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Marc Jacobs Masterclass Review: Complete Details & Features

Fashion is so much more than creating clothes that you wear, it’s passion, heart, and dedication. And if you want to get your foot in the door of the fashion industry, who better to learn from than one of the most prestigious fashion designers to exist? 

Marc Jacobs is arguably one of the most influential designers currently on the market. This most experienced head designer is set to have a net worth of approximately 200 million dollars while the brand itself is estimated to currently be valued at around 6.88 billion dollars.

The brand itself ranks number 327 on the list of Global Top 1000 Brands which is incredibly impressive. 

And this master of the industry has taken the time out of his very busy schedule to create 18 video lessons and Marc Jacobs teaches fashion all the secrets of his trade and lets you in on the road to success. 

Let’s read the award-winning fashion designer, Marc Jacobs Masterclass review to learn about his successful secrets to creating innovative designs!


Who’s It For

If you have a love of fashion and are interested in the industry, then this is the perfect course for you. 

What To Expect

In this course, you will learn all the thought processes, methods, and ideas that are involved in creating a fashion brand. You’ll have help and guidance with developing your own ideas and interpretations of fashion.

You will be prepared for the successes and failures that come part and parcel of such a competitive and cut-throat industry. 

What’s Good?

There’s a real focus on honing in on your own skills and improving them. It also teaches you how to become a better American fashion designer, find inspiration, and how to collaborate. It also prepares you for the good and bad along with step-by-step guidance for aspiring designers. 

What’s Bad?

Honestly, not a lot. It’s a great class and the only con I could really think of is that the subscription fee might be quite high if you are only interested in this particular course. 

How Long Is The Course?

18 lessons which are approximately 10 minutes each in length. 

Lesson Breakdown

Here I’ll go over the main things that you’ll learn in your lessons. 


You’ll begin with an introduction to what you can expect from your course with iconic designer Marc Jacobs. He’ll talk about the vision he has for his own personal brand along with what improvements he hopes each student will achieve through the course. 

Teach Yourself Design

Jacob starts at the very beginning of the road to success. So you’ll get to grips with all the basics of fashion design which will be imperative and influential throughout your fashion designing career. 

Finding Inspiration

Finding and acting on inspiration is a vital part of fashion and Marc Jacobs will teach you to find inspiration in places you may never even thought of. You’ll learn more about the evolving process of inspiration and how you can use that to guide your new designs. 

Sketching Your Ideas

You’ll then learn everything you need to know about bringing your ideas to life in the form of sketches. You’ll be taught about the right tools to use and information about the sketching process. You’ll even get the privilege of watching the man himself sketch out a design. 

The Creative Process Of Design

Marc Jacobs Masterclass Review: Complete Details & Features 1

The creative process will differ from designer to designer. You’ll learn that you’ll find your own creative process but that there are also essential steps that cannot be ignored during the planning of any design.

This being said you’ll also learn the only true rules of fashion design are to be focused and decisive. 

Choosing Fabrics & Creating Shapes

Fabric is super important in fashion design. You’ll have a few case studies to review during these lessons where you will develop a deeper understanding of the history of fashion and how to pick the correct fabrics and shapes. 

Patterns & Muslins

You’ll learn here how the first toile will never be perfect. You’ll be taught the importance of both patterns and muslins and the vision that they communicate. Jacobs says that the role of a designer is never done until the outfit wins the hearts of others on the runway. 

Constructing Your Garment

Of course, you also need to know how to perfectly construct your garment, and Jacobs lets you in on his favorite techniques to use throughout the construction process. 

Runway Shows

A runway show is super important for any designer as this is where you showcase your hard work. Jacobs details all the finer points that must be considered when preparing for the runway. 

Surviving The Industry & Marc Jacobs Journey

The road to success is never easy and this is highlighted in the highs and lows of Jacobs’ journey. You’ll find many great tips on how to battle against the many obstacles you will encounter. 

Pursuing Your Love Of Fashion

Jacobs talks about the need for fearlessness and passion to truly be successful in the industry. He talks about believing in your own work and how the most trust you have in your design, the better it will come across. 

Why I Adored This Course

This is where I would usually talk about whether or not I liked the course and the pros and cons of said course. But I’ve decided to just let you know why I adore this course so much. Because, quite frankly, I just don’t have any cons to talk about in this course. 

Detailed Objectives

From the very first lesson, Marc Jacobs clearly outlines what you can expect from this course, and what he hopes you will learn. You truly understand what you are about to embark on and understand the teaching methods he will use. 

Tips For Tools

The tools that you use in fashion can very make or break, and Marc Jacobs teaches you all the correct tools to use to ensure success. 

Teaches The Important Processes

From inspiration to sketching, to creating your piece, Marc Jacob outlines the important points of every moment of each process.


This course doesn’t just focus on all the glitz and glamour of the fashion industry, but it also teaches you about the many obstacles you may face in your journey as well as great advice on how to overcome them. 

Final Thoughts

For any aspiring designer, I couldn’t recommend Jacobs Masterclass course enough. It gives you such insight into the whole industry and the world you want to become a part of. And you’re learning from one of the very best and most experienced designers.

In each Marc Jacobs-designed lesson, you are guided through the decisions you should be making and are given actionable advice that you can relate to the real world. You’ll learn how to find inspiration to start your own brand and how to try and make your dreams come true. 

The only flaw with the entire course that I could find is that if you’re only interested in this one particular course, it might be a little expensive.

But considering there are many other courses that are relevant to this industry that are available on the platform, it is well worth taking a few extra classes too.

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