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Open Sesame Review

Open Sesame Review 2023: Details, Pricing & Features

Whether you’re a big company or a small one, it’s important that everybody is on the same page and shares certain skills and knowledge.

However, it can be very difficult to train everybody up to a specific level in an area, and it takes time and resources. Yet, if everybody isn’t roughly equal, it can affect the company’s ability to do business.

This is where online training courses come in, and OpenSesame is one of the biggest online platforms for training companies and organizations.

Open Sesame is a Learning Management System (LMS), an online platform that is centered around corporate learning and course curation.

As a result, it’s a source of reliable and professional knowledge in an enormous range of areas, and it can help to train great numbers of employees.

With more employees educated in the same areas, in the same way, it creates a more cohesive company.

But what does OpenSesame offer and is it any good?

We’ve got all the answers and more in our detailed Open Sesame review of OpenSesame below! In it, we’re going to break down the key features that OpenSesame has to offer, detailing how each can help a workforce, and looking at the benefits and disadvantages that OpenSesame may bring. Read on!

OpenSesame – An Overview

With the constantly increasing popularity of the internet, much has been made of its ability to deliver information on almost any subject to people in almost any location.

While somebody may not always be able to get to a school, or even afford it, they can often be able to get online and access loads of information instead. 

This internet’s potential for education led to the creation of Learning Management Systems (LMS), which are digital learning environments that can be used to train entire companies and organizations, offering up specific courses and tracking employee’s performance and progress. 

OpenSesame is an LMS itself, being a large online platform that offers corporate learning programs to companies, curating courses in areas that are specific to what the company does. 

A Range Of Content

How many courses, you ask? Well, there are over 25,000 at the time of writing, but that number is regularly increasing.

OpenSesame says that this is the most comprehensive catalog  of curated online learning courses, and it’s certainly true that they cover an enormous range of topics.

This is especially helpful, because companies could be based around any discipline or area of industry, and they all need their own specific courses on those areas. 

You’ll be able to find curated course solutions for a whole range of industries, all handily organized into their own categories.

For example, there are solutions for retail enterprises, the service industry, private and public government agencies, construction companies, financial institutions, tech companies, and more.

On top of that, there is also guidance for general roles within companies. For example, there is learning for Human Resources heads, directors of Learning & Development, heads of Compliance, people within the IT department, and more.

In addition to these, OpenSesame also caters towards aspects of the running of a company, helping it to improve and be a better place for its employees.

After all, if a company runs smoothly, then it’s going to be doing better work.

As a result, there are courses to help with the wellness of the employees, improve the IT systems, enhance the safety of the work environment, assist with compliance, and much more. 

Knowledge From The Best

The courses that OpenSesame offer are made by some of the most knowledgeable creators out there.

Rather than just take courses from one publisher, OpenSesame offers courses from an enormous range of publishers, meaning that almost every subject area can be covered and covered right.

Some of the leading publishers offering courses through OpenSesame include Blinkist, Coaching Culture, Enspark, and many more. 

OpenSesame even has some exclusive publishers, whose content you won’t find on any other platform! These include Amplify Voices, Healthyminds Program, Futurethink, Breaking Barriers United, and more.

By offering exclusive content, it makes OpenSesame’s platform even more curated, because they’re specifically working with these publishers even more and bringing their fresh content to your company.

A Curated Approach

However, it isn’t just the case that OpenSesame is bringing you lots of courses from lots of publishers. Instead, they curate the course selection and content to your company, so that you’re getting the most relevant guidance to your workforce. 

They do this by first partnering with your company and assessing it, with OpenSesame’s elearning experts determining what the best curriculum would be for you.

They take your goals into account, as well as the kinds of people that are going to be learning, and use it all to help build a custom training and learning program.

What Does OpenSesame Offer?

Now that we’ve looked at what OpenSesame broadly does, it’s time to break down their key features in more detail.

Solutions For Various Different Industries

Whatever your company does, and whatever type of industry it’s in, you should be able to find a relevant training solution on offer from OpenSesame. 

For example, a financial institution will be able to get the guidance they need thanks to OpenSesame.

Whether you’re a bank, a CPA firm, or something else, then OpenSesame has a range of courses and training all to do with your specific industry, allowing you to stay ahead of the market.

Since the finance industry is so fast-paced, it’s especially important that every employee is on the same page, and OpenSesame’s guided training program is a good way to ensure that.

On the other hand, your company might be a part of the manufacturing industry.

OpenSesame has the tools to give your employees a curated course of training, and their learning can be accessed wherever and whenever they need it.

They also have DEI strategies to help with, which are all about improving diversity, equity, and inclusion in your industry. 

