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Quick Common Bug Fix On Memrise

Quick Common Bug Fixed On Memrise

Memrise planned on changing its format in 2020. They were going to change their website platform and in doing so, shut down their language learning apps. 

There was a massive backlash before this, and many beginner and advanced learners said they would switch to another rival company. In response, Memrise backtracked on its plans. (See ‘Is Memrise Worth It? detailed review 2023‘)

This may seem irrelevant, but since the attempted split, multiple errors have occurred on all three platforms.

It could be a coincidence, or the split-then-patch may have broken some of the website’s main features, as users have reported Memrise videos not playing on mobile.

What Is Memrise?

If you’re here, you probably already know what Memrise is, but for those unsure, let us explain.

Memrise is a target language learning tool. It helps you study a new foreign language by using the spaced repetition technique.

This means giving you space or intervals between previously learned material like basic vocabulary, words, and phrases, before going back to it. 

This gives your brain time to digest the information of official Memrise courses or even user-generated courses and user-created content.

The language learning app works like a game and was named the Best App on Google Plays in 2017. (Check out our Memrise review of its free version here.)

Since then, Memrise has turned into one of the best language apps, with native speakers regularly uploading new user-created courses in their native language, perfect for working on language listening skills during your learning process.

Quick And Common Bug Fixes

The Website Isn’t Loading

If your website isn’t loading, three things could be going on. The first is the ad-blocking software blocking the whole website.

Ad-blocking software is designed to shield or remove ads, so you can enjoy an influence-free browsing experience.

However, these extensions interfere with Memrise’s software.

Before trying anything else, pause your ad-blocking software and refresh the page.

If this doesn’t solve the issue, or you don’t use ad-blocking software, you may be using an old browser.

As web browsers update, websites update to match the new coding. If you haven’t updated your web browser, the website may no longer be compatible.

To update your browser, search your browser name with the word “update”.

You will find a link to the latest version. Download and update.

If the website still isn’t working, the issue might be because of your cache and cookie build-up.

Cache and cookies are your internet information, like a footprint, as you go from one website to another. 

To clear your cache and cookie build-up, go to the settings of your web browser and click “clear history” or “clear browsing data”.

Make sure to click “everything” or click the boxes for “cache images” and “Cookies”.

Restart your computer and try again.

My Download Course Isn’t Loading

memrise videos not playing

If your download course isn’t working, you might not have enough storage on your device.

Check the package settings and the download size, then check your device’s settings for the available space.

If your device cannot hold that much data, you may need a different device with a larger memory bank.

However, if the device can hold the data but is currently too full to hold the new large download, you should delete and remove apps or data you no longer need.

Why Do My Downloads Keep Failing?

If your downloads are failing, you may have a slow internet speed.

Try restarting your router or using a different internet connection to begin your download.

Remember that Memrise has an offline option, so if you don’t have good internet speeds you can switch and gain a better user experience through their offline activities.

How To Report A Bug

We cannot capture every bug that exists, so if the above few aren’t the issue you’re dealing with, you may need to report it.

Before you report a bug, make sure you follow our guidance on ad-blocking software, using the latest browser software, and removing cache and cookies.

Next, make sure that you’re using Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari.

Memrise doesn’t support or work alongside any other browser.

Still not working? Check out the Memrise Announcement page to see if your issue is company-wide.

Then check the Community Forum, and type your issue into the search bar – someone might have found a fix already.

If, after all that, you still haven’t found a solution, you can report the issue using their Submit a Request page.

Make sure you give as much information as possible because a simple detail in your story could be the key to the overall problem.

If you have screenshots or videos of the problem, that can be very helpful so attach them to your report.

Unfortunately, Memrise doesn’t respond to every issue, but they do look at them all.

Don’t send multiple requests as it will slow down the process.

Well Known Bugs

Known Android Bugs 

The 6 main issues that Android users are dealing with are:

  • Image-based official courses give errors during the Speed Review
  • Learn New Words gives an error when in edit mode
  • Some items are not recognized in Pronunciations
  • The sentence ‘You need to learn some more words to practice listening’ – creates a failure loop
  • Cannot connect to Facebook
  • Crashes when clicking “Continue Learning”

The Memrise bug team is aware of these 6 issues.

The first three errors have a support thread where simple fixes have been established while they work on the real problem.

Please click on these links to find the quick fix. For example, the Speed Review quick fix is to change the testing directions to “prompt with definition” instead of “prompt with picture”.

Known IOS Bugs

There are 3 known issues with the iOS app. They are:

  • Learn New Words gives an error when in edit mode
  • Some items are not recognized in Pronunciations
  • Music from another app is lowered when on the device, even if the Memrise app has no audio.

The support thread for the first two problems is the same as the Android Bug errors.

The Memrise team is aware of all three issues and is currently working on fixing them.

Known Web Bugs

There are 10 known issues with the website learning tool.

They are:

If you are experiencing these issues do not report the bug again.

Simply reply to the thread explaining you are also affected.

Then wait and watch for a response to the thread.

Final Thoughts

Make sure you click on the links in the headings above before you report your error.

The Known Bugs list shows the current issues Memrise is working to fix.

You can add your issue to the pile while seeing the direct conversations about the issues. (Check out ‘Adding Courses On Memrise: Quick Guide‘)

Normally, the software developers offer a fix quickly while they work on the larger issue, but sometimes the only thing they can offer is a quick service.

It isn’t unusual for the team to email you directly about the problem so they can have a quicker response and ask for more information about the issue.

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