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Domestika And Salary Advice Full Details About Pay

Domestika And Salary Advice: Full Details About Pay

Domestika Inc. in the United States based a skill-sharing platform and creative community-based in San Francisco where creative experts and artists can create their own unique courses based on their own skills, whether that’s music production, guitar playing, portrait art, or knitting you can make money by sharing your skills on Domestika.

What started as a small forum online is now a dynamic way to showcase your skills as a creative, as well as learn and connect with creatives.

Now, Domestika company carefully curates their teacher roster to produce online courses for those interested in unleashing their creativity.

Today millions of people have signed up for Domestika as a way of replacing tutoring and advancing in their career path, effectively, which means there are loads of opportunities for creators and learners to connect with each other and mutually benefit from skill sharing.

From the creator’s viewpoint, Domestika presents a wealth of opportunities to gain a steady salary from your own unique understanding of a skill.

But just how much can you really earn through Domestika? Well, we found out and put the details in this article so that you can get back to teaching pronto. 

Keep reading to learn how much you could theoretically earn from Domestika as a creator and tutor. Find this and more, below to learn about Domestika and salary advice.

What Is Domestika?

Domestika was founded in 2010 and was originally just a forum for skill sharing.

Now it has grown into an in-house skill-sharing platform. As a learner, you sign up for Domestika and get access to a whole bunch of courses that you can learn yourself.

Whether that’s something specific like resin jewelry design, or something wider like music theory or music production, there are hundreds of courses on the site, all taught by professionals.

As a creator, you get the chance to earn a decent salary by providing your own courses for a skill that you consider yourself a professional within.

How To Teach A Course On Domestika?

First of all, you have to be passionate about teaching your proposal, helping others learn, and be willing to share your skills with the community.

No gatekeeping or leapfrogging to a different platform, you just create a proposal for the course you wish to teach and send it out to Domestika.

Domestika employees have quality standards, so there is a team of professionals who will check out your proposal and review your potential as a teacher.

You don’t necessarily need to provide any certificates or references, but you will need to be honest about your skill level and your ability to teach.

Of course, there is a chance you may be rejected, so be prepared for that. But once you send off your proposal Domestika will get back to you about your success or rejection.

In terms of how long your course should be, Domestika generally recommends between two per hour at Domestika and four hour at Domestika inc of content per course, with around 60% of this being in video format, although this can depend on other factors.

Domestika will advise you specifically about the length and the rest of what your course should include.

  • Online creative courses platform
  • Expert-taught lessons
  • Interactive community
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We earn a small commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

What It’s Like Making The Course

Once your proposal is accepted by Domestika, you may think all the work is now left up to you. But it’s actually a much different experience than you may envision.

f accepted as a teacher, Domestika will share with you their core team with whom you will work closely. This will include a content curator, production manager, filmmaker, and assistant filmmaker.

That’s right, you don’t even have to film things yourself, rather, when you are accepted, Domestika seeks to work alongside you as partners, rather than putting all the onus on you as a teacher and content creator.

Domestika invests in its teachers rather than relying on them.

Domestika has studios all over the world and they will pay for you to come to these studios and work with their local team to make the best content you can.

This could take up to a week or longer but is all stuff that you will discuss with Domestika in negotiations.

Their studios are high quality, and all your fears will be quelled by their professional studio team, who do most of the heavy lifting.

You can expect a working week, or potentially more of filming in order to get all the content, the trailers, and the specific stuff your taught skill may require.

How Are You Paid As A Domestika Teacher?

Well, it can be hard to give specific estimates of how much you may earn as a teacher.

Domestika And Salary Advice Full Details About Pay (1)

It seems that most Domestika teacher contracts come with an NDA about pay, which is common for negotiated contracts.

As mentioned, when you are accepted by Domestika they will tell you what will be happening, and what they want, etc, but you will also negotiate a contract of payment with them too.

One thing we can tell you is the types of payments you will receive as a Domestika teacher. Although, this could be subject to change in the future.

Advance Fee

One thing you will receive, usually within a month of completing production, is the advance fee you agree upon with Domestika.

This ensures you have some actual money you can use from the time you have given to their production team, usually a flat one-time fee, with more payments in the future.


Of course, as an artist, you may be used to the idea of royalties.

In our case, once your course is up on the site and ready to be bought you will receive some small payment per customer that signs up to your course.

This can depend on how good your course is, in terms of how many people sign up. But the actual royalty fee will have been agreed with Domestika previously, and likely won’t change. 

  • Online creative courses platform
  • Expert-taught lessons
  • Interactive community
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We earn a small commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Affiliate Programme

Due to the creative community that Domestika has, one way to earn money is as an affiliate.

Some Domestika teachers, although not all, receive the chance to gain money from recommending other courses to learners, through an affiliate program.

As an affiliate partner of a course, you get a small commission when someone enrolls on a course through your link.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, becoming a teacher on Domestika can be pretty easy. It’s a lot more handoff on your part than people think.

Domestika has a full team that will invest in your course, offering you the chance to get really high production levels on the filming and general content creation of your course.

In terms of earning money, it’s hard to give a direct answer. It seems each contract with Domestika can differ somewhat so there isn’t always a clear answer.

Although there are clear ways you are paid, an advance fee post-production, royalties per enrollment, and potential affiliate commission fees.

Again, the success of your course will ultimately dictate how much you are paid with an average salary.

If your course is popular you will get more royalties and this can arguably be uncapped, although there may be some agreement within your contract with Domestika.

As there is some fluctuation in pay, your advance fee does ensure that you receive some money for your time even if your course doesn’t sell at all.