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Richard Branson MasterClass Review

Richard Branson MasterClass: Honest Review 2023

The British entrepreneur Richard Branson is best known for founding the Virgin Group and he is one of the most prominent business leaders in the modern era.

This group has a monopoly in many different fields with over 400 different companies within the group, he has made some really successful businesses.

He is estimated to have a net worth of close to 4 billion dollars while the Virgin Group brought in a revenue of 16.6 billion British pounds in 2019. 

These are not the only achievements the entrepreneur has received, he is also the 3rd oldest individual to get the chance of space tourism, he’s been knighted, and ranked on the Time 100 Most Influential People In The World list.

So it’s safe to say that it’s reasonable to believe he has a few trade secrets to share.

But is his Masterclass worth the hype that it receives? You’ll have access to 13 different lessons which range from five minutes to twenty minutes long.

Let’s take a look at Richard Branson MasterClass review and get an honest reflection on his career.


Who’s It For?

Anyone who has a business idea they are unsure of how to bring to fruition, or is serious about pursuing their entrepreneurial dreams will benefit from this course. As will any admirer of Branson, or just the generally commercially curious. 

What To Expect

You’ll be learning outlining tangible key learnings from the best of the best about how to make your entrepreneurial dreams come true and what is the true meaning of disruptive entrepreneurship

You’ll be taught to think like the man himself, how to use your passions to create a business idea, how to get your business on the map, how to solve problems and follow your gut, along with much more. 

What’s Good?

This class is quite clearly been put together very carefully and helps promote fast learning. It’s motivational and has great quality supporting footage. You are also learning from one of the best in the business. 

What’s Bad?

It is very anecdotal based and some of the tips and tricks are quite subjective and can be hard to apply to your own life and business. 

How Long Is The Course?

There are 13 videos that will take around two hours and 45 minutes to view. 

Lesson Breakdown

Meet Your Instructor & Light The Fire With Your First Ventures

Initially, this course begins with a visually appealing backdrop that highlights many of the experiences and achievements of Sir Richard Branson. You’ll then be told the story of how he came to be the famous entrepreneur we all recognize today.

You’ll learn about how he came up with the ideas for his biggest successes and how to turn weaknesses into strengths. Along with this, you’ll learn about the influences in Branson’s life and how your passions should influence your ambitions. 

Screw Convention – Diving Headfirst Into The Music Industry

Branson has a ‘screw it, let’s do it’ ethos and in this lesson, he will talk about how this philosophy has influenced his business ventures.

With very specific examples, you’ll learn about how he rejected the typical approach to business, has taken risks, and has been unafraid of controversy. 

Upending The Airline Industry & How To Be David To An Industry Goliath

In this lesson, you will learn how Branson came up with the idea for Virgin Atlantic. Drawing from his experience you’ll learn how you can use frustration to fuel an idea for a business strategy, how to solve issues as soon as they arise, and to be sure you’re always asking why.

You’ll also learn how to draw experience from competitors’ mistakes, get your brand on the map in fun and interesting ways, and much more. 

Finding Great People, We Not Me, & Listening Deeply To Get Things Done

In this section, Branson highlights the importance of young people. All people. He talks about ditching the resume, considering new and innovative ideas from the student magazine, and gauging a person’s character.

You’ll learn the value of listening to feedback and trusting and delegating certain elements of your business to other people.  

Experience Your Produce, Draw A Ring Around Yourself, & Case Study: Forming The Elder’s

Richard Branson MasterClass: Honest Review 2023 1

In this section of the course, you’ll be looking at your product or service from the perspective of the customer, understanding the importance of even the most minuscule changes, and looking at your company as a wider community.

The case study at the end I won’t spoil, but it rounds the class off perfectly showing what can be achieved with the skills you’ve been learning about. 

Never Forget The Fun

The course ends with the parting best advice from Branson to ensure that you are always having fun. He talks about how Virgin came together through passion, love, and fun. He even ends the class by jumping fully clothed into a pool! Could you set the tone of fun any better than that? 

How I Found The Course

There were many things a liked about this course. 

Learn From The Best Of The Best

If entrepreneurship is your game, then you couldn’t really learn from anyone better. You can’t really argue that he knows exactly what he’s talking about and that is abundantly clear throughout the lessons. 

Structured For Learning

The lessons are very structured, probably in the best manner of all the courses I’ve tried. The lessons flow together really well, and each new class builds upon the information in the last lesson. And for each lesson learned he provides clear examples that relate to his life. 


If this doesn’t get you determined to start your own first business venture then nothing will. It is bubbling with optimism and passion and shows the fun and joy that can come from bringing your ideas to life. 


This was the most cinematic and visibly enjoyable course I’ve tried so far. The footage can help break up what can feel like a lot of talking and yet it all still helps to further your learning. 

However, there are still some slight issues that I have with this class. 


This course is very geared to the way of the flamboyant nature of Branson himself. The advice won’t always be applicable, and he even mentions how the times have changed from when he made his way up the ladder.

This is one approach that certainly worked for him, but today, I’m not sure it’ll work for every budding entrepreneur 


Now, an anecdotal learning style can be a plus for some, and teaching through experience and storytelling can have its benefits. But it does come with its negatives too. Some of the examples used throughout the lessons are not all that relatable to the average viewer.

For example, I’m not sure how Branson bought an island will be applicable to relevant to anyone hoping to start a new business venture. 

Final Thoughts

This is a fairly decent course. If you are interested in Branson and how he came to be, then this is very interesting. There are lessons to be learned within it, sure.

He has a lot of interesting ideas and a fairly unique approach to the business world that could be a great influence on you. 

However, if you were hoping for a truly academic class on how to create a business empire, you’re probably going to come away somewhat disappointed. There is a lot in the course that will also not really be all that apply to your personal life. 

If you already have an annual membership Masterclass subscription, it’s definitely worth a watch, if not to just cure your curiosity. But I’m not sure I’d subscribe for this course alone.