Safety is also incredibly important for the manufacturing industry, and so OpenSesame works with your company in order to provide you with the best blend of courses for your employees.

These will make sure that they are all well trained in the most important skills by the end, which should make your workplace a much safer one.

Of course, there are plenty of other industries catered to, too: the tech industry, service industries, governmental agencies, construction companies, healthcare organizations, and retail enterprises. 

Building A Better Company

On top of that, OpenSesame also offers countless courses that will help a company improve in many of the aspects of running it.

For a company to run smoothly, every element needs to be properly attended to, which takes a lot of knowledge and guidance to begin with.

As a result, OpenSesame offers curated courses to help improve the most important elements of your company. 

Firstly, you can get a curated course on the safety of the workplace.

Safety is an incredibly important part of any workplace culture, and your company will need to be passing legally mandated safety requirements anyway.

The safety landscape changes frequently, so it’s important to stay ahead of it, especially for the benefit of your employees. 

Compliance is another area that OpenSesame can provide course content on, helping to make sure that your company and everyone in it is always acting in accordance with the correct rules.

This way, risks will be avoided, and employers should feel confident.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are also essential to a successful workplace, and OpenSesame provides curated courses on that too.

All three of these aspects should be a priority for your company, because organizations that have strong diversity have often had employees who are more trusting, more satisfied, and more engaged. 

On a similar note, OpenSesame also offers curated courses about workplace wellness, which will make your workforce a lot happier. A happier workplace means better work, which means a company that is more successful. 

Business skills is a particularly important area for a company to thrive on, and OpenSesame offers course-based help with this as well.

Staying ahead of the game has never been more important for a company than it is now, because technology is rapidly evolving so much so now that it’s constantly shifting what a modern workplace looks like.

For example, there are now roles that can be done with AI, and data drives a lot of decision making.

As a result, it’s important to train your staff in the hard and soft skills necessary to keep the company going amidst all these changes, allowing you to embrace all of the new technologies and know how they can make your output even better.

OpenSesame also offers curated courses on getting your employees the right certifications to display their skills, as well as the tools to improve your business’ IT proficiencies. 

Improving Workplace Roles

Improving Workplace Roles

OpenSesame also offers curated courses on a more individual level, offering educational programs that are perfect for specific jobs and roles.

Every person is important in a company, and so every person needs to be doing their job to the best of their ability. How do you ensure those abilities are at their best? With courses from professionals.

With OpenSesame, you can get curated courses to improve some of the key company roles.

For example, OpenSesame will work with you to find a mixture of courses that are going to train the head of your Human Resources department.

This is a particularly important role in your company, because they help keep employees happy and safe in their work. As a result, it’s important to “upskill” them.

Similarly, there are also courses for the Director of Learning & Development, whose job it is to provide your staff with the knowledge and the skills necessary to improve.

But how can the Director get their skills? With OpenSesame.

Courses to improve the Head of Compliance’s work are also important, because that person ensures that the company and its employees are always following the correct paths of action. 

OpenSesame also offers curated courses for the LMS admins, the people in IT, and further guidance on DEI.

OpenSesame Plus

One of OpenSesame’s major membership plans is OpenSesame Plus, the key feature of which is unlimited access to over 21,000 professional courses.

A plan like this can be much better than buying courses individually for your company and employees, instead joining a plan that gives you access to thousands all for an affordable price.

After all, it’s unlikely that your company could benefit from just one mix of courses.

With OpenSesame Plus, it allows companies to more easily get access to a whole range of highly-rated courses in lots of key areas: DEI, safety, wellness, HR and compliance, and lessons specific to your industry.

How Much Does Open Sesame Cost?

Each OpenSesame plan comes with a quote specific to your company and its needs. In general, you can buy individual courses, buy a bulk of courses in one, or use their subscription plans.

The subscription plans have three tiers. “Plus 25” is for smaller teams, allowing up to 25 active courses, while “Plus 100” is for mid-size business and offers up to 100 active courses. “Plus Complete”, meanwhile, is for large enterprises, with up to 15,000+ active courses.

What Does OpenSesame Do Well?

OpenSesame offers 25,000 courses that can help your company improve in both areas of running and areas specific to its industry.

Better yet, OpenSesame properly works with you to create a course plan that’s curated specifically to you, rather than just any old business.


  • Enormous range of courses
  • OpenSesame work with you to curate the content
  • Upskill employees in your industry
  • Improve the running aspects of your company

What Doesn’t OpenSesame Do Well?

Little! Some have found that it’s hard to find specific courses, which is understandable given the volume of content.


  • Sometimes hard to find specific courses

Final Thoughts

OpenSesame is an LMS offering thousands of courses to improve your company, all curated to you.

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