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Skillshare Photography Classes

Skillshare Photography Classes

From basic photography to digital and mobile photography, it helps to know what you are doing with a camera.

If you take photos and you are unsure sure what to expect, maybe you should take a class to learn the fundamentals.

That could be for Instagram success, photography composition, long exposure, or shooting breathtaking photos. 

In this guide, we will look at Skillshare photography classes broken down into three sections; basic photography, digital photography, and mobile photography.

Basic Photography

With any camera, you will want to know about certain settings and the techniques involved in taking great photos. (See also ‘3 Best Masterclass Photography Courses You Can Try Today.’)

Mobile Photography Basics For Instagram Success

Who better to learn mobile photography from than the renowned Instagram photographer, Tyson Wheatley?

His class only lasts 45 minutes but he can quickly show you how to use your phone for Instagram.

From when in the day to shoot, to how many photos and which apps to use.

He will even show you the best ways to shoot in manual mode, how to share your photos and a storytelling strategy.  

Photography Basics: Five Days To Better Pictures

Though Andrew Hird’s class lasts 55 minutes, take your time with his teachings.

This is one of the best online photography courses for a beginner photographer who wants to learn the basics for the best results.

Over five sections, you will find out about a new technique or concept which is explained simply so you are left to go out and practice.

After each section, your photography will see a huge improvement with this introductory photography course.

Learn The Fundamentals Of Photography

Learning photography can be a great way to find out about your creative side.

That could be the camera on your smartphone or a DSLR camera, it is still important to learn the fundamentals.

With Roy Ensink’s class, you can up your game through his learning strategy.

From light metering to aperture, light, and lenses, it is all covered here.

Photography Composition: Amazing Photos With Any Camera, Even The Camera On Your Phone

Yes, you can even learn composition on a smartphone.

With Pong Lizardo’s class, you can master the art of composition so that your photos look beautiful, whichever camera you have.

Every composition technique is given an easy-to-understand video lecture so that it all makes sense.

Once you learn the technique, all you need to do is go out and apply it.

Digital Photography

A DSLR camera can be a specific piece of equipment so it is worth taking Skillshare classes to know the photography basics and then make the most of it.

Create Stunning Visual Effects Using Long Exposure

Should you want to get out into nature or the city for landscape photography and take some stunning photos over a few hours, you will want to take this class.

Ileana Chase is a photographer in the Bay Area and her photos have successfully captured the passage of time.

Her class will show you how to set up your camera, take the shot, and use light editing for some glorious effects.

Photography: DSLR Camera Basics

With just a DSLR camera, there are a wealth of possibilities for capturing great photos.

The key may be simply learning the basics of the camera itself.

This course will show you the three basics which include; aperture, ISO, and shutter speed.

With just those three elements sussed, you can unlock the potential of your DSLR. 

Skillshare Photography Classes

Mobile Photography

You may not realize the potential of the camera on your phone, so it is important to take online photography classes to learn. 

Mobile Photography A To Z: Take Professional Photos With Your Phone

With just a smartphone, you can take some truly memorable photos.

If you simply want to improve your shots or want to become a professional photographer, this is the class for you.

Simeone Ferretti is a professional photographer and videographer and he knows the tricks, the rules, the tips, and the techniques for mobile photography.

For a full-on class to teach you the ins and outs of mobile photography, get involved with this hands-on project.

Professional Mobile Photography

The camera on a smartphone can provide a wealth of possibilities for photography.

In the Professional Mobile Photography class, you can learn how to use light, how to understand your camera, how to edit photos, and even start a photography business.

Taught by Bathuhan Gozuacik, the videographer, producer, and photographer only needs 52 minutes to teach you.

Mobile Photography – Shoot & Edit Surreal Photos With Your Phone

You may not realize the potential of your phone to shoot and edit truly surreal photos.

With this Skillshare photography course from the photo artist and art director, Amelie Satzger, in less than an hour, you can up your social media game.

This is all without editing software or even a fancy camera, as you can be shown how to edit, which editing apps to use, how to shoot, and how to pose.

Final Thoughts

With Skillshare photography courses, you can really up your photographer.

That may be simply learning how to use the camera on your smartphone for your social media portfolio or taking the steps to become a professional photographer.

Learning the basics of photography is a starting point yet after that you can branch out to effects and long exposure.

There really is so much potential in photography that it can quickly become your new hobby, and maybe even a side earner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to teach yourself photography?

Absolutely, you can teach yourself photography.

Once you see photography as a hobby and dedicate yourself to it, you can quickly pick up what goes well and what goes wrong with your photography. (Check out ‘How To Study Photography Online For Free (Updated 2023).’

Online courses can help as they will show you the basics so you know which settings to use and when to use them.

And if you are still uncertain whether you want to fully engage in photography, there are free photography courses you can try before you decide.

The more practice you have, the easier certain features like aperture and shutter speed will become. 

What are known to be key skills in photography?

You only need to learn a few key photography skills to improve your photography.

These skills can be as simple as a grasp of creativity, or just using some focus and patience.

Attention to detail helps, as well as networking skills to showcase your photography and get tips. 

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