self-Confidence

It may seem surprising, but learning a language can also be beneficial for your self-confidence.

Being able to communicate in different languages can offer you a sense of accomplishment and pride, while also giving you the ability to feel more comfortable and confident speaking with native speakers.

Broader Horizons

Finally, learning a new language can also open up many doors to different countries and cultures.

If you learn a language that is spoken in multiple countries, you may be able to travel more easily and get more out of your experience by being able to communicate with the people around you.


Memrise is an invaluable resource for language learners, as it offers a variety of tools and features which help users learn languages more quickly and effectively.

However, it is important to move beyond this platform and make sure that you are taking the necessary steps to continue developing your language skills in order to reach fluency.

By following the tips mentioned in this article, you should be well on your way to reaching your language learning goals.

Whether it is visiting a country that speaks the language, using online resources such as Skype, or finding a language exchange partner, there are plenty of ways to keep the momentum going and continue learning.

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