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Northpass Review

Northpass Review: Complete Guide 2023

E-Learning platforms like SkillShare and Domestika have been big business in recent years, and have totally taken the internet by storm.

These platforms make it easier than ever for people to access education for use in countless contexts, and or learn countless things.

The best thing about E-learning is that it allows just about anyone to gain access to useful knowledge, though for some kind of price.

However, being able to access those lessons on smart devices, home computers, or even smart TVs, makes it all so worth it. 

But for as easy as it is to gain access to an E-learning course, how do you actually go about creating one of your own for people to use?

If you’ve been pondering this question yourself, then you have come to the perfect place.

Today, we are going to take an in-depth look at Northpass, a platform that promises to make it easier than ever to develop E-learning courses for all manner of applications, and we are going to find out if it is worth the investment!

Read on below the Northpass review to get started!

What Is Northpass?

Northpass is an intelligent platform that allows its users to create online learning content that can then be sent out to clients, customers, or even potential employees.

This makes it a very valuable tool for businesses that need to quickly train employees that join the workforce, or even just for anyone that has knowledge and expertise that they would like to share with the world!

Northpass is noted for hosting the learning programs that are used for juggernaut businesses like Talkspace, Shopify, and even Uber!

This means that we have no trouble at all in verifying just how effective Northpass is as a learning platform to host educational content.

How Easy Is Northpass To Use?

One of Northpass’ absolute best assets is how easy the platform is to use.

Across all points of the journey to create content on Northpass, the platform is incredibly simple and intuitive to use and makes it incredibly easy to keep track of all courses you have created, as well as the progress of individuals that are currently taking the course. 

The platform is incredibly intuitive, especially when it comes to actually creating the courses themselves, with simple tools that are easy to understand right away and allow you to get right into creating courses that will amaze your potential employees or clients!

We were incredibly impressed at just how quickly we were able to start putting together learning materials that were not only informative but also engaging and memorable, making them more effective than other standard E-learning materials.

Once your courses have been created, it is then incredibly easy to manage and keep track of them, thanks to the professionally-designed user interface which is complete with all of the tools and actions you could need to stay on top of your courses after putting them together.

You can also track the progress of those taking the courses, to make sure that the materials are as informative and intuitive as you need them to be, and also just to get a sense of how well those taking the courses are handling the material.

And to make the deal even sweeter, Northpass also provides users with 24-hour access support from a dedicated support team who are able to answer just about any question you could have about the platform!

They are accessible day and night, whenever you encounter an issue, or find yourself hitting a roadblock while putting together your E-learning materials.

The support teams will always endeavor to answer your queries in record time to ensure that you never find yourself lost for answers, or lost for what to do next. 

However, because Northpass is quite a new and fledgling platform, this means there are often limits to how much they can help you to achieve, but Northpass is always incredibly candid when it comes to discussing what they can and cannot offer you, which helps to add to their credibility, and ensures that you will always get what you are promised, with no empty promises clouding everything up!

How Much Does Northpass Cost?

How Much Does Northpass Cost?

In order to gain access to Northpass’ stable of well-optimized and professionally developed tools, you will need to pay a fairly significant $200 subscription fee every month.

However, this price should actually be largely negligible to businesses and employers looking to recruit, as this will be a small sum that results in huge returns as fully qualified employees will be hired that help the business to achieve greater things.

However, if you have yet to give Northpass a try, you don’t have to worry about making a risky investment just to try it out, as you can sign up for the optional free trial that lasts for a period of a month, and allows you plenty of time to experience the tools on offer, and get to grips with it all, to determine whether Northpass is the best solution for you and your business.

Despite the price tag initially looking rather daunting, we were actually quite pleasantly surprised by how affordable it was to larger businesses.

The $200 price tag very quickly led to great returns, and we could see it proving to be an incredible asset to millions of business owners across the world, allowing them to vastly speed up their onboarding and hire employees that are truly beneficial to the business.

The free trial offered by Northpass is also incredibly generous and allows you to get a great sense of how the platform operates before you make such a hefty investment so that you can always be sure that the platform is just right for you. 

How Does Northpass Compare To Other Similar Platforms?

