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Desktops, Banners And Headers On Buddyboss Beginners Guide

How To Add A Banner On BuddyBoss

BuddyBoss has been prized by hundreds of people for its ability to make it easier to create eLearning courses and educational content that users can subscribe to.

BuddyBoss is renowned for being incredibly customizable and for offering users a massive number of tools to create perfect servers for their educational content!

However, despite being so easy to use, there are still some parts of the BuddyBoss experience that can seem a little bit confusing or daunting to those that might be new to building websites and educational content. 

One thing that often mystifies new users of BuddyBoss is trying to implement headers and banners into a server, to help make the visual design of the website look much better and much easier to navigate.

In fact, we’re willing to bet you’ve encountered some of your own trouble with these things, and that’s how you found your way here to protect against spam fraud and abuse

You’re in luck because today we are going to take an in-depth look at these concepts so you can master their implementation on your BuddyBoss server!

Dive in down below to get started and know how to add a banner on BuddyBoss!

What Is ‘Desktop’ In The Context Of BuddyBoss?

To put it simply, ‘Desktop’, within the context of BuddyBoss, refers to the main version of your server that is accessed through desktop computer interfaces.

If someone were to access your BuddyBoss server through a personal computer, or perhaps a tablet, then this is the version of your website’s interface that they will see. 

The ‘Desktop’ interface is different from the ‘’Mobile’ interface and can be customized in a number of different ways. Through the BuddyBoss app, you can change things such as headers and banners on your server’s user interface.

What Is A Banner On BuddyBoss?

Typically, a ‘banner’, within the context of websites, refers to a type of ad that you would usually see attached to the sides of a given website that you are visiting.

These are usually designed in such a way that even while the user scrolls through the engagement and site statistics, the ads stay firmly in place on the user interface of the website. 

Banners are entirely optional for website owners, and they do not need to implement them if they do not wish. They exist as a way for website owners to make some money from their online content.

Within the context of BuddyBoss, ‘Banners’ most commonly refer to ‘smart banners’, which can be implemented by website owners into the mobile version of their websites.

The Smart Banner refers to a banner that sticks to the top of the user interface on the web version of the server. 

If you have created an app for your educational content, then this smart banner is used to advertise the app to those that are accessing the content through their mobile web browser.

When users click on the banner, they will be taken directly to their chosen app store to download the application. If they already have the app, then clicking on the banner will cause the app to boot up for the personalized content and ads. 

This can be a great way to show personalized ads depending on your app and get a much greater sense of how they are interacting with your content on mobile devices and it will also help you to deliver and maintain Google rankings.

how to add a banner on BuddyBoss

How Do You Add A Smart Banner To Your BuddyBoss Server?

In order to add a smart banner to your own BuddyBoss website, you will first need to head to WordPress, and then open up the BuddyBoss application.

From here you will want to go to the ‘Settings’ tab, and then find the small blue button under that tab that is marked as ‘Smart Banner’.

From here depending on your settings, you should be able to hit some simple toggles that allow you to activate smart banners for both your iOS and Android app users to use cookies and data.

However, in order for these toggles to work, you need to first make sure that your app is registered with your BuddyBoss server. 

In order to link your Android and iOS apps to your BuddyBoss server, you will need to grab the app IDs, which can then be pasted into the server, establishing the connection.

In order to find this, you can head to your Apple account, or the account for your chosen Android app store, and then find the app ID from there.

If you are short for time, you can simply head to the public listing for your app and copy the final numbers in the URL for the app ID.

When you head back to the BuddyBoss interface, enter the menu for either an iOS or Android app, and then scroll down until you find the submenu marked as ‘App Information’. Here, you will be able to enter the ID of your application, before hitting ‘Save Changes’!

Once you have linked your app to the BuddyBoss server, you will finally be able to toggle whether the banner for your app shows up on the mobile version of your server.

What Is A Header On BuddyBoss?

The header of any given website is a fixed part of the user interface that usually follows the user as they scroll, and is fixed towards the top of the screen.

Normally included on the header are things like the logo of the website, and plenty of navigation links to help users easily get back to the home page and other pages with the click of a button. 

Many audience engagement and site owners also choose to place user profile access here. When the user clicks on their profile on the header, they will be able to access numerous menus related to their account. 

This description also applies to BuddyBoss servers. 

How Do You Add A Header To Your BuddyBoss Website?

This is incredibly easy! To start, you will want to head to WordPress, and then access the BuddyBoss app. From there, you will want to click ‘Theme options’, then head to the submenu marked as ‘header’.

From here, you will be able to add headers and customize them as you see fit! 

However, in order to set up a header, you will need some menus to display there. To do this, head to the ‘Appearance’ menu, and then click the ‘Menus’ button, from which you can edit your menus. 

Here, select the buttons you want on your header, and then scroll down to find the checkbox that allows you to display your new menu on the header. Hit ‘Save Changes’, and your new header will be ready. 

To Wrap Up 

Headers and banners are incredibly useful parts to include in your BuddyBoss server’s interface.

We hope our guides above are able to help you to create truly stand-out banners and headers that look great on the desktop and mobile versions of your server! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is The BuddyBoss Theme Good?

Absolutely. The BuddyBoss theme integrates with WordPress effortlessly and offers all the features you need.

How Do I Change My BuddyBoss Logo?

To change your logo on BuddyBoss, simply head to ‘Theme Options’, and then access the submenu ‘Logo’, from which you can edit your logo! 

How Do I Activate the BuddyBoss Theme?

Head to your WordPress dashboard, and then click on the ‘Appearances’ menu, before heading to the ‘Themes’ submenu from which you can choose to activate the ‘BuddyBoss’ theme!

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