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Timbaland masterclass review

Timbaland MasterClass Review: Is it Worth It 2023

If you are interested in trying out Timbaland’s Masterclass, then this is the review that you need to be reading!

This Masterclass is mostly aimed at beginner to music production, however, if you are more experienced, you will still be able to get some valuable insight from this professional, especially considering the philosophies behind his production.

Some of the descriptions however could use some more detail, however, the demonstrations provided more than make up for this oversight.

You will not just be learning from 4 seasoned music industry professionals and will see what has contributed to their success, and the philosophy behind this is one of the most significant strengths of this course.

But if you are looking for something more detailed, and if this is the only reason you are considering Masterclass, there are some better options you could choose.

If you want more of a deep dive into this Timbaland Masterclass review, then keep reading as we go more in-depth on the advantages and disadvantages of this course. So, if you are still undecided, keep reading and know how much Timbaland’s masterclass costs!

Product Overview

The Timbaland Masterclass features 15 separate video lessons, and if you add together how long each of these is, you will be getting more than 3 hours of content from the music producers

If you want to know what kind of flow the Timbaland Masterclass has, it is essentially following Timbaland as well as his team as they are beat-making, and giving us an insight into the process. We start with seeing Timbaland in the booth at the Hit Factory which is located in Miami.

We see him beatbox as well as improvise the music composition of different rhythms. After this we see his team work out the beat and then replace some of the vocal parts and switch them with sounds sampled from the Ableton Drum Racks. 

We then see the chord progression getting composed made from different by manipulating vocal samples, then making a breakdown, and moving onto a topline.

By the time we reach the end of the course, a vocalist has joined the team to help them with producing music and melodies and song origins that transform the beat into what is a finished product.

This is the main progression, however, there are some secondary strands. Some of these include Timbaland talking the audience through how some different hit songs he has worked on originated and where some of the most iconic beats he has created came from.

We enjoyed these moments for what they are referencing in the producing and beatmaking masterclass, however, some of Timbaland’s explanations felt a little lacking. As a Masterclass teacher, where Timbaland shines is in what he displays, not what he tells, so the demonstrations are much more of his strong suit.

Timbaland explains the basics of layering drums song origins and how the beatbox beat building beats

Who Is The Target Audience Of The Timbaland Masterclass?

Timbaland MasterClass Review: Is it Worth It 2023 1

When watching the Timbaland Masterclass, we do not just enjoy the teachings of Timbaland, but also the strong personalities of his team which include; ‘Fede’ Vindver, Chris Godbey, and Angel Lopez.

As well as being informative, watching this team is also entertaining which keeps the course engaging.

Between this group, there is an impressive range of achievements with multiple Grammys, as well as plenty of experience creating and writing music, as well as selling it.

They are open about how they are better at simply doing what they do instead of teaching it, in spite of this admission, the group still manages to do quite well.

This can be seen in how on this course we spend a lot more time watching than we do getting things explained to us, so if this suits your learning style, this course will suit you.

However, if you like having things explained to you in greater detail, you will likely find this course lacking and you will not get as much from this as you would like.

You will hear a lot of rhetoric along the lines of; ‘needing to feel it’ and while this may be a bit frustrating for some people wanting a more technical explanation, this is a good explanation when it comes to the production of Hip Hop in particular, where music theory may take more of a back seat.

Timbaland teaches producing technical insight when it comes to watching the team working on Ableton, but if you are a beginner to this program, you will likely struggle.

You will get quite brief explanations, and you will be able to see how they chain effects together, and even get some great tips on how to manipulate sound to your liking, however, these explanations will be brief.

The course is formulated in a way to make music production appealing to a beginner and to help get them started, however, for someone who is not a beginner, there is still plenty appealing with this course.

For example, getting to see how talented and successful musicians work behind the scenes is incredibly satisfying and can be insightful no matter where your personal skill level is. 

If you are a fan of Timbaland personally you will definitely get something out of this course, especially if you are interested in getting into music production as well.

But if you are not a fan of Timbaland, nor a beginner, you will get much less out of this course. But if you already have Masterclass, we can still recommend at least trying it out.

Focus On Collaboration

If you want an insight just into the work of Timbaland, it is worth noting that just as often as you will get an insight into his work, you will also get just as much insight into the work of Fede, and Angel, and to a lesser extent Chris too.

If you are looking for just Timbaland, this may disappoint you, however, we see this as a positive too with you getting to see a great example of collaboration in the music space and how a good workflow can be established.

We see how different skill sets work amongst each other and can create an exemplary final product, and following this journey is more than insightful.

We get to see how the team bounces ideas off each other and get to see how these discussions directly influence the beat that they are working on. We can directly contrast this to the deadmau5 course which shows us how solitary of a process music production can be. 

Not only that, but we get to see in the Timbaland Masterclass the social aspect of music and how this influences the final product. 


Through the Timbaland Masterclass course, we get an amazing insight into how this artist works when it comes to music production and how this influences his products.

The focus on teamwork and collaboration is one of the best parts of this course and shows us just how important this can be to getting a great final result.

As well as getting the focus on collaboration, Timbaland gives a good insight into his workflow and how this leads to a good final product. By seeing the workflow it gives beginners good insight into how to start with working on beats themselves.

If you are a beginner, this course will give you some amazing insight, but even if you are not, then this Timbaland masterclass worth is more than you can imagine.