There are quite a number of E-learning authoring platforms available across the internet, so as such, it can be difficult to tell at a glance if Northpass is the right platform for you…

Many of the most popular E-learning authoring platforms make the creation of learning materials the absolute priority and focus on making the tools used to create content intuitive and simple to use at every turn.

This is one area where Northpass really shines. 

Northpass’ stable of content-building tools is incredibly intuitive, but not only that, it is also incredibly up to date and is continually updated to ensure that you are always given access to cutting-edge tools that help you to create learning content that is far beyond the competition. 

Another area where Northpass easily excels is in allowing its users complete control over their content well after they have finished producing it.

Other platforms like ‘Captivate’ have been noted for making it rather difficult for users to manage their existing content once it has been released for use.

Northpass, on the other hand, makes it easy to make quick and effective changes to your content whenever you want, to keep it optimized, and to ensure that it remains effective in educating users.

Northpass also makes it easy to manage your E-learning content every step of the way on any divide you choose.

Most other similar platforms instead require that you make use of a desktop computer or tablet to effectively manage your content, but Northpass allows you to also make quick and necessary edits from your smartphone whenever you need to, thanks to the well-optimized mobile version of the website that ensures control remains easy no matter how small the screen!

Northpass also stands well above competing platforms like Lectora, which has been noted as having less-than-satisfactory customer support which is often slow and even at times unhelpful.

We were blown away by how well the Northpass customer support team worked to ensure that response times to queries were kept to a minimum, as well as how in-depth and useful their answers proved to be.

The user interface of Northpass is also leagues above much of the competition in the E-learning authoring space.

Using the platform is incredibly easy and intuitive, and navigation can be done by just about anyone regardless of skill level or the level of experience the user may have with E-learning authoring.

This helps to make it easy for us to recommend to professionals, or those just getting started!

However, one area where Northpass may not quite scale up in comparison to other platforms is its experience.

Northpass is still a fairly new and modern platform and as such, this can make it a slightly trickier investment for anyone looking for an E-learning authoring platform that will serve them well.

However, we can say for certain that Northpass is so well optimized and built, that the years ahead of it could see it easily overtaking and outlasting even some of the most popular similar platforms in its field!

Is Northpass Worth The Money?

Is Northpass Worth The Money?

Now for the all-important question. As we discussed earlier, Northpass has quite a significant barrier to entry in the form of the $200 monthly paywall that is required in order to subscribe to the service. 

However, what we can say with confidence is that, yes Northpass is totally worth every single penny of that price tag.

Not only does that price give you access to top-of-the-range tools that can help you to build E-learning content leagues above the competition, but also the price is considerably generous, especially when compared to prices required by other competing platforms in the field. 

If you want an E-learning authoring platform that offers you a professional experience and that still comes at a largely affordable price, then you cannot do better than Northpass.

You will very easily discover a return on investment from Northpass, as its content creation tools will help you to create content that effectively trains potential employees, and to create a workforce that can help your business to turn better profits than ever before.

Can You Get A Refund On A Northpass Subscription?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to receive a refund on a month’s period of a Northpass subscription.

This means that you should make sure to strongly consider whether signing up for the service would be beneficial to you or your business.

Luckily, Northpass offers a very generous free trial period, which gives you full access to its stable of tools, so you can get to grips with everything, and really get a sense of whether the platform will be beneficial to you and your business.

If, after paying for a month’s period of Northpass, you find that the platform just isn’t right for your business, you can rest assured that you can easily cancel your membership and end any recurring payments to Northpass at any point.

Pros And Cons


  • Northpass’ user interface is incredibly well designed and is simple and easy to navigate at every step of the way, allowing you to create E-learning content that will put you ahead of the competition.
  • The content creation tools are incredibly simple, and always up to date, allowing you to create content that is informative while still being engaging.
  • Easy to use on any device.


  • Northpass’ subscription fee can be rather off putting to those looking to get started with E-learning authoring.
  • Northpass is one of the youngest Ea-learning authoring platforms around, which can be off putting to some.

To Wrap Up

There we have it.

Though Northpass’ initial entry price may be daunting to some, we can guarantee you that the platform will prove to be a worthwhile investment thanks to how easy it is to use, not only to create and manage E-learning content but also for others like potential employees to access that content. 

We strongly recommend giving Northpass a go if you want to create E-learning content that is leagues above the rest, and will make your business more effective.