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is coursera legit

Is Coursera Legitimate? [Full Breakdown]

You might also be considering purchasing some Coursera courses to learn new skills and expand your training, yet you might have some reservations.

You might be thinking things like “is Coursera legit?” or “are its courses accredited?” to which we can give you all the answers you need in this Coursera review.

In this article, we will discuss Coursera and have a look at whether or not it is legitimate, how valuable its courses are, how it works, and determine whether it is worth completing the courses available.

We will also share some tips on finding free courses on the platform and give you our final verdict on the value of Coursera as an online learning platform.

So, if you are interested in all that, keep reading below to find out “Is Coursera worth it?”!

What Is Coursera? A Quick Glance

Coursera is an online platform that functions as a marketplace giving its users access to massive open online courses and the possibility of acquiring certificates of completion of those courses, as well as specialized programs like Professional Certificates and Degrees.

These courses are all intended to:

  1. Expand your knowledge.
  2. Assist you in developing professional skills
  3. Advance your career.

Coursera provides thousands of accredited courses for you to sign up for with the simple click of a button, providing you with access to degree courses that, once finished, will offer you certificates that you can show to prospective employers and academic institutions, indicating that you are more than acquainted with a subject area at a good degree.

This is what makes this platform so much better than other learning platforms whose main goal is to offer courses that might be more engaging at times, but that is due to their entertaining content rather than their contribution to learning and honing new skills.

Is Coursera Legitimate?

Let us state unequivocally that Coursera is 100% legitimate as a company and online platform.

Its courses are created and offered in collaboration with universities and colleges from around the world and carry great value for many employers and hiring managers.

In contrast to other online learning course platforms, Coursera provides substantiated certificates of completion for its courses as well as real diplomas with college credit that can help you advance in your professional life.

Are Coursera Courses Accredited?

Leading world academic institutions have accredited and recognized the Coursera courses.

The platform offers numerous worthwhile courses in collaboration with the world’s top institutions and several reputable multinational companies.

Once you have finished your chosen course, Coursera will issue you an authenticated certificate of completion that will be stamped with the logo of the university that provided that course, and it is that stamped symbol that proves that your course has been accredited.

Coursera had hundreds of institutional collaborators in many regions of the world, offering approximately 4000 courses. Its collaborations include:

  • Arizona State University, the University of Michigan, Carnegie Mellon University, and many other universities are located in the United States.
  • Non-US institutions include the University of London, the University of Toronto, HEC Paris, and many others.
  • Companies include IBM, Honeywell, Meta (previously known as Facebook), and many others.

Even so, just because Coursera provides courses from prestigious institutions and businesses, this does not guarantee validation.

The companies looking to hire you and not the course creators are the ones that really recognize the value and accreditation as what it all comes down to is the emergence of new career prospects you get when finishing and showcasing the Coursera courses in your resume.

 An institution’s certificate is, after all, useful when it can help you get a job or a promotion.

Admittedly, Coursera has gone above and beyond to develop a prestigious platform for online learning and its certified courses from prestigious universities that are valued in the job marketplace.

How Can Coursera Prove Its Value?

The following 3 facts demonstrate Coursera’s strong reputation and value in the job marketplace:

  1. Numerous businesses genuinely think that Coursera courses can help their staff improve their skill sets, so they have purchased a Coursera subscription.
  2. Several large corporations, including IBM, Google, and Honeywell, have offered their own Coursera courses.
  3. Coursera provides certification courses in cutting-edge technologies which most companies all over the world are very interested in.

Nevertheless, while Coursera can help people find work, it is up to the individual to try and get the most out of the platform.

What Are Coursera Courses Like?

Typically, the Coursera courses consist of educational video lectures, online tests, readings, and practice tests.

Each course ranges in length and it can be anything from 4 to 12 hours, meaning that if you invest one or a couple of hours a day, you can complete it in a week.

There are also some specialization courses, which are clearly of a higher standard and level and do require more time.

Coursera specializations take several weeks to complete and are designed and focused on a particular skill, like data science or computer science.

With the right time investment, you can finish this type of course in 1 to 3 months.

Moreover, Coursera offers professional certificates that are valid for a maximum of 6 months, and which are designed with the aim of helping you boost your career prospects.

The platform even goes a step further by offering MasterTrack Certificates, which are programs through academic, accredited programs, such as those from the University of Michigan).

And then, there is also the chance of attending full-degree programs, which makes Coursera a course marketplace that can cater to all learners, irrespective of their level of engagement and the investment they want to make.

