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Does Kajabi Have An App?

Kajabi App Review 2023: Does Kajabi Have An App?

Kajabi is a popular online learning platform that allows course creators to design and sell their classes. Students can have one-touch access to Kajabi through the desktop site and their mobile app. This allows them to view and download course materials from anywhere at any time.

In this article, we find out everything you need to know about that does Kajabi have an app and how students can use it for a better learning experience.

Does Kajabi Have An App?

Yes, Kajabi has an easy-to-use mobile app that allows students to access course materials and your website content from anywhere in the world. Android and Apple users can download the free app from the Apple Store or the Google Play Store.

The advantage of the Kajabi app on Google Play store and Apple Store is that course subscribers and students can view and download courses on the go. There is no need to remember any URLs, your username, or your password. You can access all your courses and the Kajabi community with a single tap on your phone.

This being said, users still need to add their email addresses when they log into the Kajabi app for the first time. After this, the app remembers their details. With the Kajabi dashboard, app users can then navigate to all the lessons and materials they need from one point.

As the app was designed with mobile users in mind, the app interface is easy to use and you can quickly find the classes you are looking for.

What Is The Difference Between The Kajabi App And The Website Version?

With the Kajabi app, users only need to put their login details once and the app remembers their email address and password. If you use the Kajabi website on a mobile browser, then you can only access Kajabi by putting in your details each time you open the page.

You will also need to remember URLs and links to access specific courses and class material. With the Kajabi application, you only open the app and all your courses are immediately accessible. In addition, the app is designed for mobile devices which makes it much more intuitive to use compared to the Kajabi website version.

What Does The Kajabi App Look Like?

The standard layout of the Kajabi app is clear and easy to follow on any mobile device. It has been designed for accessibility and ease of use. However, one of the best features of the Kajabi app is that you can choose from a variety of different designs, known as themes in the app.

These designs allow you to customize different elements of the app but you will still be able to see all your courses and related materials. This can be a great way for students to create exactly the learning environment they like.

This being said, there aren’t many things users can change in the Kajabi app that influence the appearance of the app. But course creators can still change a few key elements that can improve the user experience for their students. You can pick the accent colors of your courses in the app.

There is a selection of ten colors which gives you ample choice to match this with your branding. You can also edit your brand icon, so students recognize it immediately among other courses. In addition, teachers can also create announcements and messages that display in a separate tab on the app.

The app can even send push notifications or a simple push notification if users have them enabled. If course creators enable a video or file download, then app users can download these files directly in the app.

How To Use The Kajabi App?

The Kajabi app was designed specifically for mobile users which means that its interface is very easy to navigate. Here are the key steps for the setup of your Kajabi app and how you can use it efficiently.

Download And Open The Kajabi App

First, you’ll need to download the app from your phone’s app store. Kajabi is available on Android and Apple operating systems. After you downloaded the app, open it and tap “Get Started”.

Put In Your Login Details

In order to use the Kajabi mobile app, you need your Kajabi account details. If you don’t have a Kajabi account yet, then add your email address and confirm it. You will receive an email with a confirmation link, called “Magic Link” so make sure to check your email inbox.

Add Courses To Your List

Next, you can access the Kajabi app dashboard where you can choose your courses from a list. When you open the app for the first time, the app recognizes all your owned courses, so you can just uncheck any courses you don’t want from the list.

There is no need to select all the courses with your first-time login as you can also include them later in your Account Settings. If you want to remove a class from your active course list, then simply click the three dots in the top right-hand corner of the screen. This signs you out of the course and you would need to re-select it in the course list to add it to your active list.

Start A Course On The Kajabi App

Start A Course On The Kajabi App

Once you have chosen the courses that you are interested in, you can select the course that you want to start first. The lessons and modules for the course display when you tap it. You can then download PDF files, read the lessons on your phone or watch videos.

After you finish each lesson, you can mark the lesson as completed. This is a handy feature as you can just return to any lessons that you haven’t completed at a later date. Course creators can also add the community feature to their courses. This will show on the app if it is enabled.

How Can Course Creators Use The Kajabi App?

The main Kajabi app is not designed for course creators to manage their courses. The student Kajabi app only allows students to access your courses. You won’t be able to see any data or upload course materials from this app. Instead, Kajabi created a separate Kajabi Creator app for teachers.

