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Is Memrise Pro Worth It?

What Is Memrise Pro? – Worth the Upgrade for Language Learners?

What is Memrise Pro? For those looking to learn and discover a new language, Memrise has long been an attractive option, and their paid version, Memrise Pro, is often touted as a great investment to speed up your progress and boost your learning opportunities. (See also ‘Is Memrise Worth It? detailed Memrise review 2023′)

The question arises, however, is it worth the cost?

We took a closer look at just what Memrise Pro has to offer, and the benefits that it can bring to your foreign language learning experience.

What Is Memrise Pro?

Memrise is a language-learning platform that focuses on teaching via memorization and repetition.

Memrise’s approach to language learning includes audio, video, and written lessons that are designed to help users learn the fundamentals of grammar and vocabulary quickly.

The platform also offers official Memrise courses in many different languages, including Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, and Japanese.

How Does Memrise Work?

Memrise is one of the best online language-learning programs that focuses on building vocabulary and fluency in a number of languages.

It works by combining audio recordings from native speakers with interactive visuals, allowing users to learn new sentence structures, words, and phrases in a fun and engaging way.

The platform also offers spaced repetition drills, which help users to commit words to memory more quickly by presenting them at regular intervals.

Additionally, the Memrise app offers a range of other features designed to help users learn more effectively, such as audio reviews, difficulty settings, and flashcards.

What Is Memrise Pro?

Memrise Pro is an upgraded version of the platform that offers additional features and benefits.

With Memrise Pro, users get access to more specialized lessons, including verb conjugation drills and pronunciation exercises.

The subscription also comes with audio-only courses. These official courses are great for those who want to practice their listening skills.

Some of the main features that come with a Memrise Pro subscription include:

Access To Additional Features

What Is Memrise Pro?

Perhaps the biggest draw of Memrise Pro is that it offers access to a range of additional features that are otherwise unavailable on the free version of the platform.

These include Audio Review, which helps users to practice pronunciation, and the “Difficult Words” review function, which helps users to focus on more challenging words.

Premium Courses

Memrise Pro also offers access to premium courses and video lessons from experienced language teachers, which can be a great way to get additional practice with a target language.

These Memrise language courses are designed to help users build fluency and confidence in the language, as well as identify their weak points and improve them.

Exclusive Content

Users of Memrise Pro also get exclusive content, such as native speaker audio recordings, access to premium dictionaries, and more.

This can be a great way to stay up-to-date with the language and keep track of new words or phrases that may come up.

Additionally, Memrise Pro users also get access to an online community where they can interact with fellow language learners and practice their language skills.

Access To All Languages

Finally, Memrise Pro users and advanced learners also get access to all the languages that are available on the platform.

This means that if you’re learning multiple languages, you can switch between them with ease and practice at your own pace.

What Subscription Offers Are Available?

Memrise offers customers a choice of three subscription plans: Monthly, which will set you back $8.49 per month, Annual, which works out at $5 per month or $59.99 per year, or a Lifetime membership, accessible with a payment of $119.99 – this is actually a great deal if you are planning on using the app for more than two years.

What Are The Downsides of Memrise Pro?

While Memrise Pro does offer a range of benefits, it’s important to be aware of the potential downsides before signing up for a subscription to language learning apps. (Check out ‘Memrise VS Duolingo‘)

One of the main drawbacks is that it can be difficult to keep track of all the lessons and content available on the platform, which can be overwhelming.

Additionally, some users may find that they are unable to progress as quickly as they would like due to the sequenced nature of the lessons.

Is Memrise Pro Worth It?

Overall, Memrise Pro can be a great way to dive deeper into language learning and gain access to a range of additional features and content that can help to improve fluency. 

However, it’s important to remember that everyone’s language-learning needs are different, so it’s essential to assess whether the subscription is a good fit for you before signing up.

What Are The Benefits of Learning A Language?

Whether you opt for Memrise or upgrade to the paid version, learning a language can have a number of positive benefits for your life, and some of the main advantages might include:

Improved Cognitive Function

Improved Cognitive Function

Research has shown that learning a new language can help to improve your cognitive function and mental agility.

Not only does it require you to think more deeply about concepts, but it also helps to build your memory by storing information in both short-term and long-term memory.

Greater Cultural Awareness

Learning a new language can also give you a greater understanding of a culture and its values, as well as help you to discover new perspectives.

Being able to communicate in different languages can also open up new doors and opportunities, such as the chance to travel or work abroad.

Enhanced Job Prospects

Having a second language on your CV is often seen as an asset by employers, so being able to speak multiple languages can help improve your job prospects.

Additionally, having the ability to communicate with people from different cultures can also be beneficial in certain roles, such as customer service or international sales.

It Can Be Fun!

Most importantly, learning a language can be fun and can help you to develop new skills and interests.

With the right approach, it can also be rewarding and give you a sense of accomplishment when you achieve milestones in your journey.

How To Maximize Memrise or Memrise Pro 

Whether you decide to upgrade to Memrise Pro or opt to stick with the free version, there are a number of things you can do to boost your practice and improve your results.

These include:

Follow The Tips and Instructions

When you first start using Memrise, make sure to pay attention to the instructions and tips that are provided for each lesson.

This can help you to understand how to correctly complete the activity and maximize your learning potential.

Track Your Progress

Track Your Progress

If you want to succeed, it is important to keep an eye on your progress, as this can help you focus on areas where you may need more practice or support.

You can also set goals and reward yourself for reaching milestones.

Be Consistent

The key to success with Memrise is consistency, so try to make a habit of regularly practicing your language skills.

Setting aside just 15 minutes a day for practice can help you make steady progress in the long term.

Make the Most of Tools and Features

Memrise has a variety of tools and features that can be used to help you learn more effectively – even in the base version.

These include the spaced repetition system, which helps you review new words at the right intervals, as well as audio and video clips to help with pronunciation.

You can also use flashcards to practice vocabulary or create your own custom lessons.

Final Thoughts: Is Memrise Pro Worth It?

Ultimately, the decision of whether to upgrade to Memrise Pro will depend on your individual circumstances and learning goals.

The subscription offers a range of additional features, such as access to more content, higher-quality audio and video, and the ability to create custom lessons.

If you are looking for a way to dive deeper into language learning and make the most of your practice time, then Memrise Pro could be worth the investment. And if not, you can check out some other language apps that may suit you better!