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SAP Litmos Review

SAP Litmos Review: Features, Plans and More 2023

SAP is a well-known German software company that provides a range of information technology services, including its Litmos learning management system.

SAP Litmos also offers a comprehensive course library that integrates with their training programs.

Aimed at medium and large companies, SAP Litmos allows businesses to centralize and deliver their training to employees, partners and customers.

In this article, we take a closer look at the SAP Litmos review and learning technology, its pros and cons as well as some features of their learning platform.

What Is SAP Litmos Training LMS?

SAP Litmos Training is a learning management system solution that allows a learning and development team to set up skills training for employees, customer training, extended enterprise training and even compliance training.

SAP Litmos Training provides a large variety of courses, with access to a course library. 

Businesses can use the Litmos LMS solution to create one training platform for their staff and also improve employee job performance.

The interface is easy to use and intuitive, and the Litmos LMS also comes in multiple languages. 

A great advantage of SAP Litmos is that you can also create custom-made training modules for your partners or customers. 

This is ideal when you want to help your clients to get a better understanding of how to use any of your services or products.

As Litmos is a fully cloud-based LMS, your international partners and customers can access the video-based training courses from anywhere in the world.

Use Cases For Litmos Training Courses

Training and development is a key element of success for many growing businesses, and companies can only manage to scale their L&D when they embrace learning technologies.

SAP Litmos Training has a good range of features that help you scale your business. 

But before we take a closer look at the individual LMS features, here are a few use cases for Litmos.

Coordinate Classes And Schedules

As a cloud-based learning management system, Litmos allows L&D managers to coordinate classes and training schedules across multiple locations.

They can design and prepare training material for different departments of a business.

Develop Company-Specific Training Programs

Litmos doesn’t just have a large library of standard courses but L&D teams can create their own training programs.

Litmos comes with evaluation reports for each training program, so you can find out if your training efforts were successful or where you need to improve.

As all your training material is in one place with SAP Litmos Training, you only need to maintain one curriculum database with all training records.

Create Training For Different Departments

SAP Litmos is ideal when it comes to providing training for different parts of a business, including operations and sales.

Litmos offers out-of-the-box sales and operations courses with essential employee training.

This ensures that sales teams are up to date with the latest trends. This can boost the efficiency of the team and sales revenue.

Provide A Training Solution For Suppliers

When you have a number of suppliers or gig workers who require training, then you can use SAP Litmos as a flexible LMS to create individual training courses.

You cannot just put together your own course material but you can allow freelancers and third party suppliers to access your course at anytime anywhere around the world.

Introduce Customer Training

If you also need to provide training support to your customers to explain your service or product in more detail, then you can put together a customized learning course for your customers.

This helps your customers understand your product better which can lead to a more engagement, better retention, positive reviews and more sales opportunities in future.

SAP Litmos LMS Features

SAP Litmos Review

Here are some of the most essential LMS features that Litmos offers.

Covers A Large Range Of Professional Courses

Litmos Training is not just a platform where you can plan and design your course material but you can also choose from ready-made courses.

These eLearning courses cover a large variety of business needs, from sales, customer service and operations.

The Litmos content library is regularly updated, so you can be sure that employees train with the latest material.

As the online course library can be accessed from anywhere at anytime, L&D teams just have to plan and schedule the training sessions.

One particular element that we liked with SAP Litmos Training is that they continually add new features and services.

Added features, such as the ability to deliver video training, is a great part for a training program because it makes learning much more engaging.

When you design your own training course, you can add hyperlinks to other sites which is ideal for all businesses that want to reference important sources.

But you can also simply choose from the high-quality training material that Litmos offers just out of the box.

Single Training Platform

In the past, training materials were kept in a drawer or at best in a folder on someone’s desktop machine but Litmos allows L&D managers to pull all training resources onto one platform.

Plus, having all course materials in one place allows everyone to access training programs in a secure way on their desktop and mobile devices.


Traditional training courses usually mean that a group of people has to sit in a room.

This can be a big challenge when you want to bring people from different departments or countries together for training.

This is where learning management platforms, such as SAP Litmos, offer great value.

All courses are online, so people can just join from their desktop computers anywhere in the world.

Plus, all the training material is saved on the cloud-based platform, so L&D departments can just log into Litmos and amend, add or create new courses.

Tracking And Reporting

When you deliver training to your employees, then you don’t want to just offer a training course. 