Instructors can download the Android Kajabi Creator app or the Apple Kajabi Creator app, depending on their OS and device. With the Kajabi Creator app, course admins can manage their Kajabi courses on the go straight from their phones.

It allows teachers to make quick changes, although this creator app isn’t designed to replace the desktop version. You can create refunds, sales notifications, and messages that go out via push notifications. Course creators can also manage their contacts, notes, tags, and any course offers.

The Kajabi Creator app also allows you to track course traffic, transactions, and sales data. While this admin app doesn’t give the option to upload any course material from your phone, it is still a quick way to check course updates and manage contacts.

How Can Students Use The Kajabi App?

Students can do almost everything with the Kajabi app as with the desktop Kajabi website.

One-Time Login

Students only need to log into their Kajabi account on the app once. This gives them instant access to their course material and lessons with a single tap.

Access To All Course Materials On The Go

Students can access all available course materials on Kajabi through the app. As long as they have internet access, they can view and download their favorite courses. This makes it easier to learn on the go, even if you don’t have a lot of time available.

Listen To Lessons With Locked Screen

They can browse through posts and categories, look at videos and listen to the lessons from their locked phone. Compared to the mobile website or the Kajabi desktop site, this is much more convenient and works similarly to listening to a music streaming service.

Students can also see video controls with speed and quality settings. The app also remembers how far you are with your lessons, so you can resume your videos or audio even if you closed the app.

Download Course Resources

The Kajabi app also allows students to download PDFs and any other relevant course materials to their mobile devices. If they don’t want to download the files, they can also just preview them straight in the app.

Favorite Posts

Students can also tap the little star icon next to a post, such as an audio or video file, to add this to their favorites list. If they want to return to this file in the future, then they just go into the Favorite tab on the main dashboard and select the video or audio.

Search For Courses

The app also includes a search feature that allows students to search for keywords and comments. This means that you can find the courses you are interested in much faster without having to browse through the entire course list.

Access To Community Discussions

Students can join community discussions and add comments through the Kajabi app. However, this is only possible with the app on Android phones. iOS users need to open a website browser window to access the community feature.

This is due to a service agreement with Apple. This means that students with an Apple device can’t use the Kajabi app to join community discussions for a course.

What Languages Does The Kajabi App Have?

The Kajabi app can be in any language you like, depending on your phone settings. The app itself doesn’t have any specific language settings but it picks up the system language of your mobile device.

The course content on the Kajabi app can be in any language that the teacher wants to use. It’s a good idea to check the course language before you sign up for a course on the Kajabi app.

Why Use The Kajabi App?

In addition to some of the great features that the Kajabi app has to offer, there are also some other fantastic reasons why it is worth using the Kajabi app.

Learn From Anywhere

Students can simply download the app to their phones and learn from anywhere. You are not restricted to any device or browser. You can access your active courses directly in the app which allows students to learn even during a lunch break.

Faster Access To Courses

A good mobile app, such as the Kajabi app, is so easy to navigate that you can search for courses and select the courses that you are interested in. Plus, students don’t need to put in their email addresses and password each time they log in.

Instead, the app remembers their details and saves courses. This allows the app to open quickly and students can access their courses immediately.

Easier To Use

The Kajabi app is specifically designed for mobile users which means that it is very easy to use and navigate. You can access all the materials for a course in your own dashboard. There are also features that allow you to save your favorite videos and audio files, so you can review them again in the future.

Kajabi App FAQ

How Many Apps Does Kajabi Have?

Kajabi has a variety of different apps to provide access to courses and class materials. Students can download the main Kajabi app, while teachers can manage all their courses and contacts through the Kajabi Creator app.

Kajabi also has a desktop app that allows you to access the courses through the personalized app without opening a browser on your computer.

Can Kajabi Course Creators Send Push Notifications To Students?

Yes, instructors can send students push notifications about their courses or new content releases.

Can You Do Video Casting With The Kajabi App?

Yes, you can cast any Kajabi lessons to your television or large devices directly from the Kajabi app.

Final Thoughts

Kajabi does not just have one app but it offers a variety of different apps to help students learn and allow course creators to track their courses.

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