The Benefits Of Coursera Courses

The Benefits Of Coursera Courses

Accredited Courses

One of the primary advantages of signing up and completing a course in Coursera, especially when compared to the other online learning platforms, is that the certification you will receive after the completion of the course is accredited and accepted by the majority of businesses.

This is largely the result of the fact that Coursera uses courses supported by prestigious universities and credible institutes and companies from all over the world.


Furthermore, Coursera’s courses are created by leading experts, teachers, and organizations for added validity, as well as to provide greater insight into the real-world working experience.

Diplomas And Degrees

A further advantage of Coursera is the ability to earn a Bachelor’s or Master’s online degrees in collaboration with its partner institutions.

This can provide you with actual expertise and credentials and a reputable diploma from a number of the most esteemed and top-ranked universities without requiring you to pay outrageous university fees or relocate to that country or continent.


Another significant advantage is you are able to obtain remarkable and relevant accreditations without having to quit your job, take a break from work, or, as we previously mentioned, relocate to a different place to study at your preferred university.

Coursera offers fantastic flexibility, with certain degree courses taking as much as six years to finish!

The credits are earned by completing the projects and making the effort, irrespective of whether you are in the actual university establishment or studying remotely with Coursera.

This is an extremely valuable method for assisting people all over the world in achieving their goals and obtaining the qualifications required for their desired roles.

Furthermore, you can work on your own timetable, undertaking the course on your own terms and at your own pace, which is ideal for those who have other obligations and priorities.


The price of higher education is among the most significant barriers for many individuals.

Not all of us can pay university fees that can sometimes be as high as $50,000 per year, and not all students have the time or resources to invest in housing or even campus accommodations.

The benefit of taking Coursera courses is you are able to obtain important knowledge and academic credentials from the comfort of your own home at a quarter of the price if not less.

So, Are Coursera Certificates Worth It?

When you’re aiming for a promotion, for a change in your career path, or the skill sets you’re studying are in high demand, a Coursera Certificate has actual worth and is well worth the money and time spent on earning it.

Since the providers of the courses are world-leading companies and institutions, it will be their tutors or expert staff who teach you the courses. (How much does Coursera cost? Find out here: ‘Coursera Pricing – Is it worth paying for this course?‘)

This alone is very important when applying for a job relevant to the Coursera subject area you studied and the certification you have received. Why?

Because hiring managers and potential future employers will identify you as a self-starter and as a proactive person who has a thirst to learn and get better at your job.

Your decision to invest time in attending and completing a Coursera course means you were determined to improve your existing skills or gain new ones, and you did it all by yourself because you wanted to become better.

Furthermore, in case the course you are looking at and want to sign up for is not widely known, you should look into the course rating as well as the reviews from people who have already taken it.

Another thing to keep in mind is that, while all the courses will have things to offer, some of them might be a bit outdated.

You can check when they were last updated to make sure that what you are going to learn is relevant and applicable to the current workplace and your area.

While this is not so relevant for theoretical courses, when it comes to technology and the sciences, the courses must be regularly updated to keep up with the latest technological advancements and any other changes that have happened from the time they were first created.

However, even if you simply want to attend and complete an online course on Coursera just because you like the topic or area, you can still do it and have fun throughout the process of learning new things. And who knows?

It might be the spark you need to realize you are ready for a career change and it might become the first course that will get you closer to your new goal of changing careers and getting a new job in a whole different sector!

Are There Any Free Coursera Courses?

Coursera courses are usually free to check so you can have a free trial, but if you want unlimited access to assessed coursework or receive a Course Certificate, you are expected to pay for that. (Check out ‘How Do You Take Coursera Courses For Free?‘)

But there are still plenty of courses that remain freely available and which you can sign up for and complete without paying a single dime.

When you register for a free course, you will see that there is the option of joining the “Full Course, No Certificate.”

You can find these courses by entering the keyword free when searching for online courses you can sign up for on the platform.

However, Coursera also offers a curated list of the most popular courses available on its platform that you can attend and complete free of charge.

The Bottom Line

Time for our final verdict which we can sum up in a few words: Coursera is worth it!

Having read this article, you probably agree with us on the fact that Coursera is 100% legitimate and far from being a scam, not only because of the certification it offers, but also thanks to its collaboration with high-level institutions and companies as well as its value in the eyes of hiring managers, employers, and, in general, the marketplace.

However, this does not mean that Coursera shouldn’t be a place of discovery.

While many people have specific skills they want to gain or hone and join specific courses that are relevant to their existing job or will help them get their desired job, you can always join Coursera to learn about things that interest you or explore different career paths you can take.

In both cases, signing up for Coursera is certainly worth it so try it and see how you are getting on with it!