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Your Detailed Guide To Ontraport

Your Detailed Guide To Ontraport

There’s no denying that running a company is a delicate juggling act that can be difficult to master at times.

The metaphorical fires rage, and you rush to the rescue to ensure the satisfaction of clients, your sales staff is well-supplied, and tasks internally completed on time.

You and your team will now streamline and refine your business processes from sales and marketing to fulfillment and task management by using marketing automation, CRM, and project management tools.

When you’ve set up these automated systems, the juggling act seems to be a lot easier. Your team operates more effectively, which saves you money, and you don’t have to fight fires or double-check that all is in order, which saves you time.

That’s where a service like Ontraport will help.

What is Ontraport?

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Simply put, Ontraport is a business automation software application that is “all-in-one.”

But what exactly does that imply?

Whether you’re a B2B/B2C service business, an online e-commerce brand, a flourishing tech company, or even a budding “solopreneurs,” the team at Ontraport has created a system that can automate most of your business processes.

The design of most marketing automation and CRM software tools is to solve a single business issue.

As an example;

  • Pipedrive – A customer relationship management system that allows you to keep track of both lead and customer behavior.
  • MailChimp – This is an excellent email marketing tool for sending attractive and engaging emails.
  • Unbounce – Fast, simple, and easy-to-use landing page builder.
  • GetAmbassador – You can easily set up and monitor partner referrals and commissions with the referral’s platform.

You can see that these systems are excellent at solving a single problem, but the reality is that most companies have many needs and are to integrate several different systems into a “stack.”

The first and most noticeable issue with piling these disparate pieces of software is that it raises costs. Each tool comes with a monthly or annual charge, which means that depending on the size of your company, you could be spending hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars each month.

The second issue with software stacking is that you must make all the resources work together and exchange data. To make sense of your sales, marketing, and business operations, you’ll need to know how to incorporate each platform with the others.

The inability to get their staff to adjust to all the different tools for the various processes is the last major issue you see for many clients. Training team members on how to use four different channels and interact with each other is a challenging and time-consuming process.

Because of its “all-in-one” existence, Ontraport exists to address all these issues, which means that you may have access to the following features:

  • CRM and sales pipeline that is fully customizable.
  • Strategy creator for visual marketing.
  • Easy-to-use email and landing page creators.
  • Affiliate and partner network.
  • E-commerce and payment processing networks.
  • Customized database items.
  • Websites for members.
  • Sending SMS and postcards.
  • Dashboard with metrics and KPIs.

These features are all available in the same area, and they function together seamlessly. Your team won’t have to learn different systems, and you’ll get all these benefits for a much lower cost than buying multiple single-solution systems.

Ontraport’s goal is to help entrepreneurs bring their value to the world by removing technological barriers.

They really deliver on that task for tens of thousands of business owners worldwide by creating their all-in-one solution.

What does it bring to your business?


Several factors distinguish Ontraport from the competition and allow it to provide SMBs with something truly unique.

The user interface’s consistency, the extensive feature set, the landing page and email builders, the visual campaign creator, etc.

Even though Ontraport is excellent at all these aspects, several other platforms have similar features.

It’s worth noting, however, that while Ontraport excels in some ways, other systems excel in others. All platforms have advantages and disadvantages, but in this article, the highlight is on the main features that set Ontraport apart from the competition.

It all comes down to five key points after some thought:

1. Customizable features

Compared to most other systems in its price range, Ontraport goes above and beyond with customization; this is exceptionally advantageous to your business.

2. Award-winning support system

Their customer service team is exceptional, and you’ll find working with them an absolute joy.

They have an incredible amount of information and experience to provide, and their live chat support has a response time of only a few seconds.

They also have a phone and ticket-based support, but they aren’t essential in most cases because the chat support is so strong.

3. Incredible visual campaign builder

By far, the best campaign builder on the market is Ontraport’s. Others I’ve used include Infusionsoft, AgileCRM, Hubspot, Drip, etc. Ontraport’s visual builder is simple, intuitive, and easy to use.

Its new success mode and marketing monitoring features elevate this builder to new heights. For seasoned marketers, the ability to quickly see who is progressing through the campaign and converting in various stages is invaluable.

4. Thriving community of users and consultants

The Ontraport group is supportive, helpful, welcoming, and, most importantly, extremely useful to any user. The Ontraport User Community Facebook group, which has over 5,000 active members, serves as their primary community.

The Ontraport group is a vibrant and exciting thing to be a part of, whether you’re looking for guidance on a new campaign setup or the experience of an Ontraport Certified Consultant to help you achieve success.

5. Value for money like no other small business automation platform

Ontraport offers four different pricing plans, ranging from $79 to $497 a month.

The pricing model makes it one of the most appealing deals in the small business software market, particularly when you consider the money you’ll save on other tools like landing page builders, email automation tools, affiliate systems, e-commerce, and more.

Ease of use

Ease of Use

There’s no doubting that Ontraport’s sophisticated automated toolset can make quick work of operational processes and vital marketing for your company.

