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Ringo Starr MasterClass: Is It Worth The Money You Pay?

The former Beatles drummer, and musician who has worked extensively throughout the music industry since Ringo Starr is certainly one of the most recognizable and loved celebrities on the planet. 

This is why his MasterClass has proven so successful, both with budding drummers, and Beatles songs fanatics looking to get one step closer to the music legend himself. 

But what exactly does Ringo Starr teach during his MasterClass, and how useful is it for those who’re interested? 

Let’s check out how Ringo Starr teaches drumming, and his musical journey in this detailed and comprehensive Ringo Starr Masterclass review!

Who Is Ringo Starr? 

Born Richard Starkey, Ringo Starr is the second drummer of the British rock and roll band The Beatles, following Pete Best, and the one who accompanied them on their rise to the dizzying heights of celebrity stardom. 

Now one of two surviving members, Ringo Starr is widely recognized as a pioneer of the drumming world and is appreciated and adored by musicians and fans alike for his originality, his personality, and the impact he has made on the craft. 

What Does He Teach? 

In his particular MasterClass, Ringo Starr teaches a 12-part course based on the basics of drumming, and the best methods to approach drumming and creative collaboration. 

Starr also shares personal experiences, stories, and memories, as well as drumming demos specifically crafted for the purposes of the course. 

What Are The Benefits Of This Course? 

Of course, aside from the knowledge and teaching, there are numerous other benefits to be received from taking this (and in fact any other) course. 

12 Parts

There are 12 parts to the course, meaning that it is one of the longer courses under MasterClass. As part of this course, you get an insight into Ringo’s early life, his influences, his first introduction to the drum kit essentials, and his time with The Beatles. 

You also get to know more about the equipment he uses, his unique playing style, the basics of the craft, and the collaborative process. 


As part of the course, students also get a free workbook as a learning tool to help guide them through each lesson. 

This is a great addition, and one that will be a great souvenir for both fans of drumming, and The Beatles. 


You will also have the opportunity to chat and make contact with other, like-minded people on the course – something that can be a great source of comfort, camaraderie, and confidence as they progress through any new subject. 

Learning is always more fun in a classroom environment with new and seasoned drummers, and this lets you experience this in the comfort of your own home. 


You can also get a sense of what made Ringo Starr what he is today, as well as the things that helped him when he was young and starting out.

Within the course, Ringo talks about his love of blues music – particularly musicians Lightnin’ Hopkins and Bo Diddley – as well as his eventual discovery of the skiffle, which was the form of music played by the Beatles’ precursor, The Quarrymen


As with any MasterClass, there is a sense that the celebrity in question is speaking directly to you – and this is especially the case with Ringo.

Ringo’s teaching style is one of warmth and humor, like a grandfather telling stories to his loved ones – and with a life like his, the personal stories are anything but boring. 

Ringo always has a reputation for being humorous and kind, and his famed mantra of peace and love definitely shines through in these sessions. 


Ringo Starr MasterClass: Is It Worth The Money You Pay? 1

You also get a sense of Ringo’s drumming philosophy – namely, collaboration, playing drums with vocalists (as the most important), learning by doing, feeling over accuracy, and perhaps most importantly – not overthinking it. 

All of these can be great pieces of advice for anyone who is starting out, and could potentially help someone who is struggling with their own drumming. 


The nature of this course is very much akin to music lessons – both history, practice, and theory.

This can be intimidating for many people, and they could feel threatened or embarrassed by the tutor and the other students. 

With this course, you get first-hand experience and tutelage from one of the world’s most famous musicians, all within the privacy of your own home.

This means that mistakes can be made without the pressure of other people’s judgments, or indeed your own anxieties and insecurities. 

Are There Any Downsides? 

Of course, as with anything, there are certain downsides to undertaking this MasterClass – or indeed any MasterClass in general. 

The Price

MasterClass doesn’t have a free option, but there are various plans that grant customers different levels of clearance and freedom.

That being said, these can still be expensive – especially if you do not have several courses you wish to embark upon within the website. 

The pricing plans tend to revolve around the number of users and account you can have within the household, and the pricing seems to benefit families more than individual users – meaning those with limited interest and who live alone might not get as much out of it. 

Limited Content

While there are numerous MasterClass courses that are available, the content is still quite limited, and might not seem substantial enough for some users. 

Ringo Starr’s course in particular, despite being billed as 12 episodes, only consists of 10 actual sessions, accompanied by an introduction and a conclusion.

Other courses are longer, but some are also shorter, meaning that there is little consistency in terms of the content provided. 

The Information

There is also some debate over whether the information each celebrity shares is actually new information, or whether it could have been accessed online. 

The history and stories of The Beatles have become things of legend, and have been documented as such.

Similarly, the drumming techniques have also been unpacked by other musicians and theorists, meaning that those desperately wanting to drum like Ringo Starr could probably learn to do so on their own. 

Is It Worth It? 

This is a somewhat difficult question, as the answer very much depends on the individual and what they want. 

From the point of view of someone wanting to learn to drum, I feel there is little need to embark on this course, as the information can easily be found elsewhere and in more detail. 

However, for fans of The Beatles, and Starr in particular, this could be a rare opportunity to experience content that has not been seen by everyone and could be entertaining to boot. 

Final Thoughts

And there we have it, everything you need to know about the Ringo Starr Masterclass, and what exactly you can expect to learn from it. 

It’s true that Ringo Starr is one of the most famous drummers in rock and roll history – a member of The Beatles, as well as numerous other ventures – and with his Masterclass, you can now learn from one of the greats, drawing on his talents, experiences, and advice. 

So if you are a fan of The Beatles, or you want to improve your skills at the feet of the master, then why not check out Ringo Starr’s Masterclass? Something tells me you won’t be disappointed!

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