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Treehouse Review

Treehouse Review: Is this Platform Worth it

As the online space continues to dominate our lives, skills such as coding are becoming increasingly in demand, and offer the chance to enjoy an exciting, fast-paced career that will always be changing and growing – and, in the right circles, that could also prove to be very lucrative.

Treehouse is a website offering a variety of lessons and tips on how to code for beginners, with the aim of helping people learn new skills and get into the world of web development.

The company was founded by two brothers who wanted to help others achieve their dreams by learning new skills. They started Treehouse after seeing many friends struggle to find work because they didn’t have the necessary skills or qualifications.

We took a closer look at the nuances of Treehouse review, including the courses offered, and whether it could help you take your next steps into a new career.

What Is Treehouse?

Treehouse is a comprehensive website that offers a range of different courses, from beginner level to advanced, covering topics such as HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, iOS Development, Android App Development, and more.

Each course can be taken individually, or students can enroll in an entire program that includes all the courses needed to complete a project.

The site has been designed so that users can easily navigate between the different areas of the site, making it easy to find what they’re looking for. It’s also possible to search for specific courses, allowing customers to quickly find exactly what they need.

In addition to the courses available, there are also a number of useful resources available to those interested in learning about web design and development.

These include articles, videos, and guides that cover everything from basic concepts to more complex issues like SEO (search engine optimization).

What Is Coding?

Coding is the process of writing computer programs, and it is used to create websites, apps, games, and many other things. It involves using a set of instructions called a language to tell the computer what to do and then having the computer execute them.

It is important to note that coding does not necessarily mean creating software applications. In fact, many coders use tools like Python, Ruby, Java, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, PHP, and others to write code, rather than doing it directly themselves.

However, even though coding is often associated with software development, it is possible to learn how to code without learning about software development.

You can learn how to code in order to make websites, apps, and other online products, and you can also learn how to code in case you want to become a programmer.

Treehouse offers the tools and skills that you need to master coding and create a wide range of projects.

Who Should Use Treehouse?

Anyone who wants to learn how to code should consider using Treehouse. The site offers a wide range of courses, which means that no matter what stage of your journey you’re currently at, you’ll be able to find something that suits you.

If you want to learn how to create websites, then the HTML5 and CSS3 courses would be ideal. If you’d like to build mobile apps, then the iOS and Android courses would be perfect. 

And if you want to learn how best practices can be applied to SEO, then the guide section would be a great place to start. There are plenty of other options too, including courses on Python, Ruby on Rails, PHP, and even NodeJS.

Treehouse Pricing and Interface

One of the main advantages of Treehouse is that it is very affordable; the basic plan starts at just $25 per month.

This plan includes access to all the learning videos and courses on the site, as well as student forums and code challenges – these are great for keeping your skills up to date and assessing how far you have come.

In addition to the basic plan, Treehouse also offers a Techdegree Plan. This costs $199 per month and is designed for those who are looking for official certification as an outcome of their study.

The Techdegree Plan also includes access to a custom-built curriculum designed according to your needs, access to work on real-world projects, a Slack channel for easy communication, peer reviews, and a proctored final exam that leads to an official qualification.

In addition to the above, users can also access a Course Plus plan, which sells for $49 per month, and which offers a little extra bonus content, perks, and additions not available on the Basics plan – this can act as a good mid-level alternative between the two options.

Another advantage of the site is that users have the option to pause their subscription at any time. This allows you to take a temporary break from your classes and courses, and you can take a month or two off until you are ready to return to your classes.

Treehouse Review

There are discounts available, those who have a valid student ID can access a discount, and groups or businesses may also receive money off their monthly subscription price.

Trials are also available for the Techdegree plan, and there are regular deals and offers that focus on giving you an incentive if you get people to sign up for the site; one such example offered free membership for five referrals, provided that these people remained enrolled for an extended period of time.

This can be a great way to enjoy the benefits and perks of a paid plan at a fraction of the cost.

Class Selection – What Is Available?

The number of classes available on Treehouse is huge, with over 1,000 tutorials in total.

These cover everything from beginner-level topics to more advanced ones, and they include courses on web design, programming languages, data science, business, marketing, and much more.

You will need to register before taking any of the classes, but once you do so, you can browse through the list of available classes and choose what you think you might find useful.

There are no prerequisites for most of the classes, although some require previous experience in the subject area.

You can also search by topic, and filter out specific types of classes, such as video tutorials, live training, or course review. You can even sort by rating, popularity, and completion rate.