It’s very logical and user-friendly, and if you’re clear about each phase of the process you want to automate, you’ll find it very intuitive.

The free trials and quick access to all Ontraport’s features are what make it so appealing. This platform serves as an integrated engine for marketing campaigns, allowing you to easily combine your landing pages, emails, and e-commerce.

There isn’t anything more you might ask for from a CRM than excellent customer service, a highly versatile tool, and simple integration.

Campaigns, tags, triggers, and sequences are my favorite features. It’s instrumental, as it allows me to automate tasks that I would otherwise have to outsource.

Content management

Content Management

You can activate Ontraport’s tasks system at any point in an automation campaign or manually applied to each touch for all those pesky tasks that require a person to verify or take action.

While we’d like to automate as much as possible in our companies, we’re not there yet, and this task system will help busy teams with long to-do lists save time.

Tasks in Ontraport are entirely customizable, with the ability to add due dates, delegate them to individual team members, and even provide customizable results and forms.

When needing to feed data back into the communication record after you complete a task is beneficial as the ability to customize task outcomes and forms adds to the value of this site.

Let’s say you have a new lead and want to automate a task for one of your team members to contact the lead to schedule an appointment or meet with them.

You then incorporate the “Appointment Booked” outcome into the task and a brief “Appointment Details” form into the task’s output.

This action allows the team to label the assignment as complete with the desired outcome while simultaneously entering appointment details such as time, date, and any other notes on the same computer. You and your team will save a lot of time due to this.

Campaign builder

Ontraport Visual Campaign Builder

The most crucial feature of Ontraport is the visual campaign builder.

It came into effect with the Ontraport version 5 update in July 2017, and it completely transformed the world of SMB marketing automation.

Visual campaign builders are available in many programs, including Infusionsoft, Active Campaign, and Drip, but Ontraport outperforms the competition.

You can automate almost everything you can think of (and even things you can’t think of) with the campaign builder, including:

  • Contact record updates.
  • Email sends.
  • Tagging.
  • Task creation.
  • Membership site access.
  • Referral program details.
  • SMS and postcard sending.
  • Webhooks and much, much more.

By analyzing users’ actions, Ontraport’s powerful triggers and goals enable you to transfer contacts across the campaign map.

Should a user purchase a product after receiving three emails in a seven-email series, you can transfer them to the “Product Is Purchased” target. This transfer feature halts the remaining emails’ transmission and prompts further actions from that point.

There are two fundamental modes in the campaign builder:

  • Edit mode – This is where you build and customize your campaign.
  • Performance mode – where you can see real-time campaign reporting.

Ontraport’s campaign builder’s performance mode is what sets it apart from the competition.

Quickly and conveniently access information such as:

  • Email conversion rates.
  • Campaign conversion points.
  • Lists of users who reached a specific goal.
  • Email value and more.

These campaign success insights are critical for ongoing optimization and company development as business owners, marketers, or sales professionals.

Customer support

Customer Service

At Ontraport, customer service isn’t an afterthought; it’s part of their mission to help entrepreneurs bring their value to the world by removing technological barriers.

  • Support is a top priority.

Support is Ontraport’s second-largest team (after engineering) and a core priority of the company, in contrast to companies that devote more resources to sales and marketing.

  • A team that’s committed to your success

Ontraport recruits support reps locally to enable them to work and only hires people who are enthusiastic about our mission to help small businesses.

  • Get your problems solved

You won’t be disappointed. Ontraport has lightning-fast response times and knowledgeable customer service representatives, so you’ll get a response no matter what.

  • All support options for everyone

Unlike other tools that only provide email support or limit support to higher-tier plans, Ontraport offers free live chat, email, and screen sharing to all plan tiers.

  • More than answers

Their representatives do more than just fix the issue you brought with you. They try to understand your overall objective and might be able to suggest a better way to achieve it or other insider tips.

  • Industry-leading uptime

Ontraport keeps going so that the company can keep going. They’ve put a lot of money into maintaining a reliable system and safeguards, so you can trust them.

  • Free setup and migration

Ontraport has a team devoted exclusively to ensure that new users are set up and secure in their use of the app. They also receive special training in migrating from other applications to streamline the overall user experience.

  • Constant upgrades

Every week, their developers release new versions twice a week. These releases mean newer functionality and quicker issue resolution.

  • A supportive community

You don’t know what you don’t know unless you know what you don’t know. Join the amazing community of entrepreneurs who collaborate in our private Facebook group from all over the world.


Ontraport is a robust marketing automation platform that manages customer relationships, leads and transactions, and much more for clients worldwide.

Overall, Ontraport is tangibly one of the best marketing automation tools available, especially for fast-growing eCommerce businesses.

Even if the pricing plans may seem to be a little expensive for entrepreneurs who are just getting started, it isn’t easy to find a marketing automation tool with this level of scalability.

Without a doubt, Ontraport is a perfect investment for rising companies and will save you from the headaches that come with the teething period.

It’s also useful for large companies with marketing funnels. Its excellent CRM features include an excellent forum for connecting with your customers.


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