You also need to know how successful the course was in order to ensure that the training is suitable.

SAP Litmos Training comes with integrated training reports that can be generated for each course.

This allows you to track leaner progress and find out more about any improvements that you might have to make to your L&D material. 

Setup and System Configuration

When we tested SAP Litmos Training, we found it very easy to set up and all the features are easily accessible.

The user interface of the learning management platform is easy enough to navigate from a user’s perspective as well as from a customer’s point of view.

This was a great first impression when we used the trial version of the system.

It’s essential that an LMS is easy to use, as you need to make sure your employees, customers and suppliers can navigate through their training with ease.

Plus, when you are onboarding newly hired staff, then you can get them started with the most essential training courses on Litmos.

License Model And Pricing

SAP offers a few different subscription plans for their Litmos virtual training solution.

In the past, the IT company offered only two options.

One plan for the Litmos software and a second plan for the learning management system with the off-the-shelf courses.

SAP changed this slightly as they realized that some companies may prefer to only work with their ready-made course material.

SAP Litmos LMS

The basic plan without access to the course library gives you full control over your own Litmos learning management system.

You can create and manage your own courses, apply your branding and create individual training programs with learning paths.

You’ll be able to track learner progress and export individual reports for each course.

There are a number of different features to make your training material more engaging, such as including videos, games and multiple language options.

SAP Litmos Review

Every learner has access to a learner dashboard where they can navigate to their assigned training courses.

SAP Litmos Courses

If you don’t want to create your own course material and you just want to use SAP’s off-the -shelf learning courses, then this is a good subscription option.

Litmos Courses allows you to view and access thousands of videos and courses. They are all designed professionally with different modules.

You can also make use of any of the supplemental learning materials, such as workbooks, pre-reading texts, infographic and promotional materials.

SAP say that they regularly add courses each month, so if you can’t find a course for your specific topic, then just contact their support team and recommend it.

SAP Litmos LMS + Courses

Litmos LMS + Courses is the full package that includes access to the entire course library and full use of the Litmos LMS software.

This includes all of the features from the Litmos LMS plan and the Courses plan.

Additional Features

It’s a good idea to start off with a free trial with the plan that feels most suited to your business.

You can then try out some of the features and find out more about Litmos Training would work for your L&D team.

If you decide to sign up, then you also have the option to get some extra features from SAP, such as automation bundles.

If you want to add a specific integration or feature, then it’s worth speaking to the SAP support team.


Integrating your LMS with content providers or other management software can be a very effective way to bring all your learning materials together.

One of the best integrations that we found most useful were integrations with Salesforce, WordPress and Captivate.

Options To Sell Training

If you have created your own training course on SAP Litmos and you want to sell it, then there are a few different eCommerce solutions that they offer.

You can use the SAP Litmos API to integrate the system into your own eCommerce store, or you can just use the Shopify app which was built by SAP Litmos.

Customer Support

SAP Litmos provide customer support all year round and you can contact them at any time.

When we needed some help during out trial period, we found the customer service agent very helpful and friendly.

They guided us through the process of setting up an integration. We also had an urgent issue that we wanted resolved.

The support team responded promptly, and although they couldn’t resolve the problem instantly, they suggested a couple of workarounds.

We were kept updated with any actions on our issue which is essential when you want to complete an urgent training project.

It’s also worthwhile mentioning here that SAP Litmos have a lot of helpful videos and webinars on their Youtube channel, so this is a good resource to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is SAP Litmos Free?

No, SAP Litmos Training LMS isn’t free but you can start with a free trial to get to know the platform.

You can try out the different features, create online courses and manage your business online learning.

Is Litmos Open Source?

The SAP Litmos learning management system is not open source but they are SCORM certified.

SCORM is a standard which allows only compliant LMS solutions to publish compliant eLearning content.

When you are looking for a new learning management system for your business, it is a good idea to check if they are SCORM certified.

How Do You Log Into Litmos?

Before a user can log into Litmos, his account needs to be enabled.

Once this has been done, the user can log into the system via the Google link they received

For this, the user requires an active Google email address which needs to match with the username of the Litmos profile.

Final Thoughts

A learning management system like SAP Litmos is ideal when you want to offer your employees a variety of training.

As all the video-based training courses on Litmos are online, there is no need to travel.

This allows you to put together training courses for staff across the country and international employees.

You can even design your own training program for customers and third-party suppliers.