Once you have chosen a class, you can then view its details page, where you will see information about the course, including when it was added, the instructor’s name, the length of the course, and whether it has been reviewed by other students.

If you want to learn something new or brush up on a skill that you already know, Treehouse has plenty of classes to suit your needs.

Learning Resources – How Does It Work?

Treehouse uses a combination of videos and text to teach you how to use various software packages, websites, and programs.

This means that you don’t just sit back and watch a video, you actually engage with the material, reading along as you go.

Each lesson usually lasts around 10 minutes and includes a short introduction, followed by a series of questions that help you test yourself on what you’ve learned.

In order to answer these questions correctly, you’ll need to read the accompanying text and understand the concepts behind them.

As well as providing you with the answers, the questions themselves provide further insight into the topic being covered, helping you to grasp the concept better.

As you progress through the lessons, you will move on to more complex tasks, which will require you to work together with others online, using chat rooms and forums.

These allow you to ask questions, share ideas, and discuss the content with other members of the community.

What Are The Pros of Treehouse?

There are a number of advantages to Treehouse, and these include:

Easy To Use Interface

Another big advantage of Treehouse is its ease of use. As mentioned above, you won’t simply sit back and watch a lecture; instead, you’ll actively participate in the learning process.

The interface makes it easy to navigate through the site and find exactly what you’re after.

It’s also very simple to create an account and start browsing through all of the classes available.

Great For Beginners

The best thing about Treehouse is that it caters specifically to beginners. This means that if you’re completely new to coding, or web design, you’ll get the chance to learn at your own pace.

Unlike many other sites, Treehouse doesn’t expect you to have any prior knowledge before signing up. Instead, you can take things slowly, and learn as much as you like.

You can even sign up for free as part of the trial, and try out some of their introductory courses. If you decide that they aren’t for you, you can always cancel your subscription without paying anything extra.

High-Quality Content

Another great aspect of Treehouse is the high quality of the content provided. Each tutorial is created by professional developers, designers, and educators, who really care about making sure that everything is done properly.

This isn’t just limited to the videos either – each lesson comes complete with downloadable resources, so you can follow along with the instructor wherever you want.

If you do happen to miss a lesson, you can easily catch up later, thanks to the ability to download individual sections.

Treehouse Review

Free Trial Available

Finally, one of the most important aspects of Treehouse is the fact that you don’t need to pay anything upfront. You can actually try out the service for free, allowing you to see whether or not it’s right for you.

Once you’ve decided that it is, you can then purchase a membership, and enjoy unlimited access to the entire library.


As well as being a fantastic way to learn new skills, Treehouse has been designed with career development in mind.

This is because every single course is focused on helping you achieve your goals. Whether you’re trying to land a job or build a successful business, Treehouse has got you covered.

In addition to the standard topics, such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP, you can also find courses on Ruby on Rails, iOS Development, Android App Development, and more.

In short, there are no limits when it comes to what you can learn, and Treehouse will help you make the most of your time.

Self-Paced Design

One final point worth mentioning is the self-paced nature of the platform. Unlike other online education platforms, Treehouse doesn’t require you to attend lectures or listen to audio files.

Instead, you can work at your own pace, and complete lessons whenever you feel ready. 

This allows you to focus on specific areas, and hone the skills that you would prefer to focus on.

What Are The Cons of Treehouse?

As with any course or program, it is important that you understand some of the downsides of the site. Some of the main cons of Treehouse include:

Limited Classes

Although Treehouse offers an extensive range of classes, there are fewer options available than on platforms such as Udemy or LinkedIn Learning, and this can be frustrating if you want to learn something specific.

However, if you’re looking for a general overview of a particular topic, then Treehouse should be able to provide exactly what you’re after.

No Accreditation

While Treehouse offers a number of exams and courses, it is important to note that these are not accredited.

As a result, they won’t count towards your degree, nor will they allow you to apply for jobs that require a specific qualification from an accredited body.

The good news is that you can still use them to gain knowledge, but you may have to look elsewhere for official qualifications.

Credit/Debit Card Required To Sign Up

While users can enjoy a free seven-day trial to enjoy Treehouse, you will need to enter credit or debit card details to achieve this.

However, once you decide that you’d like to continue using the platform, you’ll be able to cancel your subscription without incurring any fees.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Treehouse is a great resource for anyone who wants to develop their skills.

It provides a wide variety of courses, all of which are highly practical, and easy to follow; if you are interested in learning how to code, then Treehouse could be just what you’re looking for.