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Martin Barrett
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NK Jemisin MasterClass Review In 2023

NK Jemisin is a much-loved science fiction writing lover and fantasy novels, making a name for herself in these genres, and gaining countless fans from all around the world. 

With her MasterClass course, fans and writers alike have the potential to learn at the feet of this master in her field. But what exactly does her course teach, and how useful could it be for prospective students? 

Let’s study check this detailed NK Jemisin MasterClass review and learn what is the meaning of the broken earth trilogy!

Who Is NK Jemisin? 

NK Jemisin is a novelist working predominantly within the fantasy and science fiction genres.

Some of her notable works include her debut novel The Hundred Kingdoms, and the Inheritance Trilogy – all of which received critical acclaim from fans and critics alike. 

Jemisin teaches fantasy novels and has continued to work within the realms of fiction, writing fantasy well-received novels, as well as Mass Effect: Andromeda Initiation – a novel based on the science fiction video game series Mass Effect

With a background in psychology, Jemisin enjoys getting into the heads of her compelling characters – creating interesting, real people, who are imbued with all the inconsistencies, contradictions, and unlikeable qualities that real people have. 

She also prides herself on setting an example for other black female writers, having experienced years of marginalization within the science fiction community – a genre that for a long time has largely been white, middle-aged, and male. 

What Does The Course Teach? 

 Jemisin’s Masterclass teaches fantasy and science to prospective students many of the skills she has picked up over the years, namely within the realm of world building, storytelling, and creating fictional works. 

The course is separated into 16 sections, each of them focusing on a specific part of world building, storytelling, and to create diverse characters, including: 

  • Elements of world building. 
  • Macro world building exercise: creating a planet and a specific place where the story takes place. 
  • Micro world building exercise: creating new and exciting societal structures. 
  • Micro world building exercise: creating power dynamics. 
  • World building: inventing science and magic. 
  • World building: research. 
  • Immersing your reader: choosing point of view. 
  • The psychology of characters. 
  • Forget the rugged individual archetype. 
  • The hierarchy of characterization: creating your character’s needs and motivations. 
  • The hierarchy of characterization: creating your character’s arc. 
  • How cook publishing process works: seeking representation. 
  • How to find a literary agent. 
  • Surviving the literary marketplace. 
  • Writing while marginalized. 
NK Jemisin MasterClass Review In 2023 1

What Are The Benefits Of The Course? 

Of course, there are numerous benefits to attending the course – both for aspiring writers, and fans of Jemisin’s work. 

Learning The Secrets

Oftentimes, the author of our favorite novels can be somewhat mysterious, shadowy figures who hide behind their work. There are only rare examples like Neil Gaiman and J.K Rowling who turn their work into celebrity. 

By taking this course, fans of Jemisin’s work can put themselves in front of their favorite author, and take a peek behind the curtain, seeing what inspires her, makes her tick, and what she considers to be vital for her own distinct process. 

While actors, musicians, and other public figures might have more accessible personal lives widely available online, this is not the case for most writers – so what better chance to experience first hand what Jemisin is about, and what makes her writing so special. 

Marginalized Perspectives

One benefit is that those from marginalized groups – be that based on gender, race, or sexuality – can see firsthand a fantasy writer that has consistently challenged traditions and genre expectations. 

Equally, it is also important for those interested in writing as a whole to experience and learn about what the process is like for others within the industry.

This is how inclusion becomes possible, and how change can really be made right across the board. 

It is about spreading awareness, and this is something Jemisin is not only passionate about but largely involved in making a reality. 

Honing The Craft

World building can be a tricky aspect of creative writing, and one that can often be the downfall of ill-equipped writers.

Jemisin is a master in her field when it comes to this specific skill, using her life experiences, and her background in psychology to add a sense of realism and common sense to even the most fictional worlds. 

Science fiction can be incredibly tricky, as by the nature of the genre, there are rules within the fictional world that need to be established and followed.

However, with Jemisin’s help, prospective students can engage with this content and hopefully find the answers they need to this commonplace creative difficulty. 

Are There Any Downsides To The Course? 

However, there are a couple of downsides to the course that need to be addressed. 

Amount Of Content

Even though Jemisin has some of the longest individual sessions on MasterClass, the content is still fairly limited.

This means that those looking for more in depth tutelage might have to look elsewhere – or at the very least use this course as a jumping off point. 

It might also be off putting for those who have limited funds and resources to spend. 

The Cost

While individual courses can be purchased through MasterClass, this can still be expensive for certain people.

This is why it is important to consider just how applicable the courses will be to your needs, and whether there are any other courses featured through the website that you might want to engage with. 

The pricing system is designed to encourage larger groups of users to engage with the content, and for people to subscribe instead of paying a one off fee.

However, if there is limited content that you would find interesting, or you have very specific needs at this time, then it might be worth considering whether or not this is the route for you. 

So, Is It Worth It? 

While there is not an easy, all-encompassing answer to this question, there are different ways of looking at it depending on the specific needs of the individual. 

For those who are already members, then Jemisin’s course could make an interesting addition to your educational repertoire. She is an accomplished psychologist and writer with a lot to offer both creatives and non creatives alike. 

The same goes for writers who have the funds and the inclination to engage. 

However, those with limited interests, a fair weather approach to writing, or with scarce funds might wish to explore some of the free content found online – much of which offers comprehensive looks at world building and the best ways to create a story. 

Final Thoughts

And there we have it, everything you need to know about NK Jemisin, and the contents she teaches during her MasterClass course. 

It’s true that Jemisin has made a name for herself within the world of fiction, making countless contributions to the worlds of science fiction and fantasy.

And with this course, you too can have a chance to learn from a master of her craft to develop your own world building and storytelling skills. 

So if you are looking to learn more about writing, or you are a fan of Jemisin and her work, then why not give this MasterClass a try? Something tells me you won’t be disappointed!